Buddhism is Bullshit – Part IV


Most people I know think I’m bit of a jerk. My ex-girlfriend thinks I’m a big asshole. Maybe that’s why I chose a Poya Day to issue the fourth part of this article series which assaults Buddhism.

In Buddhism, the word “world (lokaya)” means a lot of things. In one sense, it is just planet earth, upon which all of us live and die. In another sense, it is the whole of this universe and other universes (if there are any). In yet another sense, world is something that exist within your non-existing mind; the world is within you.

In any case, even if it is not ultimately true, physical world exists since even Buddha had to pee. According to Buddhism, planet earth isn’t the only world with life. There are many many others. A Buddhist, after reading my previous post, might say that I prove nothing because simply because earth is not old enough for Buddhism, that doesn’t mean the “world” is not old enough for Buddhism.

Here’s the problem with this theory. Buddhism, according to Buddha, is a religion for humans. “Nirvana” is something only humans can attain. If you are a leopard, you somehow have to earn good Karma, become human, and then attain Nirvana. If you are a devil, you have to earn good Karma, become human, and then attain Nirvana. If you are a god living in heaven, you have to come down and become human before you could attain Nirvana. Buddhism is for humans.

There is no way that humans could exist anywhere other than on planet earth unless they were created by a creator (god). Homo sapiens sapiens is a creation of evolution. We are here because our ancestors adapted to changing environments and situations on planet earth. Our genetic code is the history of all the shit they had to go through. If we evolve into another species (and we most certainly will if we do not go extinct), their genetic code will include stories about all the shit we had to go through. Even if there are other planets with complex life forms, even if natural selection is present in those planets with complex life forms, even if there is carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, even if there is water, there is no way Homo sapiens sapiens could be created in those planets.

Then what about those 23 other Buddhas? I believe Gautama Buddha is the 24th Buddha. We know for a fact that those 23 other Buddhas did not live on planet earth. Did they live on other planets? Were they green aliens? No they weren’t. They were humans. Just like Gautama Buddha, they attained Nirvana under trees (carbon based living things) that can only be present on planet earth. Buddhism is for humans, not for green or grey or black aliens. If you think those aliens would give a shit about Buddhism, you probably think that they give a shit about Das Kapital as well since they must have similar minds to ours.

There’s this idea in Buddhism that one day, everything will be destroyed (the end of the world), and then everything will be created again. I remember correctly, according to Buddhism, this world will be destroyed after Maithree Buddha’s Buddhism go extinct, then all of it will be re-created. Everything will start from the beginning. There will be more Buddhas. This is bullshit because for that to happen, everything that happened on planet earth needs to happen somewhere else which is exactly like planet earth. There’s no way that everything that happened on planet earth could happen again since you know what? Some of the elephants and tigers and “Vatu Kurullas” who lived on planet earth would have already attained Nirvana and would have nothing to do with this whole re-creation thing.


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  1. TimesEye Says:

    Wrong , not only humans can attain nirvana. Even some Devan could reach up to that understanding , thats why Buddha visited Deva worlds numerous times for dharma preachings . According to Buddhism the whole universe comes to end one day and this will result in recreation of another universe . This has happened numerous times . Perhaps some of Buddhas could be alien looking. Buddha has himself proclaimed that he has preached only small amount of knowledge from what he knows. So there could be lots of things that he didn’t preach coz people before 2500 years may not understand those things even if he said. And you have mentioned that “everything that happened on planet earth needs to happen somewhere else which is exactly like planet earth” . Well according to Stephan Hawking It could, since universe is endless and infinite one thing happened in one place should happened somewhere else also. It could be proven statistically .


  2. warlord Says:

    Lefroy first tell me this??? are you a fucking retard????? oyu have stated all the facts wrong… your theories are completely bullshit….. first go and learn Buddhism correctly before you comment on the religion……. I don’t want to waste my time explaining Buddhism to you because only the wise can understand it…. behalf of your fact on other Buddhas… yeah TimesEye is right…. have a single scientist proved that ik this world ends… there won’t be another earth produced….. I mean come on… that’s primary stufff… it’s a circle…. creates and destriys and again it creates…. can you pin point a date where all of the things started to happen?????? you can if you;re a Christian…… God created us… now that’s Bullshit….I suggest Lefroy my boy… get your freaking facts right… if you can;t… well then stop posting these stupid articles

    • lefroy Says:

      Scientists haven’t proven that there doesn’t exist a giant rabbit, unknowable by any scientific method. That doesn’t mean that that rabbit exists.

      • Hellen Says:

        You are using Argumentum ad ignorantiam, you can’t prove something exists because you cannot prove it exists, nor you can’t prove something doesn’t exist because you can’t prove it does. Your argument is a farse.
        You should research buddhism if you don’t want to make yourself look like a ignorant person voicing opinions about a religion/ philosophy that you made up and call it Buddhism. Buddhism never stated that the physical world did not exist, it just states that everything is impermanet, the trees constantly mutate, they bloom, grow and die. Life becomes sediment and so on. Everything is impermanent, we’re not talking about solipcism.

  3. Lothar Says:

    The prime question for any Buddhist, I think, is “Do you really want to be free of greed, hatred, and delusion?” If the answer is yes, then it follows that any investigation we undertake of Buddhism should itself be investigated with a view to determining whether it is likely to lead to freedom from greed, hatred, and delusion. I am sorry, but none of what you are doing here in your posts on Buddhism is leading in that direction … or, so I think.

    • lefroy Says:

      I don’t want to get rid of greed. If there’s no greed, there will not be any progress.
      I would certainly like to get rid of hatred. I don’t think I’m a hateful person though. In fact I’m quite gentle.
      Delusion? Buddhism is delusion.

      • Hellen Says:

        Delusion? Everything is delusion. Nothing is objective, then you cannot see the truth as it is, there is not truth if your mind constantly influences the vision you have of the truth. You cannot prove that without gree there is no progress as humans constantly carry greed. You have to ask yourself if progress is a good thing and to what point

  4. clifford Says:

    this is bull site.before u raise questions correctly analyse the Buddhism philosophy. its not like other bullshit god followers religion.its free mindful practical philosophy.

  5. sheyjo Says:

    Live long Lefroy Jr….. Ur mama must be so proud to push an egg like u from her ass hole all these years ago…! U creepy crack…! As wierdly imaginative as any psyco we’ll see…. By the way check if ur shitt comes white next time u crap ur pants Jr…!

  6. Patrick Nguyen Says:


    I understand your doubt about Buddhism. Surely after 2500+ years, it is hard to distingish between myths and facts. But let me tell you, the core of Buddhism is not about worshiping Buddhas to ask for favors or forcing yourself to emulate a moral person to be awarded in the afterlife. It’s about living happily in the here and now.

    It could be a bit misleading to say Buddhism advises you to give up your desires. For if literally so, then what is the desire to wake up from delusions? The point is simply be fully aware of them, which needs training (i.e. meditation). It’s ok to realize that you want money, fame, sex, etc. If you try to compress your emotion, you’re only feeding them more in the end. But if you are fully aware of the emotions within, you will understand what does you harm and what does you good, then automatically give up unhealthful desires. There are no absolute rules like “lying is bad” or “eating meat is wrong”, when you really see the point.

    I hope you can spend some time checking out this book with a fresh mind http://www.vipassana.com/meditation/mindfulness_in_plain_english.php . It is also available on Kindle store. Buddhism is not about telling fairy tales to comfort the unhappies. It’s about making them fully face and carefully examine their problems, then eventually realize there’s nothing to worry about.

    I wish you peace and happiness.

  7. warren buffett` Says:



    google: All religion is FAKE, HOAX and sham on world..

    religion is mind-control, brain-washing of little children




    • Hellen Says:

      you can’t imagine because that’s not gonna happen. If you consider so many people depending on religious “lies”, if you’re taking that part of the psychologically fragile people. Oh so many people taking their lives and doing stupid things.

      There is nothing wrong about religion or gods existing, the wrongful things are what people have made of it, like Christianism, spreading hate, homophobia, racism; or missunderstood Buddhism leading to the massacre or millions of animals. Or even society, is society not a religion? We are controled by the education system, the labor system, capitalism, stereotypes, hierarquy, government. The belief mass killing other beings is nothing unnsual,” not all at, why would it be?”

      Instead of blaming easy targets, why not try to look farther?

  8. nishani Says:

    you’re an idiot.. little knowledge is dangerous… buddhism is not for idiots anyways..

  9. Michael Rosenberg Says:

    I understand you buddhists, you want to live your life own way and follow the religion of buddhism. You guys are mostly peaceful folks and I understand that you want to live that way and believe in buddhist teachings.
    But it is important to remember that it’s only your religious believes that you follow and they aren’t so reasonable and logical but only things you believe in. Not everyone believes like you do and so you buddhists shouldn’t try to impose your beliefs on other people.
    Some of you buddhists are often estranged from life and are in bad shape because of your religious beliefs and you maybe haven’t took care of yourself and might look unclean and confused to people.
    But it is important to remember for you buddhists not to impose your buddhist beliefs on other people. They aren’t so logical and rational and people just don’t usually believe the way you do. Don’t try to impose those opinions on people because they will only get angry. Many people hate religions and if you want to live your religious life peacefully then you shouldn’t speak of the beliefs like “truth” either.
    Religious beliefs are only religious beliefs. This is important to remember. Peace.

  10. Buddhism is BS Says:

    Religion is for life wasting, buddhism is like a suicide before death, a kind of will to destroy yourself and your desires and become an emotional zombie.
    Buddhism is definitely made of irrational beliefs that has no fact-basis. You won’t be born again after death, none of you buddhists will. It’s simply just naive escapism and stupid beliefs. 🙂
    Actually most buddhists are so manipulated by the buddhist beliefs that they can’t understand this when they hear it. It’s too much to contain.
    Why would one need to lose his sense of reality just because “buddha” encourages people to become mentally ill?
    Buddhism leads people to depression and makes them unhappy if they believe in that stuff. Buddhism is full of irrational beliefs, anybody who disclaims this and doubts this is truly a retarded stupid person and nothing more. Sure you can believe in that kind of shit if you want to, you can destroy your “ego” and yourself and become a zombie and achieve nothin. But isn’t that the core idea of buddhism? It is, but the message is hidden in buddha’s mentally ill ideology and many times buddhists will sacrifice their whole life to the religion and make a mental suicide too early, what will this lead to? Well they believe they born again and other fairytales but it just isn’t enough they believe in it if you know what I mean …
    It’s usually the smarter than average people who want to have some religion that pick buddhism, because buddhism is somewhat atheistic and they think god is a “fairytale”. This is how their mind works and it will usually lead these people to lifetime life wasting and mental suicide. Buddhism is one of the most harmful religions in the world actually. It has nothing to do with science or philosophy .. Has to do with bullshit and that’s all. I don’t care what you buddhists say, I know what most people think and I don’t care about mentally ill and delusional buddhist ideas. Go fuck yourself motherfuckers and don’t spread your cancer ideology to people. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hellen Says:

      The concepts in Buddhism are very often missunderstood, it does not make you an emotional zombie, it teaches you to not be carried away by passions, resulting in actions like murder does, like robbery, lie, rape.

      I think your scepticism is alright, but maybe you should be sceptical about everything and not be selective and pick out what’s confortable for you.

    • Rage Says:

      I really was sick and suffered from that shit.

  11. Mike Says:

    Hey you know what? Your girlfriend is right, you are a big asshole. And you talk a lot of bullshit. Maybe you came from some other species or scum on the river banks. Can you prove that garbage evolution. You’re just as bad as these dumbass Buddhist.

    • Buddhism is BS Says:

      You don’t know what’s good and bad anymore, that’s why you’re actually as bad as these buddhist.
      Well well, your own words fit with yourself so well..

  12. rajivmw Says:

    “A Buddhist, after reading my previous post, might say that I prove nothing because simply because earth is not old enough for Buddhism, that doesn’t mean the “world” is not old enough for Buddhism.”

    Have you considered the possibility that the operations the Buddha describes do not necessarily occur in linear time?

    • question Says:

      dear rajivmw, explain then your idea where and how do they actually occur in that case if not in linear time?
      Be specific, thank you.

  13. Mala Yaka Says:

    Dude, reading your blog, sounds like you’ve had a lot of ‘shit’ happening to you all your life. Poor fellow.

    BTW the ex you mentioned, did she actually know you thought she was your girl friend at any time? 😛

  14. BuddhaNeedsToFartLess Says:

    sad to see that people need isms and a set philosophical view of the world like buddhism is to go through the day, science is the best tool in understanding our world, so if you try understand the world use science, for whatever philosophy or outlook you have onto that physical reality that science provides is totally up to you,
    however its sad if you use some old fat fart(Buddha) to teach you about the world, all the dude is doing is talking random shit, nothing scientific and just air for airheads, if it gives you purpose for you fine, then do it, just dont claim it as some ultimate truth or answer to life, as its just a fuckin philosophy of some old fart(Buddha), dont make it more than some fat guys philosophy, its not scientific at all and its a dead end as you limit yourself to one type of philosophy, think for yourself and be better and more evolved than the Buddha, the only thing that really teaches you about life is life itself and the science to prove it, and for that you dont need an ism. I know the earth is round. I dont join a group called Roundism. And you shudnt join a group called Buddhism either. Free your mind from the isms and be your own thinker and philosopher. And btw lots of Buddha say can be true, but its not Buddhism that makes it true, its the truth that makes it true, but if you feel Buddhism gives you anything big in life then I feel sorry for you, because its weak, very weak, science on the other hand isstrong and contrary to isms its evolving as facts get discovered and rediscovered down the line. Seriously, Fuck Buddhism, its not really even better than many of the religions. Go think for yourself and dont join some clan to do it for you. Hope you Buddhist get your ass out of your own ass someday and realize that buddhism is just a philosophy and a stupid one, try science to explain your world for a change, and see that its the best tool we have to understand our exsistence and our place in it.

    • Buddhism is BS Says:

      Amen to that 😀
      Well, people are looking for life purpose so it’s understandable there are many different isms.
      Some lies are just more convicting than the others..

  15. Malka Says:

    The person whoever wrote this article doent know buddhism. He has wrong idea of buddhism. Buddhism is a philosophy that any one cannt do lie.

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  17. Not Buddha Says:

    I would like to inform the author that trying to grasp concepts he can not understand, due to what appears to be a life filled with ignorance and hate, is quite sad. It is unfortunate that you are filled with so much hatred & rage towards so many. Inversely, it is quite gratifying to know that when you die… you will be alone, unloved, forgotten, and no longer able to spew feces from corrupt & filthy mind.

  18. patta pata pata Says:

    he is a fucking ass hole.

  19. sandin Says:

    Mr. lefroy u r like a man that cannot at least swim say ocean is all about water and salt, without even try to dive. This is not the first time people criticize Buddhism, and this won’t be the last. Critics were then and they are now. But facts of the lord Buddha and Buddhism were existed for more than 2500 years. And it will in the future. Because u cannot change the truth u can only try to hide it. And I don’t think you r a jerk. I think you are a poor unlucky soul that lost on your way without a hope. Good luck…….

    • Deuni Says:

      People are caught up in their belief and are scared to face reality…. Buddisam can be explained in short or long but only the wise will understand. And I only feel sorry for those unfortunate and lost souls…

  20. pradhee Says:

    so u thnk that thrz no anyother planets with a bunch creaturez similar in brain power as humans? anywayz who the fuck tld u that they lvd n diffrnt wrlds ?are u crazy?other 23 buddhas too lvd n thz wrld and the fact z u knw when tym passes diffrnt stories r gtn added bt we cn reject wt z hrd to believe thn ul reach the point !stp shoutn like a jerk cuz a buddha z brainier than a human or else visual rays wnt emit frm hz hd f he didnt have z brain power at a hi level calm dwn jsh luk nto wt buddha sd nt tha

  21. pradhee Says:

    buddhsm !cn u c if u go post abt islam o christianity thn ul recieve so much bd bulsht bt people who c tha truth knws violence znt tha answer bt love and kndnez wd chase angr of e opponent anyway you r totally misleadd wt ppl who sprd rumourz abt thz visin thz znt a religion tz an ism or a visin nt lyk a religion wt prophet muhammad or anyothr freak to create hs surroundn to do wt he wantd buddha jsh sd i found a way jsh cm c t bt never tuk an advantage of ppl who frd an unseen creator o sm mutha fucker who z arisin lyk a severe headache for scientists and humans whn provn thngs to theze misld humanz

  22. Ashan Says:

    idiots can’t understand the truth.. Buddhism is the universal truth

  23. mannkindd Says:

    if Buddhism is bullshit, Christianity must be a shit basket so as the islam, hindu , and every other religions exists. . all these religions have their own principles ans leaning and are valued by followers. That’s their belief and faith. so, stop condemning other religions like an idiot. if you want to criticize , learn first and do it in a decent way, you retarded. .

  24. yoshini Says:

    to be born as a buddhist is a blessing itself, people like you are unfortunate and i feel sorry you actually not angry 🙂

  25. brian Says:

    yes it is
    been learn for years, at the end
    it’s just other shit, loud and clear
    mahayanas, theravadas, shitadas

    islam try to get better than christ
    buddha try to get better than jhanaism
    atheism it’s not new stuf in his country
    he lived in a atheis kingdom!
    so what’s new,? bald heads, ateism, supranatural, rebirth, meditate, etc nothing new
    but it’s okay if you need some “placebo”
    or just drink some tea

  26. jana Says:

    well your girlfriend’s probably wright about you being an asshole,among with a lot of other things i am sure!

    but at least you know a bit about Buddhism that most Buddhist would know,what lacks is a your lack of knowledge in science and your biased mind.

    if only you tried to look at Buddhism in a neutral mind,and brush up on your knowledge on science ,you would be able to produce a good argument ,which is what Lord Buddha has always encouraged ,that is to question everything.

    so for now i guess you are the one full of shit and will remain a pile of dung, till you decide to develop a thirst for unbiased knowledge.

  27. jay Says:

    Lefroy Sir,
    Please write something like this about Islam.

  28. Desmond Peck Says:

    One of the things Buddha can’t do is save those who have no karmic affinity with him. That’s why some people respect his teachings so much while others think is pure trash. However, all sentient beings have Buddha – Nature and it is just a matter of time before all of us revert back to being a Buddha again. Peace V!

  29. Concerned Says:


    What ignorance you have revealed through this piece of writing of yours. To begin with Buddhism is NOT a religion! It is a Philosophy- a way of life! So your claim that “Buddhism, according to Buddha, is a religion for humans”- the fundamental premise on which you base your notions itself is wrong. I suggest that you better research on subject matters that you have little knowledge or understanding of, prior to going to town with it.

  30. Renuka Fernando Says:

    Buddhism is a philosophy which requires intelligence to understand. So obviously you have very little because even the basic teachings of the Buddha you have misunderstood. Only fools comment on things that they simply can not comprehend

  31. manojw Says:

    There is no point in commenting on the points of a moron/retard.

  32. noise maker Says:

    I totally agree with you , buddhism is as dogmatic as the abrahamic religions, any belief system that threaten people with hell is complete bullshit. great article keep exposing the religious farses

  33. Sandin Says:

    There are different types of worship. When someone worships a god, they praise him or her, making offerings and ask for favors’, believing that the god will hear their praise, receive their offerings and answer their prayers. Buddhists do not indulge in this kind of worship. The other kind of worship is when we show respect to someone or something we admire. When a teacher walks into a room we stand up, when we meet a dignitary we shake hands, when the national anthem is played we salute. These are all gestures of respect and worship and indicate our admiration for persons and things. This is the type of worship Buddhist practice. A statue of the Buddha with its hands rested gently in its lap and its compassionate smile reminds us to strive to develop peace and love within ourselves. The perfume of incense reminds us of the pervading influence of virtue, the lamp reminds us of light of knowledge and the flowers which soon fade and die, reminds us of impermanence. When we bow, we express our gratitude to the Buddha for what his teachings have given us. This is the nature of Buddhist worship. Buddhists do not worship anyone or anything. The Buddha himself said that he was not a god nor should he be worshiped. However, you may see people bowing to a statue of the Buddha; this is merely showing respect in the same way that one might bow to a King or Queen or salute the flag. Buddhism is not a religion in the Western sense but is a philosophy of living as a way to improve your life and the lives of those around you. In Buddhism, there are higher beings commonly designed as gods, Devas. However, Buddhism does not teach the notion of praying nor worship to the Devas or any god(s). Devas, in general, are beings who have had more positive karma in their past lives than humans. Their lifespan eventually ends. When their lives end, they will be reborn as devas or as other beings. When they accumulate negative karma, they are reborn as either human or any of the other lower beings. Humans and other beings could also be reborn as a deva in their next rebirth, if they accumulate many positive karma, however it is not recommended. Buddhism flourished in different countries, but it may have polytheistic features there, but generally the “local” types Buddhism are mixed from part of that country’s folk religion and the “proto-Buddhism”. For example, in Japan, Buddhism, mixed with Shinto, which worships kamis (or nature spirits), created a tradition which prays to the kamis. Thus, there may be elements of worship of gods in some forms of later Buddhism. People worship to a god and expect something form him is what people doing in many religions. But in Buddhism this is different. Lord Buddha is not living today so he can’t help to people who warship to him. The Lord Buddha has supreme characteristics such as infinite intelligence; infinite power, infinite kindness etc. This is not a fantasy it is the reality which described in Buddhism. Lord Buddha can’t be equals to anyone except another Lord Buddha who lived in another aeon (Antak-Kalpa) or living in another great trichiliocosm (trisāhasra-mahāsāhasra-lokadhātu). Lord Buddhas have infinite virtues which can only be equals to a Lord Buddha. According to Lord Buddhas teaching(Dharma/Ultimate Truth) respecting or worshipping to a person who has good virtues will be a good Karma. By worshipping to the Lord Buddha we can get largest merits (karma) than worshipping any other person in this universe. According to Buddhism, from our born to die everything mainly happened according to karmas which we have done in pervious lives (there are other four reasons described as “Niyama Dhammas”). Getting a good appearance, good house, good friends, good job or good wife everything mainly happened according to good friends, good job or good wife everything mainly happened according to karma (But we can change it). So if we have good karma next life we can get a good appearance, good house etc. That’s why Buddhist warship Buddha. Karmas mainly get on to action in the next life that’s why some people don’t believe it. According to Buddha if you don’t believe karma it will be a very bad karma called “Mithya Dushtiya” which will definitely make very bad results. Buddhism originally is a Philosophy of Ending of Sufferings, thus they don’t have gods or deities. It is only later that it became a religion (with rituals). Anyone can follow the Buddhist Philosophy and still remain with their religion. One example is Norman Fiscer, A Jewish-American Soto Zen Buddhist. (see link).

  34. joewoo Says:

    LEFROY….Just seem like you are the leader and the follower are those who talk tales and curse,criticize,joke it,laught at, itimidate and condemn the teaching out of their doubt and ignorant are in fact a suicide to one self and destine to HELL.

    It will be a waste of time to try to explain to you the LORD BUDDHA fantastic teaching after reading all your article and to know your knowledge
    are so shallow.
    The LORD BUDDHA did explain how this world system include earth will come to its end.
    Further the LORD also explain how our daily live changes and the reason of our daily suffering and also he tell about how our ruler,goverment of every country become totally corrupted and how human life become miserable life caos, shorten human life, new diseases and how human enjoy evil deeds.
    And before how the world ends he tell about how human evolve and you can withness it yourself after you have read the article which i am going yo direct you to.No great teacher of past time are capable to tell the path of change on how the future ruler rule its citizen.Only the great samassm buddha are capable of……Go read the story of “the sixteen dreams if king pernassdi” it tell you perfectly how the world have to bow to evil mind being. All the story will happen in your this life and will continue to happen into the future life.Good bye Lefroy and my kind advice and pity for you is stop your stupid idea on talking bad about LORD BUDDHAF or hell await anyone who are ignorant of mind and matter and the whole universe.
    May all friend here who has understood the Lord buddha teaching well continue the journey to train the mind deligently.
    Untrain mind is dangerous and harm oneself And other, here and after.
    May all being be well and happy

  35. Thisary Says:

    My friend i tell you one thing before you talk make sure you know the subject 100% otherwise you show others that you are idiot

  36. Buddha's disciple Says:

    Who created the world? You think someone created it? Who created the universe? Then why Saturn, Pluto, Venus? Were they created by god just for fun? What do you know about religion? You have no idea

  37. Arindama Says:

    Well, I’ve found a little baby.
    bro to tell you loka or world in pali doesn’t actually mean planet earth. It means a state of existence in the earth. like as we say animal world and human world but does that has any thing to do with two different planets? no.
    like wise. so beings in different lokas such as arupadhatu, Rupadhatu and kamadhatu are different realms or worlds or existences then again divided into sub lokas in the same planet or earth.
    and then there are lokadhathu or galaxies of three different sizes where there are earth like planets which are inhabited by beings of the above lokas or existences.

    and buddhism is one of the only religions which supports evolution of the universe (not animals or human)

    and yes, if someone has to attain enlightenment then that life for has to become a human ( being with an advanced mind) whether it be someone from planet earth or any other earth like planet in the universe, the life form in that planet which has an advance mind can only become a buddha.

    animals or any lower existing being should earn merits and become a human to attain enlightenment
    and for devas or gods in the Rupadhatu or kamadhatu, they don’t have to come down their life in their existence is non permanent means that they get arosed by perception and and after they have finished all their merits they will be born in lower worlds that includes the human world and then they can attain nirvana.

    sometimes it doesn’t make sense explaining buddhism for for a person like you.. you’ll never understand because people like you are not open minded. but hope you’ll understand someday.


  38. Some random person Says:

    First let me clear some mistakes that you made
    1-Buddhism is NOT a religion but it IS a philosophy.
    2-other being can attain enlightenment but it is VERY difficult for other beings to attain enlightenment(btw the whole human being the only being who can get enlightened could be figuirative as humans are able to make intelligent decisions when compared to animals)
    3-you stated that humans are the “sexiest” creatures. Well it is….for you that is. For example, would a dolphin make love to a gorilla? No and thats because it ain’t attracted to the other organism. Simple as that.
    Well there were more mistakes that you made but keeping those things aside, I would like to simply tell you not to berate or pass such harsh judgments on religions. Would YOU like people making fun of your beliefs? Of course you wouldn’t. So like a nice homo sapient, keep them judgements for yourself(at least the harsh ones).

  39. Giuseppe DoomDeath Says:

    Buddhism is for fuckin candy asses…. “Enlightenment is a joke, that is told on a mountain top, with no clear path back down, and no one is laughing”…I find it hilariously Ironic that comments against your viewpoint are cast in judgement and the need to be right….oh yeah…those commenters are CLEARLY on the path….you have my shield…Siddhartha was an absentee father, at best….say what you want…fuck everyone else.

  40. nadeera Says:

    Go fuck yourself @Giuseppe DoomDeath..
    You will see what happen to you after your death

  41. nadeera sucks Says:

    You expect you to be buddha. You forgot that if you are not male you wont be buddha. Go sulk somewhere else. I didn’t know what happened after death but I read countless NDE experience that human didn’t need stupid phylosophy for journey in afterlife. Its just simple as sleep and dream no matter which path you took. No one be a buddha you know. If I die I won’t meet zombie buddhism like you nadeera cunt.

  42. PCY Says:

    Internet God,
    I accidently came across this shitty heading/article while serching for articles on Buddha’s teachings. Then I searched for other articles of lefroy god and realized that all are full of nonesense but nothing.
    You reminds me a little kitten tangled in yarn as you try to explain everything with your very little or no knowledge.
    Who told you aliens are green? You must have exposed to too much of Star Wars movies in your childhood. Did you dream that Gautama Buddha is the 24th? There were infinite numbrer of Buddhas. Do you know that Gautama Bodhisattva met 312,000 Buddhas after he got prediction of future Buddhahood? You know nothing. Even a little child will tell you that our earth is not even the size of a dust particle when it compared to the universe and we have not even explored 0.001% of the universe. Why you worry about who attained Nirvana (may it be Tigers, Elephants, etc) Just examine a soil sample and you will find millions of life forms (study it, that could be your next life’s mom or dad, who knows…) This is too much for you childish timid brain.
    People like you can be called Satan/Maara appear as humans.
    I’ll stop replying your bullshit here and would like to suggest a little modification to your name in the forum as Internet “Dog” i/o God which is more suitable.

    One last advise meet a Psychiatrist. That will do whole lot of good for you.

  43. Deepakkumar Says:

    First of all Buddhism is not a religion so the post related to Buddhism is bullshit is totally bullshit. A creator of this post should study Buddhism where whole difference between dharm called religion and Dhamm meaning is narrated. If any one or the creator of this post wanted to argue logically I will be able to answer their queries accordingly.Even religion like Christians, Hindu, Muslim related questions are solved logically.

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