Hirunika Premachandra has balls. I don’t mean that as a compliment. Chandrika had titanium balls and look what she did. But Hirunika does have balls. Duminda’s supporters would rape and kill her if they get the chance. Those drug addicts do not think, and may not understand the necessity to lay low right now. Sure, Hirunika must have thugs of her own. Don’t tell me Bharatha did not have the muscle to screw things up for many people. But Duminda is an out of the world kind of thug. Something so fucked up that Satan himself would stop eating if he ever saw him.

Why’s she getting so much publicity? Why not her mother, Bharatha Laxman’s wife? Is it because she’s pretty? Beauty is perception. I don’t think she’s pretty. But I think some find her pretty. She’s got a fair skin.

Whatever the case, she’s getting a lot of publicity and something interesting is happening. People pity her and pity can turn into votes. Just like so many other women, Hirunika seems to be a master of politics of tears. I’ll never vote for her. But she’d probably get elected to the parliament if she gets the chance to run.

But if Duminda starts walking again, he’ll rape her.

Goodluck Hirunika.


By now it is clear what’s going to happen regarding the meaty fuckness Duminda Silva. He’ll live, and he won’t go to gaol, but instead turn out to be a martyr, a great man who almost died saving Laxman. According to the ugly Kolonnawa thug Laxman’s driver, the meaty fuckness gave the command to shoot at Laxman. But who cares? According to the driver and the butt-cleaner of the meaty fuckness, the meaty fuckness actually shouted “DON’T SHOOT” out loud but his henchmen went ahead and shot repeatedly at Laxman with automatic weapons. Wow! So the meaty fuckness, the child rapist, kidnapper of whores and actresses, the philanthropic drug peddler, the toucher of a random woman’s face that he saw while driving by, the asshole who hit her and tried to gang rape her right then and there, the fuckness who illegally possessed automatic guns, is also a pacifist.

Mahindananda Aluthgamage, member of parliament and amateur thug is also of the same opinion. Something unfortunate happened because of the stupidity of the henchmen of the two fucknesses according to him. Not because of the fucked-up-ness of the two fuckers themselves. Ranil shouldn’t be worried about it because he has shown that he has no heart by kicking Buddhika Pathirana, the 27-inch-MP, out. Well, doesn’t that sound right, that Ranil is heartless and Duminda’s a pacifist?

Government’s media spokesman says that Duminda is not under arrest because of cultural and religious concerns. Ain’t that great? See how fucking religious this Mahinda Rajapakse government is?

What does Rajiva Wijesinghe, the blogger, professional liar, and government MP has to say about this? Nothing. He’s only concerned about the size of white dicks. The fact that a child rapist, a kidnapper, a drug peddler, a toucher of the faces of random women is a member of parliament is not important to him. Forget about him. He’s gay anyway.

The incident of Duminda touching a random woman’s face is what’s most disturbing to me. I don’t really care if underworld fucks fuck each other’s mothers. But that random woman could be you, or your wife, or your girlfriend, or maybe sister. What can you do? Impunity runs deep. Mahinda is fucking us all.

Well, if that happens to you, either kill or get killed. Don’t live like a ball-less fuck.

His Ape-ness is giving me free publicity, repeating his stunt of offering of his well lubricated rectum to the corrupt politician and professional loser Milinda Moragoda.

Apparently his ape-ness has found a website and it got him so upset that he wrote “Kottu Copy is Lefroy. He’s grumpy since I moderated him on my-a.ca. I’m following the usual troll protocol.”

Well, the professional loser tolerated a troll for more than a year because no one else gave a shit about his piss poor website and never clicked on any link that had anything to do with my-a.ca. Now he’s found some fame thanks to a pretty good PHP programmer and suddenly he has realised that he’s been taking too many troll dicks up his vagina.

For the record, kottucopy is lefroy. In fact I initially had a line “I hate his ape-ness and his sun.g” right under the site title. But it’s running on a free server so they forced me to remove it.

Kottucopy is still in the testing phase and I don’t think it’ll ever get past that. All I know is I won’t be writing a single PHP or CSS or HTML or XML line for at least another 3 months. I’m busy with something else. Kottucopy started with its sole purpose being pissing off his ass-ness (please don’t try to hack into it ass-ness. You’d rather suck your own vagina). Kottucopy, or some other website like that, will continue to piss off his ass-ness. Ain’t that a good policy?

P.S. When he first learnt about kottucopy, the first name that came across his mind was Lefroy. Isn’t that unhealthy or what?

Dennis Ritchie Died


#include <stdio.h>

/* R.I.P. Dennis Ritchie */

main () {
printf(“goodbye, world\n”);


MP Duminda Silva’s got his head blown up and is being treated at the Sri Jayawardenapura hospital, of which the director board was sent home for some mysterious reason after Silva was brought there. It’s unclear whether the three bullets that pierced his head has done any damage to his brain. I believe it hasn’t. You can blow the head up of a Sri Lankan politician and they’ll still function as they normally would. Remember Douglas Devananda?

Mahinda and brothers however must be hoping and praying that he dies. Imagine what would happen if he lives. Are they going to arrest him for murder; for getting five men to repeatedly shoot at Bharatha Laxman? Of course they can’t. No, not after the millions he spent for Mahinda and the UPFA. Who knows what sensitive information that can go public if such an arrest was made. Duminda Silva raped an underage girl, kidnapped an actress and her mother, shot a guy dead with his own hands at an polling station, and yet he got away with all of them. Who is Bharatha Laxman to Duminda Silva?

But Mahinda cannot not arrest Duminda either. Of course he won’t if he can help it as Mervyn Silva’s famous antics have shown us. Mahinda certainly knows how to put prejudice aside and keep a man close as long as he brings votes. But Duminda really screwed it up for everybody. Why did he have to kill a former minister. Why couldn’t he just kill a nobody if he really has to, say, a teacher married to a fat woman with for kids? Nobody would give a damn if someone like that got shot. People like that are worthless. They exist only to vote for the worthy.

To be sure, most middle class SLFPers do not like Duminda because they think he’s a thug and a drug lord, and they don’t like Mervyn because they are both ashamed and scared of him. If they had a little more intelligence they wouldn’t have liked Mahinda getting Susantha Punchinilame either, the one who murdered Nalanda Ellawela.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like SLFPers don’t like having thugs. They do. They want Mahinda to have them in the party. They just don’t like thugs who attack their own. They also don’t like uncontrolled thuggery, such as that of Mervyn, but are quite alright with that of Bharatha Laxman. So if Duminda doesn’t die, they’d want him arrested. And of course, they know Duminda really did not have a party but that Bharatha did. Oh the dilemma Mahinda would have to face.

UNP Wins Colombo


Fuck yeah. How does it feel Mr. Milinda Moragoda? It sucks, doesn’t it? You bloody loser. You deserve it. You betrayed us. We voted for you, thinking there was an intelligent UNPer inside your toad-like head and you switched parties. You goddamn betrayed us and this is our payback. Now suck it. Suck it hard. First you lost your seat in the parliament, but that wasn’t us. Those SLFPers just don’t like your platitudes and they were always suspicious about you. Then you had the fucking audacity to ask for our votes again while offering your butt hole to the party of Duminda Silva, Mervyn Silva and Bharatha Laxman. It didn’t work out that well for you, did it? Now you can go back to using your Facebook page to try forever to get laid.


Homoeroticism of a Hong Kong kid

Homoeroticism of a Hong Kong kid

He was a visionary, I give him that. That word suits him more than it does the Pope or Dalai Lama or any other spiritual child abuser. The man was smart, articulate, insatiably greedy, and had a great eye for business opportunities. He was the prototypical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. But he was no Einstein. Nor was he like Indi.PadaArtist thinks, a Leonardo Da Vinci. Heck, he wasn’t even as clever as Bill Gates when it came to designing and developing computer hardware and software. He was far less talented than his partner Steve Wozniak, who single-handedly created the first two Apple computers. But for some reason everyone thinks he’s a genius. Say he was a genius. But was he also a saint? It seems many people think so. I’m sure they think Bill Gates is devil’s advocate. By the way, Jobs wasn’t even charitable, unlike Gates or Warren Buffet.

Okay, okay, that’s all fine. What’s really unbearable is this blatant display of homoeroticism on Kottu. For example, Times Eye sketched Steve Jobs and posted an article titled “I sketched Steve.” Wait a minute. Was he on a first name basis with Steve Jobs? He writes,

I just felt like sketching Steve Jobs, that’s how much he can impress people. This is my tribute to him. Its not strange thing why people like him that much. People just gets inspired by his his looks, piercing eyes ,, thoughtful gesture and his inspiring speeches.

Go there and see it yourself. Before you go there, read this definition of homoeroticism, which I took from Wikipedia.

Homoeroticism refers to the erotic attraction between members of the same sex, either male–male (male homosexuality) or female–female (lesbianism), most especially as it is depicted or manifested in the visual arts and literature.

Indi.P posted an article pretty much doing the same thing, titled Steve Jobs, Thank You. When Indi.P says Jobs was like Da Vinci, he’s saying it with a straight face. And then there’s this montage of Jobs-ass-licking videos. But what Indi.P has done, quite surprisingly,is alright. This guy Savvy on the other hand who posted Thank You-Steve Jobs haven’t even used an Apple device but thanks Jobs for helping with him his presentations. Really? And you had to blog about that, when you haven’t even thanked your parents for paying for your education?

Think it can’t get any worse? You can’t be more wrong. This guy Themeera wrote a love poem full of hidden meanings on his blog Themeera’s Microblog.

Steve Jobs was my friend
Oh the evenings we spent
And the stories and secrets we shared
And all the trips we went

Think I’m lying? Go ahead and read his post Steve Jobs was my friend It’ll totally fuck your mind up.

There are many other similar posts, but I can’t write about all of them here. What I want to say is, this is just plain ridiculous. I have one question for Themeera though. When you say, And all the trips we went/The joys and the fun we had, what exactly do you mean? And oh, please do tell what does Microblog mean.

Software Piracy


According to some sources, 2009 losses from software piracy exceeds $51 billion. Fucked up ain’t it? It seems that Jeff Raikes, a Microsoft executive, said that “If they’re going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else.” Well, then you’d be proud that I pirate your software all the time. I’m one of your biggest fans. Fuck apple. Here are some of your software that I currently use on a regular basis. All pirated.

1) Windows 7 Ultimate -$299.99
2) Microsoft Office Professional 2010 – $499.99
3) Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – $11,899.00
4) Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate – $599.00
5) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition – Definitely above $20,000 I think
6) Few Microsoft games

I may have got the prices wrong. Why should I know them if I don’t have to? Anyway I think I have software worth more that 3 or 4 million rupees. Not bad, isn’t it?