Nimal Siripala a.k.a. Sherlock Holmes

Nimal Siripala a.k.a. Sherlock Holmes

It could be nothing but a foreign conspiracy. There’s literally nothing can happen against the Rajapakse regime that is not the result of a foreign conspiracy. If someone wants to run against Mahinda in a presidential election, it’s a foreign conspiracy. If Basil wants something and the supreme court denies it, it’s a foreign conspiracy so the Chief Justice should be impeached. If poor people protest when they are evicted and their homes are destroyed because Gota wants to beautify Colombo, it’s a foreign conspiracy. If Mahinda had to fart in public, why, it’s definitely a foreign conspiracy.

In fact, if you’ve watched the early morning programme on Rupavahini that discuss foreign news, you’d know that nothing can happen against the ruling parties of countries like Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran that is not an American conspiracy. Those bastions of democracy and freedom have legitimate governments that 99.9999999% of the people love, and it’s the other 0.0000001% and the Americans who’re trying to fuck them up. Clearly what’s happening in Hong Kong is an American conspiracy, and has nothing to do with young people genuinely scared about being subjected to the ruthless, undemocratic, illiberal Chinese rule. This is exactly what’s happening in Sri Lanka. It’s a conspiracy.

Rupavahini's Vijaya Dissanayake, one of Sri Lanka's foremost foreign policy experts

Rupavahini’s Vijaya Dissanayake, one of Sri Lanka’s foremost foreign policy experts

This lie is so transparent that I’m constantly amazed by the fact that people still fall for it. Does the stupidity of Sri Lanka’s general public have no end? Not only this is a lie, it’s a pretty lazy fucking lie. They’ve been selling this shit for a decade now, ever since Wimal Weerawansha started licking Mahinda’s ass. It’s his lazy ass lie that they are still using. I mean, it’s one thing to use it against Ranil, and the UNP. But they are using it against Mithripala, Rathana Thero, and Patali Champika Ranawaka, the same people who picked up the lie and used it against Ranil?

You can never overestimate the stupidity of the common man. Never. They are pretty effing dumb - Wimal Weerawansa

You can never overestimate the stupidity of the common man. Never. They are pretty effing dumb – Wimal Weerawansa

Nimal “Jamis Banda” Siripala however said something important here though. He said, “there are no perfect leaders or political parties. One must know how to survive within a party – our priority should be the party and the party cadres”. This is the only truthful thing he said during the entire press conference. It has never been about the country or its citizens. The citizens of the country should die paying taxes, or die in actual war, so these worthless sons of bitches can prioritize their fucking party and its fucking cadres over everything else. Yeah, let the Rajapakses’ dismantle the judiciary, fuck up the EPF funds, and steal out of development projects, because you have to prioritize your party, and the party’s cadres.

Fuck 'em. Our priority is the party and its cadres. - Nimal Siripala

Fuck ’em. Our priority is the party and its cadres. – Nimal Siripala

Now the truth. It’s said in these government press conferences that what’s happening is something like the Arab spring. Arab springs were largely unsuccessful because even though they managed to topple dictators, in the end those countries ended up with even more ruthless dictators. So what the government’s saying is,

Mahinda is a dictator, but his regime shouldn’t be toppled because it’ll destabilize the country and lead to another dictator.

Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? And for some, it may sound familiar, because it’s exactly what every other fucking dictator told the people after the Arab spring.

Two things. First, you’ve admitted Mahinda’s a dictator. So fuck him anyway. Secondly, Arab spring turned out quite successful in Tunisia. Toppling dictatorships sometimes work out well for the people. Sri Lanka’s closer to Tunisia than to those other Arabian countries. Even though Sri Lanka doesn’t have the kind of rich, old democratic traditions that some of the Western countries have, we have a far better democratic tradition than those Arabian countries. So maybe we can make this shit work. Let’s do that.

It feels good to oust a dictator in Tunisia

It feels good to oust a dictator in Tunisia


Shameless, of course. Fucking despicable assholes. But if anything, this is encouraging for the opposition parties. You can watch it live using the below link while it’s on. After the live broadcast is over, you can use the below Youtube links to watch it.
Funny, they unblocked Sirasa the moment the Satana debate show ended. Mahinda Rajapakse’s brilliant concept of freedom of speech at display.
And now they are trying to pretend it was just a technical issue. Must have not been prepared for the social media blowback.

Sirasa TV Live

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Sirasa Satana Part 1 – 22/11/2014

Sirasa Satana Part 2 – 22/11/2014

Sirasa Satana Part 3 – 22/11/2014

Sirasa Satana Part 4 – 22/11/2014

A post on Rajan Ramanayake's Facebook page.

A post on Rajan Ramanayake’s Facebook page.

M Vs. M

M Vs. M

WireAP_52cd01f1176f41d38a89f85dcded1f2c_16x9_992So Mithripala Sirisena is named the common candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Personally, I’d have liked a UNP candidate. But then again, it’s unlikely that any UNPer would be able to crack the ruling party like Mithripala can. This is really the best the opposition can do right now. I can’t blame them. Mahinda has to be stopped. The Rajapakse dynasty has to be ended. The Rajapkse family is more like a plague than a mafia family. They are like the fucking black death, fucking everything and everyone. There’s nothing not fucked by a Rajapkse. They even fucked Rugby. Seriously, they fucked Rugby. I mean, they fucked Rugby.

But fuck Rugby when Mahinda fucked the entire judicial system, and put it in his pocket. Of all the fucked up things Mahinda has done, this is the most fuckity-fuck-fuck-fucked-up-thing. See, supposedly there are three pillars of government: the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, and Mahinda completely dismantled the last one. Everyone knows the impeachment of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake was based on bogus charges. If it wasn’t obvious for some idiots back then, it should have been made obvious when the NDB bank tried to prevent her from obtaining her own bank account details to use in the case against her.

The funny thing is, she wasn’t even an anti-government activist. Mahinda himself appointed her. She was pro-government for the most part. But when it came to this one case, just one, Basil Rajapakse didn’t get what he wanted, so the authority of the entire judiciary had to be thrown away. Fuckers. I almost wish I was superstitious, and believed in shit like hell and heaven. These assholes need to go to hell for this. The judiciary is now in Mahinda’s pocket. No one, not even JR had this kind of control over every part of the government and the country.

Then there’s the 18th Amendment to the constitution, which allowed him to be president until he dies (of auto-erotic asphyxiation). One of the points of a constitution is to protect the people from corrupt, tyrannical leaders. Even if you are an idiot who thinks Mahinda’s the best president in the entire world ever, the 18th Amendment is going to be abused to no end in the future by people who will become president. This much should be obvious to even idiots. But Mahinda Rajapakse liked power, wanted to be in power till he dies, so he fucked the constitution and the country. Or maybe he thinks he never dies. Dictators are known to have that stupid belief.

Then there’s the issue of freedom of speech. SLFPers thank Mahinda for ending the war, and thank them for letting them live freely. Of course, they live freely. Freedom of speech is an important concept only when you are a dissenter. If you are pro-government, of course you are free to say whatever the fuck you want to say. Your only criticism of government would be to give Mahinda even more power, and being the fucking idiot you are, you might think that since you are allowed to say whatever the fuck you want to say, people are living freely in this country. But if you are a dissenter, you go the Lasantha Wickremathunga way, or the Poddala Jayantha way, or wherever the fuck Pradeep Ekneligoda went.

And then there’s just plain thuggery. There is no need for an overarching political reason to beat a man to death. Pissing off a minister’s son would be enough. Malaka Silva is notorious for this. Then there are thugs who are ministers, like the mofo Duminda Silva for example, who are sponsored and protected by the Rajapakses. If you go against these people, they will kill you. It’s that simple. They’ll rape you too if you’re a woman. You need a recommendation letter from Anuradha Jayarathna, D.M. Jayarathna’s son, if you want to get a job at a private bank in Gampola. It’s that fucked up. You need to pay Mervyn Silva to do anything in Kelaniya. It’s really that fucked up.

Not that Mithripala is much better. This is a guy who got beaten up by Mithripala's son Dhaham Sirisena

Not that Mithripala is much better. This is a guy who got beaten up by Mithripala’s son Dhaham Sirisena

I haven’t even talked about corruption, cooking central bank reports, and the wasteful spending by the government. There’s just so much fucked up things the Rajapakses and their cronies have done that you need to write a series of books about them if you want to cover them all. It’s true that they ended the war. But as someone said, this is like saving a girl from rapists, and raping her yourself. Mahinda has failed this nation. The Rajapakse family has fucked it up. It’s time for them to go.