Probably both.

As you may know, owner of Sirasa/MTV, Kili Maharaja is having political sex, using Sirasa/MTV news as a sex toy. They are attacking Ranil so shamelessy that one might wonder how they are talking with Sajith’s manhood in their mouths.

Today is 22nd December and Sirasa attacked Ranil for requesting UNPers to not watch Sirasa TV news. They are saying that this is an attack on free media. I’m curious as to how do they define free media. Is it so sacred that it even trumps people’s right to express themselves? If Sirasa has the right to attack Ranil (they do), Ranil must have the right to attack Sirasa as well, so long as he doesn’t impose undemocratic laws on Sirasa to shut it up, or incite violence against it. To say otherwise is total hypocrisy.

Ranil is not the government. He didn’t ask the government to ban Sirasa, or censor Sirasa. He didn’t ask his party members to go to Pannipitiya and throw rocks at the Sirasa premises. Only thing he did was requesting his loyalists to not watch Sirasa TV news. That kind of thing is done everywhere, even in USA where there’s a first amendment and a fifth amendment. It’s simply an expression of opinion. What Ranil is saying is “we don’t like the shameless way they attack me. Don’t endorse them by watching their news.”

As usual, Sirasa had found people to tell people what Maharaja wants to hear. There was Sajith Premadasa. Of course his popularity, his influence, and his whole political career depend on Sirasa. There’s no wonder there. If Maharaja tells him to lick his boots, he will.

Then there was a hateful Manusha Nanayakkara, who betrayed UNPers by crossing over from the UNP to the government. What right does he have to even comment about this? If anyone gives any weight to what Manusha has to say about this, he’s a retard.

Then surprise, surprise, Pakyasoorthi Sarwanamutthu, CPA Director, on TV, defending Sirasa and condemning Ranil. I want to know does he really believe that what Ranil did, asking UNPers to not watch Sirasa news, is an attack against free media? Does he really believe this? His anwer to this would tell a lot about the man.

P.S. Where’s Sanjana Hattotuwa?


Human sexuality is complicated if you’re a woman, or if you’re a man who wants to please your woman, instead of pleasuring only yourself. Reaching orgasms is easy for men. If you’re ejaculating, that means you’ve reached an orgasm just a second or two ago. For women it’s not that simple. Often times, they might get wet, but won’t reach orgasm if neither they nor their partners know what to do next.

Normal vaginal intercourse is terribly ineffective in giving a woman an orgasm if it’s not done correctly. You can put you 10 inch penis and hump her as if there’s no tomorrow and still she might not have an orgasm if you don’t do it right. Unwanted offsprings? Yes. Female orgasms? No.

If you want to give a woman an orgasm, you’d have to learn. If you’re a woman, you’d have to learn what works for you. Watching a lot of porn isn’t enough. You’d have to read, understand, and practise, just like everything else. How to do vaginal intercourse in such a way that it stimulates the clitoris, how to do oral sex, how to finger and so on. If you haven’t read, most probably you won’t even know what the clitoris is. If you know about the clitoris but still don’t know how to do it properly before trying to stimulate it, you might end up giving her excruciating pain that’d last for hours.

So how do you think you’re going to learn all these stuff? If you’re living in Sri Lanka, you know the libraries can’t help you. So you’d have to turn to the internet. If you’re reading this blog post, then that means you’re having great sex (or would start having great sex after you’ve finished reading this and googled ‘female orgasm’).

But what if you can’t access the internet? What if you can’t comprehend English? What if you don’t even have access to porn? Then you won’t have great sex. Sexual intercourse for you, if you’re a woman, will either be one painful exercise, or a painless yet pointless activity, during which you might be thinking about what to cook for breakfast the following morning. If you’re a man, congratz, you just f*cked a zombie.

This is why sexual education is important. Giving kids some vague knowledge about how and how not to make babies is not enough. Sex isn’t something you do as a service to the human race. It is quite pleasurable if you do it right, so you can make it the purpose of your life. Sadly, those teachers themselves may not know that.

So how to go about this? Due to cultural, political, and religious reasons, we might not be able to give children books to read with titles like ‘How to f*ck like rabbits and keep doing it till your dirty brain melts like ice”. But we can put Kamasutra to the school libraries. That’ll be a start; a small step towards sexual enlightenment.

Some time ago I wrote a series of articles titled “Buddhism is Bullshit”. The responses I got can be put into three categories.

1. I’m an idiotic asshole who doesn’t know shit about Buddhism ergo I must shut up and suck Buddha’s cock.

2. Buddhism is not a religion, but something else. It could be a lifestyle, a path, or a philosophy. But definitely not a religion.

3. Rajiva Wijesinghe’s crazy thoughts that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Those who claim I am an idiotic asshole without proving that I am an idiotic asshole are idiotic assholes. May donkeys rape their sisters.

Those who think that I am an idiotic asshole because you think I don’t know shit about Buddhism are just painfully innocent believers who would forever vote for some demagogue like Mahinda Rajapakse who knows how to exploit it (as well as monks who own Benz cars and Toyota Prados). I assure you, I know more about Buddhism than most of you.

Those who think Buddhism is not a religion but something else, like a philosophy or a lifestyle, are either intentionally or unintentionally misleading people, and deceiving themselves. Even if Buddhism is a philosophy (which it isn’t), that doesn’t make a difference. Buddhism is entirely incompatible with the scientific idea that the universe is only about 15 billion years old, that earth is only 4.5 billion years old, evolution (all of it. Not just Darwinism), and pretty much everything else that is scientific, like you know, if you remove a guy’s hippocampus (is it what it’s called?), he loses the ability to form new memories. Buddhism is completely unscientific, ergo it’s bullshit.

Rajiva Wijesinghe, the professional liar, thought he could save buddhism and redeem himself. He said “…operations the Buddha describes do not necessarily occur in linear time”. There’s nothing wrong with this, except that it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, even to himself. Tell me exactly what does non-linear time mean, and what makes you think that Buddha has indicated that time is non-linear? Rajiva just pulled some bullshit out of his anus.

The bottom line is, buddhism is completely unscientific, and therefore it’s bullshit. But that’s not the only reason to say so. How many enlightened people have you actually seen? Have you actually seen someone who has attained this so-called Nirvana? No. Why do you think that is? Because the times are wrong? Yep, that’s pretty much what all other religions say when they can’t make any miracles happen. Religion is a thing of the past. It was believed by idiots and geniuses alike two hundred years ago, and only by idiots nowadays, or by those who are afraid of the truth that the universe doesn’t give a shit about us.

Sajith Premadasa is desperate. He wants power so badly that he’s trying to fuck Karu Jayasuriya in the ass to see whether that’d help his cause. Otherwise how on earth Karu, this spineless old man who got less votes than Upeksa Swarnamali at the last general election, is being considered for UNP leadership?

He says he is not after power, money or glory. One might ask why then he crossed over to the Mahinda Rajapakse government few years ago, with 17 others (including total fucks like Rajitha Senaratne)? Was it to help Mahinda to fight the terrorists, as he claims? Why then he came back before the war ended? What was more important than the war and the country?

This man is a spineless, vision-less, short-sighted, political ‘gemba’, and Sajith and Maharaja want him to be their leader. Kinda fucked up, ain’t it?

Christopher Fernando, the Kotahena thug, has been abducted. I don’t know how many of you have heard about him before this.

Few years ago a friend of mine had a major confrontation with a short, young drug-addict called Rakaa or something, which ended up in a rather brutal fight. Our friend got beaten, pretty badly too. We went to the police but they couldn’t find the guy. He was from Vanathamulla and those fuckers don’t betray each other.

But we investigated on our own. We went to the area where we suspected the kudda lived. We grabbed a ten year old boy and threatened to beat him to death if he didn’t tell us where Rakaa was. The kid of course told everything.

I wasn’t involved in this after that so the rest is what I later learnt from them. They waited. They were joined by two policemen in civilian clothes who were friends with some of them. One day they cornered the guy, and beat the shit out of him before they took him to the police. The police locked up not just him, but his older brother as well. Their crime was beating a man, and stealing 21,000 rupees. That 21,000 thing was entirely made up.

It’s fucked up, but it’s actually how the justice system works in Sri Lanka. There’s no doubt what the police did was wrong. But I don’t know how else could they control the drug-addicts and thieves and shit in places like Vanathamulla and Dematagoda.

I’m not saying abducting underworld fucks is right. It’s just that it’s not entirely wrong.