A guy named Rakees Mohammed threatened to murder me as a response to what I wrote here:

The peaceful Allah’s asslicker writes

You motherfucking SInhala modaya, You call names to our merciful Allah(May Peace upon with him). You would be stoned death, if your identity is uncovered. Of course, we would soon do it.

This is just a warning! If you want to call names to Buddhists, Christians, Hindus or Jews, you have the fucking freedom to do it, but leave alone Allah(May Peace upon with him) and His followers.

Ironically, this is right after a muslim lady told me to open up myself to the impossible and that I’d find peace. You see, the impossible becomes even more impossible to believe when this is how the typical muslim male behaves. They have found too much peace, and have shoved some of it in their asses.

So let’s see how morally bankrupt those muslims are. Let’s see how many of them denounce murder, instead of putting the blame on the guy who gets murdered.


Nirvana can be obtained, only by crushing someone's testicles

Nirvana can be obtained, only by crushing someone’s testicles

Whenever I think about Allah, I think “fuck him. He’s a murderous, misogynistic, psychopathic bastard, so yeah, fuck him.” But that doesn’t hurt anyone because he doesn’t exist. Allah does not exist. Period. But Muslims do exist. There really are people who believe that shit. Let me phrase it again in a different way for maximum impact. There are some people who believe that there is some all knowing, all powerful guy, up there in the clouds, who created wars, psychopaths, rapists, Mahinda Rajapakse, serial killers, Pope and pedophiles, who is somehow benevolent even though he’s a fucking asshole. So people tell me, when I say fuck Allah, people are hurt. My reply is fuck them too. Those fucking idiots deserve to be divinely raped. After all, if those dumb motherfuckers are right, Allah created me this way. So suck it bitches.

Islam is just about the dumbest motherfucking idea a human mind has ever come up with. Other religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Confucianism, all of them) are dumb as well. But Islam is not only dumb, it is fucking dangerous too. Islam actually gets people killed, women subjugated, and Osama Bin Laden castrated. So it is dangerous, in addition to its spectacular dumbness.

I had some respect for Buddhism. Of course there’s nothing but bullshit in it. Buddha definitely had a severe case of pain asymbolia, and the whole doctrine is what you’d pull out of your ass if you sat under a tree for six years to find the “truth” of the universe. But still, at least Buddhists don’t go around killing people. They don’t go around blowing up buildings.

But now, it seems that Buddhists have risen up to the task of becoming the world’s worst motherfucking bastards of all time. Bodu Bala Sena is an Army. It’s a fucking army and it’s after blood. What they want is to castrate Thambiahs, rape their women and kill them, destroy their businesses, and fuck Allah if possible. The fuckers are well organized. Apparently Allah created the world as such that fucking bastards are very good at organizing themselves while sane people are not. The attacks on Islam and Muslims are systematic. As I said, these fuckers are pretty serious.

And of course it's state sponsored

And of course it’s state sponsored

And yes, these are fuckers. Bodu Bala Sena is led by monks. These people don’t get to have sex, so they achieve orgasm by doing this sort of shit (Nirvana is cool, but it’s not real. Even these monks know it’s a bullshit idea. Fucking Muslims in the ass on the other hand is a great idea).

Do I support the spread of Islam in this country. No, absolutely no. Buddhist bullshit is definitely better than Allah’s bullshit. But is this the way to go about it? No. If we’re going to kill Muslims, we need to kill Hindus, Christians and all other idiots as well so that we non-believers can live the way we want. But that fuck-nut Allah isn’t kind to us.