Ain't he the gentleman?
Just got a news alert that DIG Vaas Gunawardena is admitted to hospital due to an illness, after being arrested over the murder of a Bambalapitiya businessman and eight other murders. Yeah right, we didn’t even see that coming. It’s totally surprising. Damn, wow, what a coincidence. But I tell you what, this guy is not going to jail. That the Mahinda Rajapakse government allowed him to be hospitalized is evidence that the government isn’t done with him yet. Sure, the government may have one or two differences with him, which is why they do this to him now . But like Mervyn, like Duminda, like Sajin Vaas, Vaas Gunewardena is a valuable asset. So I tell you now, as I told you when Duminda was accused of murder, this guy is not going to go to jail. Yes, that’s the hard truth; as true as the fact that SL is not going to win this ICC Champions Trophy. But I hope that SL wins. I hope that murders and rapists are punished. It’s a sad thing, to have hopes for your country.

What’s worse than crime is when the government gives immunity to criminals. I’m not particularly disturbed when someone is murdered, or raped. It’s just a name; just someone that I don’t know who got killed. I don’t really care about them because I never knew them. Of course sometimes I’m shocked by the brutality of crimes. But then I completely forget about it and go on with my life. That’s what we all do. There’s so many bad things happening that if we really cared about all of them we’d all be insane by now. But I want every single one of those criminals arrested. That’s the only way to have a civilized society. You need to keep the criminals out.
Vaas' thug wife and son

We are not living in a civilized society. We live in a society in which you can be crushed like a cockroach if you are not powerful, or at least in favour of those who are powerful. Your life’s worth is just a couple of hundred thousands. Humans are violent in nature. That’s why we need a mechanism to control all that violence. When that mechanism itself is corrupt, what we get is Sri Lanka.

Shit, why am I even writing this? I guess just to vent out my frustration. It’s a sad, sad thing to have hopes for your country.