A study conducted by a reserch group of the Anthropoloy Department of the Harvard University, has scientifically proven that Shittingnut (the Lanka Libertarian blogger) has directly evolved from dogs, instead of from apes… Revealing the groundbreaking findings of this study, Dr. Paula Bambi, the head of the research group, stated that this explains Shittingnut’s irresistible need to excrete anywhere & everywhere. “He is basically a dog. You can’t expect a dog to excrete only in a toilet. It will excrete in a toilet. But it’ll also excrete elsewhere.”… Dr. Bambi went on to say, “we can see this behaviour when he blogs as well. Not only will he make a comment under the relavant post, but he’ll also make that exact same comment elsewhere, where it is anything but relevant. We’ve heard that the creative genius Dr. Thomas Lefroy is trying to solve this problem by sticking a cellular phone inside his rectum. Even though that is medically sound, I believe it’s a violation of animal rights.”… When the author asked Dr. Lefroy about this, he replied “animal rights? What the.. Dude, in this country we have people shot dead by the government. And you talk about animal rights. Besides, I ring the phone from time to time, so he can excrete while it vibrates”.

Shittingnut’s latest lie is that I have censored the comments he made on my attack post. No, I have not. I have only censored 1 comment of his that he made on my “What’s the Holy Grail?” post. His comment was irrelevant there, and also he had made the same comment in the earlier post… Obviously I had chosen the wrong approach. He continues to excrete (make the same comment under every irrelavant post) in my blog. So I’ve decided to do the same; to make the same comment again and again… Also, I’ve as far as I’m concerned, I have proven now he’s more of a partisan Mahinda supporter than a true libertarian. And also I believe I have give honest and sufficient answers to his ridiculous accusation except to his accusation that I’m gay and that I’m the gay lover of Indi. This is because the only way to convince Sittingnut that I’m not is by inserting cell phone into his anus.

Suba Anagathayak!


The office of ‘Lanka Irida’ was sealed yesterday (30th afternoon by officials of CID, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Also the editor of the newspaper, Chandana Sirimalwatte was arrested the day before… Meanwhile a Swiss journalist named Karin Wenger has been banished from the island. She has been sent a letter telling her media accreditation has been denied, even though she already had accreditation valid for several more weeks. She says she feared she has been asked to leave because she asked uncomfortable questions at a government media conference… In the last night’s news programme of Jathika Rupavahini, they branded the Sirasa TV channel as a terrorist sympathiser. I believe it is logical to assume an attack on it, which has already been bombed a year ago, is imminent… Just few days before the election, the editor of the LankaEnews website went missing as a continuation of the long list of murders, torturings, and disappearances of journalists… Against this swift crackdown on anti-Mahinda media and media personnel, Reporters Without Borders has urgently appealed to President Rajapakse to put an end to arrests and intimidation of journalists working for privately-owned & foreign-media… Meanwhile the STF is said to have broken into Fonseka’s residence at Rajakeeya Mawatha in Colombo. The STF soldiers hasn’t had any documents giving permission to search Fonseka’s house, but are said to have been given orders from ‘above’ (Heaven, I suspect)… My dear patriotic Sri Lankans, Suba Anagathayak!

Shittingnut has excreted on several places on my blog so it has become very difficult to reply to everything. I’m tired of trying to convince him that I’m not gay, and that I’m not the gay lover of Indi. It seems the only way to convince him of that fact is by inserting a cellular phone into his anus. So I’m not going to talk about it here… But I must elaborate on the reason why I believe Sittingnut (Lanka Libertarian blogger) is not a true libertarian… Here are the titles of all the posts he made from November to January 26, the election day… litany of saints (November 01, 2009)… difference a few words make! arrested for internet threats or offensive remarks? + sanjan hattotuwa’s silly spin on this (November 02, 2009)… sarath fonseka fantasy of unp and real reasons behind it (November 08, 2009)… sarath fonseka’s biggest political problem (November 13, 2009)… still no explanation or retraction from dinidu de alwis (November 21, 2009)… a scene from ‘children of a lesser god’ (November 22, 2009)… degenerate bloodless shell of unp (December 06, 2009)… ‘rebel without a cause’ screen test of james dean, natalie wood, and sal mineo + corresponding scene from movie (December 08, 2009)… merry christmas to you all! feel it! + christmas movies i watch (December 24, 2009)… 2010 sri lankan holiday calendar (December 30, 2009)… biggest problem facing sri lanka – sms spam (January 02, 2010)… who to vote for? a guide (January 09, 2010)… massive mahinda victory to close election? how sunday leader columnist indi.padashow twisted election projection data (January 13, 2010)… sarath fonseka the man – vicious, vindictive, control freak (January 15, 2010)… election myths – ‘sinhala’ votes will split, ‘tamil’ votes will decide (January 24, 2010)… today the good will unite to defeat the evil, vote and contribute (January 26, 2010)… What does this look like? A blog that belong to a true libertarian, or a blog that belong to the government’s robust propaganda machinery? The harshest attack on Mahinda is in his post titled “biggest problem facing sri lanka – sms spam”, in which he writes “there is no doubt, that mahinda buffalo is blurring the line between his office and candidacy to his advantage”, but then he goes on to justifying it by saying “however every sri lankan election was conducted in the same manner by those in power. is this good? no. but it would be impossible to prosecute anyone due to technicalities. nor is this problem (use of benefits of office to conduct partisan politics) confined to sri lanka.” He will of course claim it’s not a justification. But dear reader, what does it look like?… There is absolutely no article that strongly attack the abuse and misuse of the government machinery, election fraud & violence and so on, written by this so called libertarian during this period. So I believe, he’s not a true libertarian, but rather somebody who liked and believed libertarianism in the past, but now has become a rational, yet non-libertarian fan of Mahinda…



This is a response to Sittingnut’s accusation that I don’t say anything against Indi banning blogs (including but not limited to on Kottu, and the censorship on groundviews because either I’m afraid of them, or because I’m connected to them or something… I believe the government has absolutely no right to censor anything on any account. Be it racist, sexist, fundamentalist, or even sympathising terrorists, people should have the right to express themselves. In a democracy, the freedom of expression is a sacred right… But when it comes to media outlets owned by individuals or private entities, I do believe they have a right to censor their own outlet. I do believe both Indi & Groundviews, and also Sittingnut, have right to do whatever they like with their own sites. This is because, unlike the government, they cannot exactly take away our freedom of expression, or even the right for information… But although I think they have the right to censor, I don’t agree with the censorship itself. I assume (since I’ve never visited that the reason for Indi to ban that particular site, was either political or ideological, and not personal. If that’s the case, I believe it’s shameless. I don’t know much about groundviews censorship. But if their censorship is motivated either by politics or ideology, I think it’s shameless… But agree with Indi when he banned “Nibras Bawa” out of Kottu. Those who know ‘Nibras Bawa’ know what he was famous for. I won’t be able to agree with the government if they banned him. But I can agree with Indi… As a principle, I don’t censor any comments made on this blog (other than spams). So far, there haven’t been a Nibras Bawa here… So why haven’t I said anything about Indi banning from Kottu up to now? Sittingnut will “FACTUALLY” prove that’s because I’m Indi’s gay partner, but this is the real reason. This blog started on 21 December 2009. I have mainly concentrated on the election, sex, and attacking Sittingnut. Unless there was something as big as the government banning Sirasa TV, there was no way I was going to talk about censorship in detail. Certainly not about petty things such as Indi banning on Kottu. Remember, I haven’t yet said anything about the government banning LankaEnews. I only asked Sittingnut what he thought about it…



Nut 1: Nut hates me… Reply: OK (he has a man crush on me)… Nut 2: Sittingnut says he criticise indi.padashow about his corrupt political connections & unprincipled political stances in his blog using undeniable facts… Reply: Fantastic… Nut 3: As a result I get angry and attack him post after post using lies… Reply: As I said, I think it’s fantastic. Therefore I don’t get angry. But I do attack him because of 2 reasons. One, I think of late he has been more of a ardent fan of Mahinda Buffalo than a true libertarian. Two, it’s just fun. Haven’t lied though… Nut 4: I knew the content of his censored comments he made in and referred to them here on this blog, even though they were never published… Reply: Here’s the link to the birthplace of this ridiculous accusation: It’s always funny to see a guy making a fool out of himself… Nut 5: indi.padashow has applied a different standard to me than to & others that were banned from Kottu for doing the same thing as I do here… Reply: I don’t know whether they did the same things as I do here but anyway it’s not my decision. It’s indi’s. Ask him… Nut 6: All should be unbanned… Reply: Agree (as long as a blogger doesn’t put out personal info of another, because writing in this country is dangerous)… Nut 7: It is an open secret that indi.padashow is gay… Reply: None of my concerns… Nut 8: He asks me to disclose my true relationship to indi, given all above facts… Reply: Excuse me. FACTS you say???… Nut 9: I continue to avoid the issue but continue to attack him in almost every post… Reply: Yes I did play along. As I said, it’s always a pleasure to see a guy make a fool out of himself… Nut 10: Instead of being a hypocritical prude and a bigot, and instead of avoiding the issue, I should come out and write about my sexual identification… Reply: Okay. What do you want me to say? Shall I ask you to take me up your ass?… Nut 11: I have never said anything against indi’s bans & the censorship at groundviews… Reply: True. I believe they have a right to do so (as long as they don’t ban me). But the government doesn’t… Nut 12: I attack him post after post with violent hate whenever he criticise indi in his blog with undesiarable facts… Reply: Oh. I thought I just to it on a regular basis. Nut 13: I lie when I say he has betrayed the libertarian principle… Reply: I haven’t lied. In the months leading up to the presidential election, there’s an suspicious absence of posts against Mahinda Buffalo’s misuse of state power, election violence and so on.