Why does some shit exist at all, instead of nothing?


Simple. If nothing exists, there’s nothing to prevent something from happening. Stupid Christians.

And Buddhists, who are laughing at the Christians. What the fuck? Have any scientific proof for Karma? No. Go fuck yourselves.


8 Responses to “Why does some shit exist at all, instead of nothing?”

  1. A Buddhist Says:

    The difference is that there does not exist an overwhelming mountain of evidence to the contrary.

    • lefroy Says:

      There’s actually no overwhelming mountain of evidence against Giant Rabbit in the Corner of the Universe of which we can never known by any scientific method known to man either.

      • A Buddhist Says:

        Yes I cannot comprehensively disprove you if your ONLY claim is that there is a Giant Rabbit in the Corner of the Universe.

        It would be highly unlikely, but not impossible.

        However, there exist substantial amounts of evidence against numerous laughable claims made in the holy texts of these religions. (ex – the Earth is flat and is only 6000 years old)

        The basic premise is that the holy texts contain an enlightening incontrovertible truth. When science keeps on demolishing these childish ideas of some ancient con-artist, it becomes obvious that the whole religion is a farce.

        At least, to someone who has not been completely brainwashed in childhood.

        • lefroy Says:

          Most sophisticated theologians have ways to explain away pretty much everything in the Bible. They believe what they call “the core” of their religion. So once they’ve defined it that way, no matter how much evidence you have against thier claims, you can never ever prove their claims wrong the same waly you prove a mathematical theorem.

          Buddhists too would do well to hang to “the core” of their religion, because current scientific knowledge about the universe and earth does raise serious doubts about the “Jathaka Kathaa”

          • A Buddhist Says:

            If their claimed ‘core’ of their religion is SOLELY of an intelligent being who created the universe, then of course, we can agree that we cannot completely disprove them.

            But then again, I could say that a Five Legged Unicorn is the Supreme being of the Universe. Or that the whole universe was supported on top of an invisible gigantic turtle. You wouldn’t be able to disprove me, but that still wouldn’t stop you from laughing in my face.

            Just because someone offers a convoluted ‘explanation’ does not make the original argument any less ridiculous.

            The other problem is how you define this ‘core’ of the religion. Who get’s to decide what’s ‘core’ and what’s not? If they wish to have a religion that is scientifically and logically consistent, they will have to renounce vast portions of the Bible. I doubt whether we can call such a person a Christian.

            About the Jathaka Kathaa, I think many Buddhists do recognize that these stories are just instructional tales written after Lord Buddha’s death. The tipitaka is the holy book of Buddhsim, and it does not contain the gaping holes of scientific inaccuracy that the Bible does.

            This is why Buddhists laugh at Christians. Not because their religion is provable through science, but because its scripture does not read like a fairy tale written by a madman sentenced to solitary confinement.

  2. romesh Says:

    FYI: Science accept Karma but they are not developed yet to prove it and still struggling….

  3. Nuwan Subasinghe Says:

    The real question is, why do you care? If you don’t believe in Buddhism, fine don’t. Nobody is pointing a gun at your head. Why you feel the need to tell Buddhists to “go fuck themselves”?

    Your thoughts define you.

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