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This chap Lefroy has been commenting here. I didn’t sort him out from the usual, but he’s started his own blog which is pretty funny. So far the posts include pissing on his cousins clothes, sex chats overhead in internet cafes, Sri Lanka’s lack of sex education and the gold and silver rules of dealing with women. I daresay as I get old I’m getting older and more conservative with what I say, but this guy might be picking up the slack.

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 in Sex, blogging, kottu.

Comment by Whacko
2009-12-23 11:43:59
chuckle worthy blog, no?


This post is dedicated to Sittingnuts, my hero and your villain. I’ve been observing the blogosphere and I am disappointed. At least I can talk of one instance where a blogger revealed naked pictures of another blogger. The fake nature of the picture is a no brainer, yet I think its downright ugly.

I think Sittingnuts is cool, except for his odd taste in women. Why would he even want to consider sending flowers to Subha is beyond me. Such bad taste, SN? Oh this human chemistry I tell ya.

Granted SN needs help in this department. I mean Subha? Ha ha Subha???? That Subha? Gawd…very odd taste, indeed! I certainly would’ve expected a decent choice here. But flowers for Subha? You mean for that 3rd generation NGO parasite? Wow man.. Such classic taste!

Anyways, SN should be treated with respect, something this Lefroy shit has been unable to do. Bullying can be fun. But revealing naked pics is simply not on. For the record, I’ve said many things about Indi Samarajiva, and will continue to say so.. But I wouldn’t go to the extent of posting nude pics of Indi. It’s just stupid let alone inhuman. Sanity should prevail even whilst attacking an opponent. Its OK you can call him names, prove that he’s not a Libertarian and so on, but revealing fake pics?

Its not like others don’t know how Lefroy is attacking SN with the blessings of Indi Samarajiva, but no one talks. Why? Where are those morale preachers in the blogosphere? Where are they hiding now? Why is everyone silent?

I don’t think Indi will ban you from Kottu if you talk against him. Learn from my example. Truth is this sick man Indi loves cheap publicity at all costs… so more the merrier for him. He apparently loves all the negative things said about him.

I’d like to see Lefroy banned from Kottu, but Indi won’t do that. How would he ban his own attack blog? LOL!

Posting nude pictures and claiming they were Sittingnuts’s is not only hilarious but also a sign of frustration and one’s own bankruptcy.

Lefroy, sorry, Indi, please be creative will ya?

sittingnut said…
for the record, i have never called on anyone to ban anyone else.

March 24, 2010 12:18 AM
Anonymous said…
ha ha sittingnuts sent flowers for subha? so what indi said was true then, eh?

BTW who are you? You seem to know everyone pretty well. Morquendi? Ashanthi with a penis grown?

March 24, 2010 12:34 AM
sittingnut said…
my stance on these ppl can be
found in full here

March 24, 2010 12:56 AM
lefroy said…
I knew it. I knew it that the nut was gay when he went around asking everybody whether he’s a closet gay or not. What I didn’t know was that Taprobane is so jealous of Electra. Buwah hah hah. Get a room guys… As an aside, ShitNut is yet to swear by his mother’s soul that what he says about me is true although I’ve been repeatedly asking him to do so. NUTTER THE LIAR…

March 24, 2010 1:03 AM
Assclown Asvajit said…
Shitty Suranga and Slutty Subha should make a great couple 🙂

March 24, 2010 1:36 AM

lefroy published a post with photo ( of un unknown naked male ) entitled A “Naked Photograph of Sittingnut a.k.a The Excreting Nut ” on febraury 01, 2010 2.28pm it was available till about 5.00pm

after publishing and getting it admitted to kottu it he deleted it

once again it is clear that indi.padashow ( son of a corrupt political appointee ) who promoted this blog is applying a different standard to this blog than to one he banned like tamilnet(dot)tv even though they did the same things ( for a worthier cause ) this blog does as i have pointed out from the beginning of these attacks.

indi continued use posts from here in his leader kottu print version long after attacks started .

if indi.padshow had any principles he should unban those blogs from kottu.

however much truth hurts lefroy, and whatever he calls it in his hate , i will tell the truth, the complete truth.

lefroy is angry at me for exposing indi.padashow , his hypocrisy and political connections and feels a passionate need for attacking me as a result . so he attck me in post after post
his various and ever changing explanations for attack after attack post against me ( and onl;y me ) here using abuse of the worst kind, does not wash

i will continue to post protest comments in all his threads as long as he censors my comments in his attack threads (for ex in his post “sittingnut is not libertarian” on january 30, 2010 he censored my original comments there i had to repost them and post protest comments in other threads)

i will continue to ask, why does he attack me( and only me ) in this fashion.
i will continue to ask why does indi .padashow apply a double standard to him
i will also continue to ask him to come out of the closet about his true relationship to indi padashow