Needless to say, even though billions of people believe in god, it is not in the same god they all believe. This is where the hypocrisy begins. People believe in their own god without any real proof, and yet dismiss the beliefs of other religions, which are no more superstitious than their own, referring to them as vain superstitions and foolish fables. So I cannot help but saying, you cannot believe in a religion without being hypocritical. Religion is for hypocrites… There are lot of gods and it’d take a lifetime to learn and write about all of them. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam talk about a god who is omnipotent, omniscient, and is the creator of the universe (he’s quite vengeful too). Other religions, such as Hinduism, talk about different gods. To me, they all are the same: vain superstitions of hypocrites all over the globe… Now a theist would say, “okay, fine, people can be hypocritical. But you can’t scientifically prove that god doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, he is right. I cannot scientifically prove that god doesn’t exist. But then I would say, there are so many other things that science can neither prove nor disprove. For an example, if I say there’s a giant rabbit from an infinite distance away from earth, which has a tail that is infinitely long, and that science can never find out about it, science will never be able to disprove my claim. Then I’ll say, this rabbit is the creator of the universe (science can’t disprove this either), and call myself Rabbit + Jesus = Rabses… The burden of proof always lies with the person who makes a claim. A sceptic should try not to let the one who makes a superstitious claim, to shift the burden of proof by saying “well then prove me wrong.” If someone makes a claim, he is obligated to support it with empirical evidence, or at least matters like these, with logical arguments. No one else is obligated to prove him wrong. So it is I who should support my rabbit claim with something. This however, is true only as long as the one who listened to that claim, does not make a claim that the claim the other one made is not credible or reasonable. If he makes such a claim, now the burden of proof is on him… In my debate with Lanka Libertarian blogger Sittingnut, this is what I tried to explain. The opposition party had claimed that Sarath Fonseka was physically abused during his arrest. Let’s forget for a moment the fact that they had four eyewitnesses to support their claim. Let’s just concentrate on the fact that they made a claim. Now anybody, including Sittingnut, can doubt this claim and ask the claimants to support their claim with facts and evidence. But if he claims that their claim is false, then the burden of proof is on him to support his claim. He should be able to explain why. Since Sittingnut couldn’t, he began insulting me… Since the theist is the one who initially makes a claim, the initial burden of proof lies with him. He should offer ‘something’ to support his claim. If he can produce a strong, valid argument, the burden of proof automatically shifts to us. After thousands of years since the invention of god, they have produced only one such argument. They present it to us in many different ways. Basically it goes like, ” are you saying everything is just random? That everything is just a coincidence?”… Our answer to this is “yep.” But now we have to support our claim. How many chains of chemical reactions must have happened in this universe? Do you think it is impossible that one of them resulted in the creation of life? It was nothing more than a mere coincidence. Among many other possible events, some events actually happened, and made this universe. And in this universe, we aren’t at all special… Look at how big the universe is. It is infinite. Look how insignificant we are. One big asteroid is enough to kill us all…. What’s so special about humans being the only intelligent specie on earth? Forget about the fact that we killed all the Neanderthals. Why don’t you ask why only birds can fly? Of course birds do not belong to one specie. But then “specie” is a concept we created, just like other concepts like race. Why do you think people of different races were capable of creating different civilisations? Or are you saying that god created something named “specie” and decided only those who belong to the human specie can create civilisations?… In part 3, I’ll write about reincarnation.


In this article I wish to discuss about psychics, astrologers, and the Law of Truly Large Numbers…”If Uri Geller bends spoons with divine powers, then he’s doing it the hard way” once said James “The Amazing” Randi, who wrote a book and numerous articles aimed at proving Geller’s a fraud. Many other people can do what Uri does. But they call themselves magicians, mentalists or conjurers. Uri calls himself a psychic… In 1973, when Uri apeared on The Johnny Carson Tonight Show, he failed to even try to bend spoons. He said something about his inability to turn his psychic powers on and off whenever he likes to. Maybe that’s true. But Randi had worked with Carson’s producer to change the spoons and metal items Geller had planned to use… I love Magic. I know the three acts of it: the pledge, the turn, and the prestige. Even though I’m no good at it, that hasn’t stopped me from trying to make things vanish, and then bringing them back. But these are just parlour tricks. David Copperfield, Gregory Nava and Houdini’s tricks are thousand times more ingenious. But what they do too are just tricks, but they don’t deceive people by saying they do something other than tricking. Uri Geller does. So do all other psychics. I hate those people… Astrologers do the same. They take advantage of the nature of human memory, which doesn’t work like computer memory. Dramatic experiences are better remembered than the others. 99% of an astrologer’s predictions will turn false. But we forget all that and remember the other 1%. This is called subjective validation. The more the predictions are made, the better the odds that one will hit… What are the odds of 2 people out of a random selection of 23 sharing the same birthday? According to Bruce Martin’s calculations, there’s a 50% chance. And yet, since they have no idea about this, they think that fate brought them together… Any skeptic should know about the “Law of Truly Large Numbers.” it simply states that with a sample size large enough, any outrageous coincidence can occur. Say something has a probability of 0.0001% of happening in one trial. That means there’s a probability of 99.9999% of that event not happening in one trial. If there are 100000 independent trials, the probability of that event not happening in any of the trials is 0.999999^100000 = 0.9048 = 90.48%. That means now that there’s a 9.52% chance of that unlikely event happening in any of the trials. According to my calculations (I often screw these things up) if there are 1 million trials, there’s a 63.22% chance of that unlikely event happening in any of the trials… So what does that mean? Say the probabilty of someone dreaming his uncle dying one night and his uncle dying the next day is 0.0001%. If there are 1 million people in the world, there’s chance of 63.22% of one them seeing such a dream, and the next day it coming true. If he doesn’t know about probability, he’ll start to believe in the paranormal. I like X-Files. But don’t really believe it… In War Against Superstition Part-II, I’ll talk about god and reincarnation.

I’m not going to vote UPFA, but Taprobane Uncut is. I’ve been studying him and found few reasons to vote UPFA if you really want to……. First, the leader of the UPFA is Mahinda Rajapakse. According to T. Uncut, he has a great physique. What he means is that the love of a blue-blood for Mahinda Rajapakse, is sexual, for they are all seduced by him. If you have such a sexual love for Mahinda, vote UPFA…… Secondly, president Rajapakse has recently been given a mandate to be the president for another 7 long years. He needs a conducive parliament to get rid of jobless NGO crooks who talk nonstop about Human Rights, Media Freedom, Transparency and so on, so Mahinda and his boys, and their thousands of goons, can protect Human Rights, establish Media Freedom, put an end to corruption, put an end to nepotism, and make this country a true “Dharmarajjya.” If you want to live in a Dharmarajjya, vote UPFA…….. Thirdly, now that the war is over, we need to concentrate on developing this free country both socially and economically. To do that we need brilliant, visionary parliamentarians like Mervyn Silva, Sanath Jayasuriya, and Susanthika Jayasingha. Nishantha Mutuhettigama and Sarana Gunawardena would come in handy as well. If you want this country to develop, vote UPFA…….. Finally, we need to build a lot of public toilets. Only a UPFA government can really do that. If you want more public toilets, vote UPFA.

This asshole named Jamie, posted an article headed “Love is a source of making profits – Scientifically proved” on his blog “It’s all about life” (Not gonna promote the asshole by providing a link to his dumb blog here), has not published the comment I made there 3 days ago…. In that article he had written that there is no such thing as love, and that all there exists is the need to reproduce… In my comment which he censored I asked him “What about lesbians? I can’t see how they can reproduce by fingering each other”…. This asshole hasn’t published it. Was it because he couldn’t counter that (I didn’t even want him to counter that), or was it because my comment was profane? Either way, he has the right to do whatever he likes to do with his own stupid blog. If he wants, he can even fix a vagina to his blog and reproduce with it. The offspring would look like Sittingnut. But I have the right to say this. “SCREW YOU JAMIE.”

Few days ago, Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha wrote an article for transCurrents titled “The permanent prejudices of the establishment: Twenty years after Richard de Zoysa.” In this article he writes, “the methods used during that period to rid the country of what was seen as terror are now all forgotten. This is not only because they occurred two decades and more ago, and our memories are incredibly short. No, it was because the perpetrators of terror in those days are now part of the establishment, and therefore any misdemeanours on their part are naturally skated over” …….. On this I totally agree with him. What he’s saying is completely correct……. But what I can’t believe is the nerve of this man to write such a hypocritical article like this…….. Wijesinha passionately writes about his friendship with Richard, how the two of them courageously fought against the murderous, authoritarian UNP government, and sheds tears for his murdered friend and colleague. Does he really expect us to believe that those tears are real? Does he really think that we won’t think that those tears are just crocodile tears? The kind of tears Wimal Weerawansha sheds for Wijeweera these days?……… Even in this article he writes “we have gone a long way towards improving the situation, but we need to go further.” I ask you, who but a dishonest government propagandist like Rajiva Wijesinha could say something like that? What about Lasantha Wickramatunga who was gunned down in broad daylight? What about the ten other journalists who were murdered in the last few years? What about Pradeep Ekneligoda who’s still gone missing? What about Poddala Jayantha whose legs were broken? Of course these journalist weren’t unbiased. They had their agendas. But so did Richard de Zoysa. And in this country, you have a right to be biased. Well it seems to me, this government Prof. Wijesinha so proudly represents, has worked so hard in the last couple of years to “improve the situation.” Good work professor…….. I ask you, what kind of a man but a hypocrite would shed tears for a man who was murdered, while representing and defending a similar regime which murdered that man? One commenter who called himself Suresh had written, “I think Richard de Zoysa would be turning in his grave at the thought of Rajiva Wijesinha using his memory as a front to whitewash and promote the present regime.” ………. Rajiva is not the only one who has sold his soul. There are many others, such as Wimal Weerawansha and Dayan Jayatillake. People should know that these men, these shameless, dishonest, government propagandists, who’ve sold their souls for money, status, and power, could never be trusted. They’ll say whatever this government wants them to say. They have a right to do so. But don’t let them ruin your country. Don’t let them ruin your future……. visit

Two days before the Presidential Election, Dayan Jayatillake (a government propagandist who has managed to cover that fact with over-intellectualism) wrote “So the line-up is clear: our enemies the Tamil Tigers want a certain outcome and in this their views seem to converge with some elements in the West who wanted us to stop the war. The choice before the Sri Lankan voter is also clear: do we line up with the overseas based Tamil Tigers and pro-Tiger tendency of the Tamil Diaspora, as well as those elements in the West who wanted us to stop the war before Prabhakaran and his army were defeated and destroyed? Or do we line up with and defend that leader whom the Tamil Tigers want to see ousted?” … This argument was effective, and that was because the election was about the war. What the UNP failed to do was to make it about something other than the war, about media freedom, or the fight against corruption, or the fight against nepotism, or finding a political solution to the ethnic conflict. They should’ve made people believe that corruption and murders and kidnappings and malfeasance and misfeasance could not be justified under the guise of war vicory. They tried their best, and yet they failed… Over the last few years, the government’s propaganda machine, led by Wimal Weerawansha, has successfully debilitated not only the UNP, but also the JVP by branding them as traitors. When they came together to defeat this authoritarian government, it managed to portray them as an out of touch, unholy political alliance. When Sarath Fonseka joined them, it managed to brand him too as a traitor. One thing is clear, the government’s propaganda machine works. Otherwise, how could a man like Weerawansha portray a war hero who had sacrificed more to this country than he ever will as a traitor and a betrayer? …. This made people suspect that this “Deveni Meheyuma”, or the “Second Offensive” of Fonseka, would pave the way for the Tamil Tigers to turn back the military victory they achieved. Even if they trusted Fonseka, they didn’t trust the UNP which backed him. In their eyes, the UNP was the direct representative of those elements in the West who wanted them to stop the war. The majority of people in any country are conservative. They were reluctant to take a risk… The General Election in April will be the last election about the war. But even after that, the government propagandists will try their best to make every election an election about the war, a choice between traitors and patriots. The UNP shouldn’t allow that. They should attack back with full force, and make the people understand that crimes and murders aren’t justifiable under the guise of war victory or international conspiracies. Especially, Wimal Weerawansha needs to be attacked. I don’t mean character assassination. It’s his politics that should be attacked. Strong counter-arguments should be made against every argument he makes… Right after the Presidential Election, I wrote that Ranil should resign. But now I think he’s the best leader the UNP can have right now, simply because he offers the people a crystal clear alternative. The country exists in a rocking, self-burying motion, and the government is on a path to self-destruction. Threatening the chief prelate of Malwathu Viharaya doesn’t sit well with most of the devout Buddhists. Arresting Sarath Fonseka was bad, vengeful politics, no matter how hard the government tries to make it look otherwise. The disappearance of Pradeep Ekneligoda isn’t helping the government either. Trying to seal off the Lanka Irida newspaper was even worse. The problem the government is facing now is that they don’t have a war to sell, and it is hard to use the war they ended to cover their crimes. This I think is Ranil’s chance to emerge as the only hope of democracy… Right now he’s doing one thing right. He’s swiftly aligning himself with the Mahanayakes. Perhaps this is the only way for him to get rid of his traitor image. If he wants to seem like a patriot, first he should seem like a true Buddhist. He needs to look intellectual, and not try to shout like other politicians, because when he does that, he looks weak and ridiculous. He needs to control his voice, speak slowly, and give a lot of thought to every word he utters. He needs to show some emotion, look genuinely disturbed by what’s happening in the country, and explain to the people why he believes what he believes.

I went yesterday evening to see it and it was one of the worst rallies I’ve ever seen simply because the singers were just terrible. I have no idea as to how many people were there but at one point some guy said, “api hithuwe mecchara wath senaga netiwei kiyala. Mecchara wath inna eka loku deyak.” At about 9, I drove home before Duminda arrived… I think R.Duminda will definitely get elected. But it was evident that people aren’t that ethusiastic about this election. I think at least 5% of those who voted in January won’t be voting this time around… Maybe Duminda will come first. He’s campaigning in all 15 seats. Thilanga Sumathipala will make it to the parliament as well. I think Susil Premjayanth and Bandula Gunawardena, even though are in trouble, will somehow make it. It’s interesting what’ll happen to Wimal Weerawansha and Co. Let’s see whether there are enough zombies to get them all elected… Patali Champika Ranawaka will get elected. But I don’t know what’ll happen to the rest of those who sold Buddhism. I don’t think Athuraliye Rathana Thero will get elected… The UNP is obviously in trouble. There’s no way they’re going to win more than 70 seats. They’ll end up somewhere between 55 and 70… I think Sujiwa Prasannarchchi, Ruwan Wijeyawardena and Rosy Senanayake have a serious chance to get elected to the parliament for the first time. Can’t say the same about Shiran Deraniyagala… It’s interesting what’ll happen to Ranil. If Duminda or some other guy gets more votes than him, he’d be really embarrassed. In 2001 he got about 430,000 votes. In 2004 it was 300,000 something. Let’s see what’ll it be this time.

My name is Sittingnut. I’m the guy who licks our beloved president’s royal ass every weekend. I’m also the guy who tells Rhythmic Diaspora what flavour of Ice Cream he should lick off of other people’s arses… When I’m bored, I usually cut off my pubic hair. I like the itching it gives me afterwards. Don’t take me wrong. I’m not a fetishist… No matter what that indi.padashow might tell you, I’m very conscious of my personal hygiene. I mean, I even wash my penis, twice every three months. Well, of course, you may ask why don’t I wash it everyday. There are two reasons for this. One, I’m not like other people. I’m unique. Two, it’s really painful to even look at my dick. It’s so short, I mean really really short that I can even pee on my own balls… You know, I really hate that lewfroy guy. I mean, okay, so I believe a rapist himself can be an eyewitness in the lawsuit against him to prove the rape never happened. So what? I’m a pinhead. But why does he have to make it public? Why does he have to wag his cock like as if, as if he’s the only one with a dick? He’s being insensitive. He wags his dick. I can’t do it because mine’s too short. I can wag my tail of course. But it’s always sore because I wag it all the time whenever I’m near our beloved president… Lewfroy’s defending his lover and promoter indi.padashow with unverifiable claims. No matter what he or indi.padashow may say, that padashow comment was made by indi.padashow. Lewfroy says it is me who made that comment. Ha ha. Crazy fool. He thinks even other people could see the IP addresses of the people who comment on his blog. Ha ha. He can’t prove anything, ha ha, just like he can’t prove that I don’t have a no penis.

I write this because I have nothing else to write and because I have nothing else to do right now other than writing or calling my ex-girlfriend… I’m new to Kottu so it’s less than two months ago I learnt about Rhythmic Diaspora and his Lankanoshere Awards. As many have pointed out (including the dishonest government propagandist named Sittingnut who thinks that a rapist’s lawyer can use the rapist himself as an eyewitness to prove the rape never happened), it is most definitely an ass-licking blog. But what’s interesting is the number of people who like to get their asses licked… For all his faults, I don’t think nut’s one of them. But there are many who wants to get their asses licked. Taprobane Uncut was so pissed that his ass wasn’t licked that he metaphorically cut Diaspora’s dick. Go fukk a whale Taprobane… Most bloggers it seems, are self-important and self-centred. If two bloggers meet each other, all they’d talk about would be blogs, blogging and bloggers. Most of the questions will be personal… If Electra meets Sittingnut, she’d ask, “sittingnut, why can’t you read between lines?” Sittingnut would reply, “But I can read between your legs, you 3rd generation NGO parasite”… If I meet sittingnut, the first thing I’d say is, “sittingnut, let me take my tiny little cell phone that I stuck up in your ass 3 months ago”… If Taprobane Uncut meets Indi he’d ask, “so Indi, do you always meditate after fukking a whale?” … RD knows about blogs, and even more about bloggers. Every blogger wants to be read, and RD has found the perfect way. He writes about blogs and bloggers, so bloggers, being so self-important, self-righteous and self-centred as RD has correctly understood, reads his blog. So what’s actually happening isn’t RD licking other bloggers’ asses, but other bloggers licking his ass. They do it not because they love to pleasure a post-divorce man, but because they are genuine ass lickers. Buwah hah hah.