I hate India


If India plays a cricket match against Pakistan, I root for Pakistan. If India plays a cricket match against Australia, I root for Australia. Rahul Dravid and Sunil Gavaskar are the only Indian cricketers that I respect… I don’t watch Hindi movies. I think they’re just ridiculous, and devoid of any depth. I hate Hindi teledramas, simply because they’re completely irrational and illogical… There are only two Indian writers that I respect; R.K. Narayan and Arundhati Roy. I think all other writers, including Rushdie, Seth, Desai, Adiga, just write crap… I hate India. Don’t know why but I just hate India. One billion people. Four billion yellowish cylinders of shit every morning. 2 billion litres of urine per day. One million child brides per week. 200 racist killings per month. I don’t know the statistics. But I just hate India. Not that I think Indians are an inferior race or anything. Just hate the country… It is not even a country. Well it is a country but it’s a country that the British made. Before that it was a collection of countries… They’ve never been free, those Indians. First the Muslims f*cked them. Then the British f*cked them. 1000 years, they spent 1000 years under others. Just look at it. India is even bigger than europe… And those shameless guys are the ones now tell us what to do and what not to do. That soldier, who hit Rajiv Gandhi with his gun, should have given him a memory loss when he had the chance. That’s exactly what they deserve for interfering us… Not only that, they gave Prabakaran safe harbour countless times. The one time Prabakaran was taken into their custody, they released him. Damn, I really hate India.


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  1. bardoflanks Says:

    Well said. I too hate India and Indians.

  2. I feel all those people who hate India and Indians are born as a result of a torn Condom. All rejected Samples. And by the way I am not an Indian myself but an American. I respect their culture because it preaches truth and peace. Stop being critical when you don’t know about their culture.

    • Kujo Says:

      Indians are complete c**ts of the highest order and deserve nothing but death. I’m sick of all their bullying/meddling of the smaller countries in it’s neighbourhood. The typical Indian is a curry-faced c–t who lives elsewhere yet praises their “country” incessantly. And no, you are not American you most certainly are Indian you lying two faced s–t.

  3. Daniel Says:

    very well said I absolutely HATE inda and Indians !!!!! they are soooo stupid, boring, slow, stinky and ridiculously dishonest !!!!!

    • Gowhar Says:

      I am from Kashmir and I hate India. People are stinky, dirty, corrupt, ugly, beggars and have no dignity. 34% of the Indian population is slums and 30% sleep on the streets. India is a home for the worlds largest slum dogs.Yuck, unfortunately we are the oppressors of the Indian rule.

      • Swikarti Says:

        I m indian and I too hate but just bcoz of the corruptions here. U idiot fellow, how can u say poeple r stinky, ugly n beggers. U also a part of it okk i guess you must b stinky, dirty and ugly thatz y u saying like this. you r also an indian whether u like or not an d if u hate and have this kinda feeling then kill yourself

        • make the world a better place Says:

          My friend please do not overreact to this bullshit but true statement. These are just comments with opinions who encourage the long boring essay that has been written by: “someone really upset” .
          The title as “I hate India” is very strange to say but sadly true. Right now (5/5/2016) I live in India and I am really upset about the fucking shit wifi.
          As I am continuing my opinion I think to myself what a wonderful world 🙂

          have a good day

          (P.S I am 14 years old and give me a report on how I wrote this thank you)

    • gautham Says:

      what do u know abt india indiands are talented if u have doubt search in the web……..

  4. aabeer Says:

    Very well said. I too hate India, as we all indians are a bunch of fool. I hate coz its the only functional democracy in the troubled subcontinent. I hate it coz, it gives equal opportunity to all its citizens, despite the negative vibes. I hate it coz despite suffering huge losses in the Tsunami, it was the first nation to assist you Sinhalese..the nation of the demons..isn’t it? We are a nation that harbors terrorist.. we are a nation with 2 billion people and we really stink. Despite everything going against us.. we always thrive on our unity in disparity. We are ridiculous but we are indians and we cant help it. You can say anything as we are a bunch of idiots.. We are so fucked up, nonetheless, we are indians you motherfucking bitch sucking sinhalese..ass hole

  5. ProudIndian Says:

    If you really hate India to the entent that you’re blogging about it then I must say that somewhere in your lives you’ve been a failure and are nothing but a bunch of losers. Indians are doing great and the Indian economy is the second fastest growing economy in the world. Next time you drink Pepsi..think twice coz thats headed by an Indian. Net time you bank with Citibank think twise coz thats headed by an Indian. Next time you buy a cotton t-shirt think twice coz in all probability that must be made in India. Next time you log on to your computer (apparently blogging shit) remember in all probability you’re using a software thats coded by an Indian. So I suggest you that think twice before you open your shit mouth or else go eat shit coz in most probaility that shi would also be an Indian! Got that asshole!

    • HATER Says:


      • ProudIndian Says:

        Well said…coz americans are just bothered about their burgers..and good smart americal companies bosses understand this…thats why the jobs go to hard working Indians….Anyways, I sympathise with you sucker!

      • abc Says:

        yea coz u r just too stupid to get a job

      • vidhu shekhar chaturvedi Says:


        Well, it could not be an American’s fault, could it be ? Oh no.

      • Prashant Says:

        because u guys are so dumb to get a job….over 1/4 rth of the the american population are dropouts… because of us only your country is working….if all indians leave your economy will fall down..because u guys are so dumb and lazy to get a job…go sell urself at ebay…that’s the only thing u can do

      • gautham Says:

        hah do u jealous of indian i am a indian and i proud to be an indian

    • . Says:

      It’s the truth I hope india becomes a civilized and developed country .
      Especially the ones using loud speaker in temples; why your god can’t listen you praying .
      Do they even have any sense to play it loud in the night motherfuckers.

  6. THE INDIAN Says:

    the disciple of PARASURAMA will born soon and slay every one who harm india and not only harming atleast thinking about harming india they will die here and burn in hell jaihind

  7. THE INDIAN Says:

    the fate cant be changed

  8. shayam Says:

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    if you have power to face me .contact me . . . . .

  9. Harit Says:

    m gonna fuck this site of yours i a few days! How dare u speak such about India! ITs my Country! I am gonna put the shit u mentioned in ur own mouth!

  10. Indian Says:

    I am sure the person writing above is the son of an foreign prostitute working in India. May her mother tell her that she used to service for I ndians. I beleive the person above is a chaprasi by job, thats why he know in such a wonderful way about India’s shit and urine. Oh and yes, his countrymen may keep all things in their fucking stomach. What you say man, we are the oldest civilization, so obviously our history is long which you idiot can’t read, otherwise you may come to know about Mahatma Buddha, Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, Rani Laxmibai and many more than you and your fucking sucking country can even think.

  11. hey dude if u think that every thing is perfect in ur country then its wrong and if u want to know abt our country then go to any big compney and meet its md it must be indian and ask him if his foreigner then also ask him why they choose indians for works??? u all people are sucking ass holes affreid from our indians and feels in secure because of ur low talent/…….. just fuck off and go to hell dude…… and yaa think twice and look at ur country how many peoples are there incurrepted…….

  12. zero Says:

    thanks to u man for hating us. god bless u. but matter is actually u r angry on us (whatever it is) man this is India so its dirty,bad & bla bla bla….

    but that’s why this country (land) living forever till end of world…
    (if u r clever u understand this in future)

  13. XING Says:

    I hate indian politicians actually, why they always interfere politics of neighbor country?
    And are indians are taught correct?
    where there are no Buddhists and also even buddha is not born in India. They are always talking like parrot that Buddha is born in india?

    They all uses Chinese goods and says damn chinese goods.

    They interfere China, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka , Bhutan, all neighbor countries.

    can somebody answer me ? any neighbor country like INDIA?
    Tell from heart , not from your mind.
    Be good then other will good automatically. -BUDDHA.

    Don’t mess with all countries, It is not good

  14. Deepak Says:

    i love my india more than myself, i have seen so many pakistanis and americans (suffered with the outsourcing sting) saying crap about india. For all pakistanis ” salo tumhare pass dana pani hai nahi, abhi flood mein tumhari country ko crores rupees diye hai aur tumhari akad phir bhi nahi jaati, terrorist tum palte ho, bomb blast tumhare shahro mein aam hai” tum log toh chup hi raho. and yes for all americans please don’t try to make another russia for yourself.i think american got it what it means

  15. Deepak Says:

    all i wanna say is Lefory’s is an a******.

  16. Anti indian Says:

    I really hate evrything about india. These fucking indians r cowards, these fucking assholes think that they r superior fu ck superior. N I like to watch these dhotis losing each n every cricket match.

    • Anon Says:

      I hate the people from India. They want to know everything about everyone. They are so nosy. In USA and Australia, where I have lived, not a single soul knows who lives next door and that’s what I like about the US and Australia.

  17. Anti indian Says:

    Buddha was borned in NEPAL not in your fucking country. The whole world knows this. What the fuck ur teacher taught u? U can make fake Lumbini by stealing our ancient bricks but u can’t change history.

  18. indian is a pussy Says:

    yoyo,i fucking hate da india n indians.first of all all indians r hippocrates n india is da poorest country.n one day india will be ceased by China.if n indians fight with a chinese or americnas den tat indian is dead,because ur body cant catch n u talk negative,tats y da britishers fucked ya.if u hate americans y do u use our inventions.y do ya use cars n other automobiles.use ur own bullocart.don wear clothes be naked as we made clothes.wen indians were cavemans,our race came in india n made u humans fro

    • abc Says:

      shows how ignorant u r coz u probably never went to college.. india is 1 of the fastest growing economies in the world, gdp growth rate touching 9%.. thats for saying its the poorest.. american compaines outsource jobs to india.. thats for saying india uses american innovations.. indians have some of the best cars in the world.. and they can afford clothes which u cannot even think of buying.. because u werent smart enough to get rich.. coz u r just a dumb american.. remember iraq?? need i say anything more? u people hardly know abt politics or economy or things that matter.. all u know is booze, drugs and wasting ur life.. thats why u r where u r.. just because u r american doesnt mean u r rich.. i bet u r one of those losers who doesnt have a decent job and lives in queens or somewhere.. asshole

  19. ral Says:

    u fuck ass whole shameless India can destroy u in 24 hrs have u ever seen ur economy

  20. Chakshu Says:

    I am an indian and I hate this country and all the fucking indians here.

    Indians are corrupt to the core and selfish and they will do anything to make money, try to make them eat shit and they will wash it down with a glass of urine.

    All indians are hijra’s or in english Enuchu’s, they only speak shit with no sense whatsoever. They cant do shit, the only thing indians like doing is fucking each others asse’s thats what india is famous for.

    All indians are so friendly and united they like to fuck each other’s asses at every opportunity, go to buy something and you are fucked, take a rickshaw and you are fucked, order food and you are fucked, shameless beggars.

    Even the richest indians are nothing but poor slumdogs with retarded mental capicities.

    Indians are not hired because they are hard woring or intelligent, its the biggest misconception.

    Indians are illiterate and dumb and lazy and wont work to save their own life.

    All they are good at is licking the asshole’s of americam company bosses and eating the shit.

    Every product made in india so so inferior quality that there is whole market of clothes and other stuff for export rejects in india.

    they only reason they are produced here is because retarded indians like the ones who have posted above take pride in exploiting child labour for almost free and fuck their so called fellow indians.

    No india can code an entire software, and whatever he codes is buggy and if he does the fonrt end that will be like 4th world shit that is india hahaha.

    in short ” India is a country of Enuchu’s or Hijra’s” hahaha.

  21. Chakshu Says:

    Indians are cancer of this world and everyones knows it!

  22. AGENT X Says:

    You guys r bitches. India is the best country in the world, they have the most allies and biggest military power. @Chakshu ur not Indian, ur a fucking bich.

    GO INDIA!!!!

  23. indian da dustbin of da world Says:

    i would like to say dat all indians shud be killed.india is nuthing compared to china.all countries shud drop nuclear bomb on india.if china n india have a war,ders no need for china to attack.if da whole population of china start to pee from tibet,whole india will get flooded.haha most of da sex worker in da world is indian.all indians do is jus talk but no action.in short word india is a burden to earth

    • abc Says:

      its people like u that cause countries like sudan and somalia to be what they are.. u wanna kill everyone, right?? why not take a gun and do it then?? yeah.. i forgot.. u r just a sore loser who probably lost his job and doesnt have anyone to fuck and u dont have the balls to do anything on ur own

    • vidhu shekhar chaturvedi Says:

      Learn to speak decently, learn to act and to -“in-act” when necessary-, come to India, join any school. We will teach you for free and give you something for never being able to learn.

  24. Ram Prasad Ji Says:

    well said man i also have similar view as yours…. just hate those indians who are hated by all its neighbours.. i am from nepal and they interfere in each and every thing that happens in Nepal, i just hate those crap india.

  25. mahesh Says:

    india is hated everywhere in south asia…
    i think they are most hated here in Nepal

  26. mahesh Says:

    india is hated everywhere in south asia…
    i think they are most hated here in Nepal

  27. grutush Says:

    lavde ke bal bhenchod

    ma ki chut tere gand mar duga

  28. Chakshu Says:

    haha Agent X . lol, are you in 1st standard?
    you are so dumb and illiterate nobody gives a fuck to what you say, so fuck off you hijra agent x.

  29. traveller Says:

    yes all true i was now in 46 countries for working, around the world and india is the worst at all and when i hear india is nice from ppl what was there for holiday maybe 3 weeks like goa or delhi i get sick i was there in many place one time for 6 month and last year again for 7 month thats time was waste of my life there is nothing there no life nothing is better dont work before to go for india ,the food the dirt the parents still marry her kids crazy now we have 2010,all is “shit” sorry for this words but thats the true and only words what you can use ,the best is not go there and dont let them out from her country!!!!

  30. > Says:

    wow..u have sum stats there dude..good to know u keep such an awesome track of the urine and shit of OUR country..why dont u start with some more stuff? u anyway seem jobless..or go ..get urself one more burger..after all …all u can do is grow in size and not in ur thinkin right.

  31. pragya santani Says:

    the last cmmnt is da best one……..!!!!i justifyzz …..everythng…<3

  32. lado Says:

    oi machikne …..i hate and hate india… randi ko chora dhoti haru le nepal lai yeti hepe ko cha ki /….kal le lagnuparcha….fuck indians and fuck all the actors and actress of india….fucking indians go and lick the pussy of katrina….hmmmmm..feels better

  33. abc Says:

    fuck you lefroy

  34. Omar Says:

    We dont ur fucking hindi language.we hate you.from bangladeshi.fuck u indians.

  35. Omar Says:

    Fucking indians dhoti we hate u.

  36. Omar Says:

    Fucking indian we hate u.

  37. Bbholic Says:

    I am from north east india and we are discriminated in our own country because we look like japanese,korean,chinese!but we are fighting for freedom(northeastern states are annexed by force)!m lucky that i don’t look like those gorillas who are hated by the world!its a shame to say that im an Indian!well,im just a proud northeasterner!hey u smelly ones,don’t force your hindi on us!english is the national language in our NE:-P

    • > Says:

      bbholic…ur such a slut and blv me u dont deserve to be an indian…
      dude…my foot !
      ne ! fuck ur self there !

    • kaushik Says:

      Ok let me tell you one thing, I’m a big fan of Kpop, Jpop and all the Asian stuff. I like north easterners because you make me feel that India is such a diversified nation. I don’t know who discriminated you , but everyone i met hasn’t got any hatred on north easterners. I am always proud of NE because your national language is English,but i think you didn’t learn English well ! are you aware that we people call you ‘The seven sisters’. If you know the meaning of sister, I think it will explains it all. Have a nice day !!

  38. Bbholic Says:

    And btw,guys come to visit North East,you can see the difference here from the entire region of India!you won’t find a single beggar,korean dramas are more popular than bollywood,our culture are more related to chinese!North east is unique in its own world!people here hate being an Indian!aish…..

  39. Bbholic Says:

    @agent X=biggest milaitary power???Indian army kills innocent people here,raped our women,kidnapped men from his home and killed on a fake encounter…and the Indian government still encouraged it becoz they want all the mongoloid people to be killed and aryan ruling our north-east!INDIANS ARE THE BIGGEST RACIST!

    • > Says:

      fuck u whore !
      ur a bloody mother fucker…
      and why dont u die in korea with ur fuckin dramas then?
      like for all we care bitch.

  40. Bbholic Says:

    Oh really?then why don’t u give us independence???why you claim our NE to be your land?u suckers

  41. Bbholic Says:

    Die in korea?why shoud i???i already have my beautiful north-east!i’ll die in our seven sisters!u deserve to be beaten up by australians when you people raped our women in delhi,u called us foreigners,chinkis,u took us as strangers!!every mainland indian asked us whether we are from Japan or china or korea?where is northeast?and u expect me to love India!my ass….haha…we don’t wanna be with u people who are 180 degree different from us hairy,smelly indians!

  42. Bbholic Says:

    Yes,i don’t deserve to be an Indian!thats why im not an indian!who want to be with this shit country who killed baby girl,where there is dowry system,where father raped his own daughter???ahh!sheila duckshit….u money crazy grandma don’t u know how delhi is?gals r raped every 29 minutes there!and those mentally sick north indian guys,don’t raped our beautiful women!raped ur own blacky,smelly,hairy,fatty womens!yea,i know u don’t want that coz u urself can’t stand the smell….hahaha

  43. Chakshu Says:

    @Bbholic: these people are all illiterate and keep fucking saying india is this and that. most of the illiterate people will say this. dont mind them.
    This fucking country is so fucked and messed up. n.e is beautiful and people are much more aware of the reality and then the rest of india. the music and food is great also.

    Nobody wants to be part of this fucking country called india every state should be divided in to different country on the basis of the regional people that should bring about some peace to the people stuck in the great fucking sodomy union of india.

  44. Chakshu Says:

    these fucking indians fucked up sri lank too with LTTE

  45. Bbholic Says:

    @chaksu-thnx lah!everyday,they’ll ask where’s n.e. Or manipur?freaking annoying!i shoud betta tell them its in japan!and of course,they’ll believe it!they ask us whethere v r from japan or china!aish!

  46. Bbholic Says:

    @chakshu-india may be developed!but the mainland people are still uncivilised!they fart everywhere,spit everywhere!wen they r beaten up in australia,the media flashed 24 hours but when their own countrymen r raped,killed,discriminated,no one cares!thats why we feel alieniated from india day by day!

  47. Chakshu Says:

    @bbholic ya I know, people act like retards when they meet people from n.e. and say bad things about them and their women. you cant expect much from these illiterates selfish bastards. I have many friends from n.e. by the way.

    @in my humble opinion india is not developed at all and the mainland people are so illiterate that they dont even know they are in the mainland hahaha india seems like a very bad joke but funny and sad at the same time.

    nobody likes india dude, they just say it, the difference is that you and me tell the truth. the people who say india is great and all that are the people who will leave india at the first chance they get, seriously and migrate to canada or uk. They only have false ideas of grandiose about themselves and their country. because of this even I feel alienated from this country, these people are not people they act like dogs.
    and they will kill rape or do whatever they want with their own people, these indian people have no shame for their selfish needs.
    Majority of the indians are fucked up totally in their heads and their hearts.

  48. Bbholic Says:

    @chaksu-glad that u know our feelings!when shillong chamber choir won in indian got talent,the mainland indians leave harsh comments & bash n.e. Like there’s no tomorrow as if a foreigner won the award!i almost cried,my blood was boiling!

  49. Chakshu Says:

    @Bbholic Yes man its so immature these people are so jealous because people from ne won a talent contest, we can only pity their existence. I am a bihari by birth so i know your pain.

  50. Bbholic Says:

    @chaksu-Oh thanks:)

  51. Omar Says:

    I agree with chaksu and bbholic.we bangladeshi all hate motherfuckers indians.they dnt realise their mistake.instead of this,they try to give good cover for their fault.fuck ur jawaharlal,mahatma,sonia and ofcourse aishwarya’s ash u fucking indians.lol.

  52. vidhu shekhar chaturvedi Says:

    I give up.
    The language being used on these blogs is very Un-Indian.

  53. eagerly waiting when china is going to uproot this bloody country from the map of this world

  54. Sheikh Nasri Says:

    I give u a damn goddamed Indian nerds. U dirty bloods, what the fuck u think of yourself u just dream of loving our fair sisters. brown assed pigs fuck you why dont u manic assholes get a life. You just learn two three english and think u are someone but lemme clear it u even won’t reach our cock. So sons of bitches & ass lickers why don’t u piss off before u get pissed on. I PREACH EXTREAM HATERED FOR U IN CORE OF MY HEART DAIPER STAINS.
    Sheikh Nasri “Burn”
    San Digeo, California
    warn you Indians(dirty people who multiply like dogs) dont mess with us or get smacked the fuck up.

  55. Assamwarrior Says:

    I agree with bbholic. I’m from Assam, (& for you mother-fucking Indians who doesn’t even know the Geography of ur so-called great country, Assam is in North-East)….. as bbholic was asked to die in Korea, u bloody north indian assholes, what do you think??…North-East is our land, we’ll die here, but no point talking to you. The only thing you know is to forcefully spread your ‘culture’ all over your so-called India.

    P.S. that culture consists of burning women alive for dowry, keeping women under veil, Khap panchayats where couples are murdered for marrying outside community, abusing in each and every sentence (that too Ma-Behen abuse), speaking in the vilest language in the universe i.e. Hindi and religous bigotry. Thank god we don’t have any of these in our blissful north-east.

  56. Sharmila Meena Says:

    Indians create controversies and then they back off when they want to save their own filthy skins. One day it so happened in an academic institution that the teacher was not available for answering their queries just before the exams. She conducted the whole class European style, when there were actually academic inequalities. Instead of joining each other and helping each other find solutions, they made me write a letter and when I included their names upon having the oral permissions of some of them on the phone to include others’ names without including their own, the other half did not want their names appearing. Everyone was cunning. Finally these people wanted all their names to be removed from the letter when the letter was escalated, but did not mind my career being jeopardized. They are all filthy, stinking and selfish liars, who could not own up to the teacher, if they have wanted to raise some points.

  57. Sharmila Meena Says:

    There is no unity in India, which is why foreigners have been invading them since the days of yore.

  58. vv Says:

    yes..Indians are bad…First bad fellow is Lord Buddha whom srilankas fuck daily till today!

  59. Shitindia Says:

    Indians cant be changd. .india z like hizra. .whch cant do anythng. . China must take over india. In the name of religion it is enslaving n fucking.

  60. Rajesh Says:

    I am an Indian and i hate thsi motehrfucking country.. these fuckers will rape anything..even their motehrs and daughters..as soon as a girl child is born they kill it considerin it to be a burden.. the population is alramin but tehse silly ass lickesr keep fuckina nd producin seven children.. teh politicians are corrupt and bureacrst lazy..and ther is so much of discrimination..people from the north esatr and kashmire are not ven considerde as indians.. all thse morehfuckers should die.they are completely unaware of the existence of toilet paper and hygiene.. and yeah abt the economy..the money is wif few rich fuckesr like tatas and amabanis while the people are starving..so many children each year die of starvation and malnutrition..listen bloody cunbt INDIANS..stop braggin abt ur shithole of a country and econmy..u r a fucked up bunch of people with no manners and shit.. i want to leave the countrrya s ssona s possible.. i ma ashamed to be called an indian… fuck all of you motherfucking indians..dide die die..

  61. sam Says:

    indians are mentally retarded idiots greedy sons of bitches iam yet to come across such and idiotic country it is like the whole indian country is mentally retarded hahaha they live like dogs and to top it they are shameless haha


    Punjabiyan Di Shaan LOL


    Punjabiyan Di Shaan LOL









    Older INDIAN sister stole handicapped sister’s identity, who can not speak from birth, to get into Canada.




    Another varsity being probed for fraud
    Press Trust Of India
    Washington, July 29, 2011
    First Published: 11:24 IST(29/7/2011)
    Last Updated: 11:33 IST(29/7/2011)
    Share more…
    Email print
    Authorities in US have initiated action against another university, this time in the suburb of Washington, where an overwhelming number of students are from India with majority of them reportedly from Andhra Pradesh.


  74. kRISH Says:



  75. kishan Says:


  76. Rationalist Says:

    China:You are animals,what you know is to give trouble to neighboring country,we all know what you have done with Tibet,what you are trying to do with Bhutan,and u use to show AP an indian state in ur country map,u r shits who makes inferior goods,u r good for nothing

  77. Rationalist Says:

    China:one more thing u are using pakistan and north east to increase terrorism,u are funding the terrorists,and u r trying provoke the people of north east

  78. Rationalist Says:

    Bangladesh:Hey man,u are pathetic shit,u have got u r country because of india,now what u r doing is running terrorist camps,illegally transferring Bangladeshi’s to india…because you got no resource…you all are shits and will remain like that forever…its a waste of time to talk much about u.

  79. Rationalist Says:

    Nepal:You are one of the most poorest country in the world,you have got nothing,india never interfere it only helps u,india gives u lot of funds,is helping u to build a power plant,u fucking people come here in India take jobs and u still talk like that,u backstabbers,and because of u we are facing the problem of duplicate currency notes,pakistan use to send this note via nepal,china use to smmugle its goods via nepal u r costing us tto much…..screw u fuckers

  80. Rationalist Says:

    Srilanka:Hey u pathetic fuckers,u dont have anything,remember one thing india is the only country which provides financial aids to u people,we have helped u during Tsunami too.should be shamed of ur self.

  81. Rationalist Says:

    North East:See,if you talk to person who is foolish,dont know much about the country,the he will definitely dont know about the seven sister states and will not know about the capital of south states too,we dont discriminate u people gets reservation everywhere in india,its up to u to take advantage of it.And India is not gaining anything from south east india is wasting lots of money on army there,and we cant decalre u as separate nation because u might become next pakistan.

  82. Rationalist Says:

    America:its waste to address u,because we have invented various thing which u are using,you are now using the yoga created by indians,lets leave it because if you read a lot you know in your heart what india has given the world in the field of innovation and please dont judge by skin and language, judge by soul.

  83. Rationalist Says:

    And to all,here u will find may people whom u will hate,and many whom u will love,but this is not new,because i every country u will find such types of people including pakistan,which is one of the most hated country.

  84. NOT again indiansssssssssss Says:

  85. ct Says:

    yeah brown people suck

  86. rajat Says:

    and again

  87. rationalist Says:

    indian virgins attack metallic due to frustration

  88. rationalist Says:

    corrupt indians

  89. hindustani Says:

    2 Billion ltrs of urine is enough to flood your fuking (lanka) country

  90. hindustani Says:

    poor indian lose’s it haha punjabiiiii

  91. hindustani Says:


  92. hindustani Says:

  93. hindustani Says:


  94. hindustani Says:

    crazy indians fucking their own

  95. hindustani Says:

    crazy indians fucking their own

  96. hindustani Says:


  97. hindustani Says:


  98. hindustani Says:


  99. hindustani Says:


  100. hindustani Says:


  101. hindustani Says:

  102. allstars016 Says:

    u fuckin shit of Indian babies… if u don’t like India shut de fuck up an get lost.. don’t talk crap abt great India.. I know u hate India because once v might fucked ur country in legal official war.. every 1 knows loosers talk trash after loosin.. I’m Indian an I’m proud to be Indian.. I agree Der is corruption in our country.. but when it comes to our mother land v never give up to talk or do against our Frm any fuckin countries.. yea I do agree wit u.. British ruled our country it is because dey utilized our respect Wat v follow “athithi devo bhava” means v respect an treat our visitors.. an its not Muslims attackd.. its a Arabs not de Muslims..because moreover India 35% population is Muslims.. its all past tense I mean history.. don’t ever talk trash abt India.. cos u can’t bare Indian 5 year old baby’s fist on ur face..mind it

  103. allstars016 Says:

    u fuckin shit of Indian babies… if u don’t like India shut de fuck up an get lost.. don’t talk crap abt great India.. I know u hate India because once v might fucked ur country in legal official war.. every 1 knows loosers talk trash after loosin.. I’m Indian an I’m proud to be Indian.. I agree Der is corruption in our country.. but when it comes to our mother land v never give up to talk or do against our Frm any fuckin countries.. yea I do agree wit u.. British ruled our country it is because dey utilized our respect Wat v follow “athithi devo bhava” means v respect an treat our visitors.. an its not Muslims attackd.. its a Arabs not de Muslims..because moreover India 35% population is Muslims.. its all past tense I mean history.. don’t ever talk trash abt India.. cos u can’t bare Indian 5 year old baby’s fist on ur face..

  104. allstars016 Says:

    u fuckin shit of Indian babies… if u don’t like India shut de fuck up an get lost.. don’t talk crap abt great India.. I know u hate India because once v might fucked ur country in legal official war.. every 1 knows loosers talk trash after loosin.. I’m Indian an I’m proud to be Indian.. I agree Der is corruption in our country.. but when it comes to our mother land v never give up to talk or do against our Frm any fuckin countries.. yea I do agree wit u.. British ruled our country it is because dey utilized our respect Wat v follow “athithi devo bhava” means v respect an treat our visitors.. an its not Muslims attackd.. its a Arabs not de Muslims..because moreover India 35% population is Muslims.. its all past tense I mean history.. don’t ever talk trash abt India.. cos u can’t bare Indian 5 year old baby’s fist on ur face… I don’t hate any country because Indians are not de one who hate any 1 even der enemy

  105. Sardar ka sar gand ke undar Says:

    ^^anodr indian retarded hijra hahahahaha stupid retarded ugly indians hahahahaha cancer of the world

    indians hate everyone so jealous they even hate their friends father mother lolzzzzzzzzz


  106. Blott Says:

    How come you know so much about Indian shit ? are you engaged as a nightsoil carrier ?

  107. HARISH Says:

    you motherfuker the owner of this site i will case in court in india.. sisf:-Dker.

  108. SURAJIT BASU Says:

    Only an asshole can say all this crap about India. Only an asshole can say that Salman Rushdie writes crap. European leaders cannot even resist their dick when they see Indian beauties(remember Pamela episode) .USA salutes Indian intellect( remember Vivekananda). CITIBANK was till Yesterday controlled by Vikram Desai. Ratan Tata and Lakshmi Mittal together controls the world of still. India remains one of the most tolerant of the nations. Dr Dean Ornish saved Bill Clinton after resorting to the Indian vedic habit of vegetarianism. Please do not comment about India and reveal your identity as a mthrfkr. India is the best. US retail trade and software industry will die and your ccildren in the USA will starve without India in the scene. May be you are rich but that does not mean that you have the right to insult others and forget the present global idea of interdependence.

  109. artem Says:

    lefroyed is a frustrated thing. Its country featuring nowhere in the international scenario. No matter what it says, India will keep on progressing.

  110. TruthSpeaker Says:

    Lefroy when the bangladeshi supportings muslims were chasing you away from places like bangalore, hyderabad, Mumbai it was your Indian brothers and sisters ( including sane minded muslims ) who protested and stood in support of you people. what do you have to say about that.
    Moreover, genetic researches also prove that our maternal genes are mostly east asian which is the same as you guys.
    So don’t forget we are all related. Just because you look different doesn’t make any different from us. In my family you can find people of many different looks from mongoloid looking, Caucasoid, Europoid and very dark. Does that make each of us belonging to different family. No cause we know the genetic truth which you obviously don’t know it or deliberately trying to hide it.
    My own genetic admixture is 39% ASI(Ancestral South Indian) + 12% West Asian + 15% North European + 5% East Asian + 11% balooch component
    So shut the fuck up and don’t fucking spread hatred and lies.

  111. Priyanka Says:

    Yeah, we hate you too. 🙂

  112. hamid phatan Says:

    i hate india ..

  113. jibN Says:

    i hate indian dhoti motherfuck
    sala dhoti haru kin hamro nepali ko vumima bas6n randika6ora haru

  114. Sophie Says:

    Every word in this article is true. India and it’s men are disgusting. I met an Indian man who already had a girlfriend in America. I am in Germany. His name is Anmol Chandan or Nikka Anmol. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay or have sex until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over. Dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware.

  115. jatt james bond Says:

    You hate india well thats your personal choice but let me give you something to be proud of as an indian. 1. We captured 70000 pakistani soldiers in 1971 war and let them go scott free , imagine what would hv been done to them if there would have been russia or us or israel in our place 2. India is the largest aid giver to the neighbouring nations of afghanistan bangladesh bhutan nepal and srilanka 3. We have the third largest army 4th largest airforce 5 th largest navy and largest paramilitary force in the whole world still we re the most peace loving nation in the whole world 4. 40% professionals i.e doctors , engineers are produced by india that work in us , uk 5. India gave katchatheevu island as a gift to srilanka as a goodwill gesture , now srilankans arrest indian fishermen trawling out there 6 . There are 1600 languages in india , people with all religious faiths cohabit and are living happily since the past 5000 years but still its your mentality which makes you think of minor quarrels within the nation.. Let me not talk about BBS VS muslims etc in srilanka .. This happens everywhere . Important is how you react to these things afterwards. And last but not the least we consider all neighbouring nations as our friends and want to engage with them but sometimes peoples with some preconceived notions always lead to downfall of the ties

  116. daniel lahm Says:

    fuck.you.indians get the fuck outta germany you stinky filthy poor people fuck your names your culture your movie your life fuck evrything related you dickshits indians are most filthy stinky peoples all over the world please somebody shot this bloody indians few.days ago 2-3 indians was urinating in street here they were lucky they got a bus and flew from there otherwise we germans would have fucked your ass up this is not your filthy dirty country you motherfucker indian never come from your shithole country die there

  117. just Says:

    Who ever u are u are a nasty racist cunt

  118. Jay B Says:

    fucks given = 0

  119. Rage Says:

    I don’t like India bcoz of suicidal religions which occupate other countries and making diseases, we must stop it people

  120. HellBoy Says:

    fuck the fucker who tries to fuck u. so fuck the indian who tries to fuck other .

  121. Screwyou Says:

    Indian: I want your number
    Me: I m sorry, no
    Indian: oh god you northeasterns must be really rude and self centered i not a criminal ok-kayyy bla bla bla
    thats what indians are like. ugly butthurt insecure fucktards.

  122. insurgent101 Says:

    I’m Indian. Just Indian. I’m not South Asian any more than Russians are North Asian.

    I’m not ASIAN Indian or EAST Indian. There are 1.3 billion of us – we don’t need a cardinal direction, OK? It’s not our fault that Christopher Columbus got lost.

    Sure, we love our states, but there’s strength in numbers – 1 out of every 6 human beings is Indian, so stop dividing us. The British already did that – once.

    And we need to quit saying that we’re not Indian because I wasn’t born here or sound like this or eat that. Our HEARTS are Indian.

    We are feelers. We gave the world the romance of Bollywood films and the music of Ravi Shankar and Zubin Mehta and Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle and the allure of the Kama Sutra.

    We are thinkers. We are great at math because we INVENTED numbers. And we’re pretty good at letters, too. We are doctors and engineers and techies. And we mean business: we’re the world’s 3rd largest economy and the wealthiest ethnic group in America.

    We are huge and efficient – India is all on one time zone. That way, everybody in the country is still late – but at the same time. We never invade anyone because we already have everything: chess, the ruler, the button, wireless communication, arranged marriage, flush toilets, steel, DEMOCRACY – all us, all India.

    And you’re welcome, world, for yoga, and elevating cricket into a multi-billion-dollar sport, and making food so good that you sailed across the planet to come have some.

    Our food is hot. Our country is hot. Our women are hot. Our men are… lucky?

    Where the world prays, we meditate. We practically invented religious tolerance and we gave you Mahatma Gandhi and Pundits and Gurus and Karma and Dharma and Kismet and Reincarnation. The motherland is magical and mystical. And no matter who you are, you can find yourself here… in Incredible India. Jai Hind!

    I. AM. INDIAN.

  123. RajeevR Says:

    I am an Indian…and what I wanna say..see we have such a large population ..so we have such a huge collection of foolish and genius …so what happens those poor minded,Orthodox, racist blablablah…keep on working to get the country down…and some hardworking,smart people work so hard with devotion which brings name and fame to us…again those foolish look for ways to spoil that…and yeah..those who have left the country might have other reasons but the most important reason is that of getting the value they deserve which they may not in India… So I appreciate all views but if you look deep you will find two contrasting india…but unfortunately the majority of indians are really poor minded.

  124. Capt. Warl0c111 Says:

    I hate India too..

  125. Akash Thaker Says:

    Yeah, i m indian to but unfortunately I became failed in each and every sector where I deserve to go it is so, b coz of large population that affects in every direction of career field so, logically to much hard work we have to perform for to obtain probable success
    B coz here applicants are more than the available seats of job…There only reason for to hate indians and my own country

  126. Hindus-are-poops Says:

    Can all Hindoo shithole Indians be butchered once and for all from the face of world?? Too argumentive assholes, rape children of Arab and Mongol Mughal cocks, pimps and prostitutes of the world, scumbags douchebag hindoo-sikhs-paki-indo-bangla shitloads

  127. Hindus-are-poops Says:

    And they are not people but pigs, jaat pigs-Sikh pigs-gurjar pigs-yadav pigs-patel pigs-and what not pimp motherfucking pigs pigs … kill the shit once and for the face of earth… else the whole earth is in danger … uncivilized insect indian hindoo-jaat-pigs-community and caste pigs must be slit of the throat-Punjabi dogs-gurjar digs-yadav dogs-jaat dogs-pandit dogs and what not … kill them all so called and upper and lower and middle and all castes… finish them off in a go.. nuke Punjab-delhi-haryana-up-Bihar-Gujarat-and et all.. finish them in a go,, wipe of that piece of cunt land from the face of the earth else whole western civilization is threatened .. they are worse than muslims-arabs-anything … pure shits and absolute poop as head and brain — motherfuckers-sisterfuckers-son and daughter fuckers and what not …they are community-and caste-not a country at all-kill all the communities with billion ton hydrogen bombs so that those hindoo pigs directly go to heaven

  128. akash Says:

    I don’t know how r indian people r by the way I m one of them but here what the thing prevailing in our society is unemployment, and where the person get employed to be exploited by their owners or senior in low rate of salary, but we can see reverse position in govt department whether central or state in there each and every way employee to be well fedded but hard to get engage in b’coz u ‘ve to pass out their exam with large amount of competitors it is so due to much care of that particular employee is to be taken by
    govt department. so these fluctuation between pvt and govt department can be seen that all kind of situation we have to face without any fault of young generation behind this all chapter our ancestors are liable to breeding boys and girls….boys and girls that bloody stupid monsters ‘ve only the knowledge of fucking the same thing other animals doing also so there is no difference between human and animal damn sit I m very unlucky to born in indian every where compition no scope in pvt only ecplotation where the candy is there is only in govt depart. but the same is hard to engage. this bloody nation survive without proper management.
    and population is the giant monster of this nation very hard to face it..

  129. Abhay singh Says:

    I am from india firstly i love it but as slowly i am growing mature i thought there is no bad or poor or mother fucking country than india.it does not provided me any opportunity to be a succesful person oh my god my this life as human being become spent impurposeless.the reservation provided to imperfect people.and the population oh my god it is not even the better place where i live bilul madarchod desh hai india iski maa ka bhosda hindustan ki maa ki choot saala .abhay pratap singh

    • Abhay singh Says:

      If you live here than you do not dare to say this the people of india are the main cause for pollution all over the world.they use their culture only for earning money.they use god name only for show off.in india there is no peace anywhere due to the mother fucking population and about your america there is so many beautiful things.my only dream that if i be there…..india is going to be the poorest country in the world because the people here do not love or like their country.only they love themself if you give them money they can even sell their sister and mother….mother fucking india.

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