It was Nalin de Silva who started it, and because of what he did, people will continue to die, and those dumb patriots who believe every word he utters will call it an international conspiracy and put the blame on multinational companies and the poor Agricultural Minister.

What was earlier a genuine effort to find the reason for the kidney disease that rapidly spread in the North Central Province, has now become a misleading, unbelievable dumb, yet absolutely dangerous debate about whether or not there’s arsenic in rice. The Agriculcural Minister says there’s no arsenic (or very insignificant amount) in rice, and the dumb patriots say there’s loads of arsenic in rice.

This whole debate is misleading because whether or not there’s arsenic in rice, it could have absolutely no connection to the kidney diseases that spread rapidly in the North Central Province. Initially the claim made by the researchers who were supposedly guided by a god was that the concentration of arsenic in water in that area was too high. Obviously, if anyone affliated to a repuatable university claims his research was done by a god needs to be fired and immediately sent to a mental hospital. But that’s not really important here. If there really is too much arsenic in water, it is a problem that needs to be properly addressed. The research group (which was supposedly guided by a god) has to publish their research papers so that others can repeat it and verify its findings. Instead they are debating whether there’s arsenic in rice. Rice and kidney diseases, are these guys mad? The relevant authorities need to remember that this kidney disease is actually killing people.

This debate is unbelievably dumb because there shouldn’t be a debate in the first place. If there’s a suspicion that there’s arsenic in rice, then there’s a scientific procedure to follow which in the end will tell you the answer with 100% accuracy. Western Science, no matter what Nalin de Silva says, works. This matter would’ve been solved by now if Nalin didn’t popularise the idea that it was a god who informed us about the arsenic. Now people will die because of him.

I don’t know however why should anyone think that there’s arsenic in rice. Only the people in the North Central Province are dying of this kidney disease, and they eat the same rice as people in other areas do. If the arsenic is in the water, that’s different.

Whatever the case is, these patriotic idiots should stop blaming multinational companies and economic assassins (a term popularised by a stupid presenter on Derana TV) and get some truly Western scientific experiments done, and act accordingly. Meanwhile, people are dying.


Jayalalitha Jeyaram, who has acted in few Tamil movies that weren’t that dumber than all the other Tamil movies and now the Chief Minister of the shitty Indian state of Tamil Nadu, needs to be gang raped. That’s what wrong with her. The spinster is sexually frustrated and is in need of a good hard fuck. Otherwise, who the hell does she thinks she is?

This is what she said on June 15, 2011. “Our fishermen must be allowed to fish in the waters around Kachchativu. Our fishermen do not have any other means of livelihood. They do not know any other trade and Kachchativu is only eleven kilometres away from the Tamil Nadu coast. There is no catch to be had on our side of the international boundary line, so they have to go to Kachchativu if they are to get a decent catch.” Well, I have a better idea genius. Why don’t you take a fishing rod, and stick it up your unused Indian vagina?

So now it is our responsibility to feed those fucking Indian fishermen? It is our fault that you fished out of control and got all the fish stuck up in your vagina? Is it what you’re saying Jayalalitha? Well, if your fishermen are hungry, let them eat your vagina. You’re not going to eat our fish you fucking Indians.

Rajiva Wijesinghe, the self-proclaimed writer in English distinguished for his political analysis as well as creative and critical work, has preferred to ignore my obloquy on him and continue to resolutely ventilate his sexual frustrations on his excuse for a blog which is firmly closed to comments. In his latest article “The relentless posturing of Navi Pillay”, he has revealingly written about sari parties and all-girl-together approaches and colourful lingerie, proving beyond reasonable doubt that he’s the sort of creep who stares at women on the streets. I can’t care less about his sick thoughts on Navi Pillay or Kshenuka Seneviratne or any other short-haired, middle-aged plump woman. What I do care about is the fact that this government hit man still has his blog closed to comments as he continues to attack people, governments, organisations, forums, websites and whatnot with truckloads of asinine fatuity.

It seems to this seasoned blogger that the seasoned retard Rajiva Wijesinghe is simply incapable of understanding, let alone applying, a basic journalistic principle: the right to reply. Fuck, I don’t care much about journalistic principles. I use invective as if my life depended on it. But denying people the right to reply is an unforgivable sin. Of course, his blog is his private property and he can do whatever he wants to do with it. He has that right because he’s not the government. But this is a matter of media ethics. No matter what you do, you should at least have the honesty and decency to let the people you maliciously denunciate to reply. But this doesn’t surprise me. He’s afraid of the truth, just like all other loud, thuggish, profligate intellectualoids employed by a government that uses state-owned media organisations to lambaste opposition parties and promote its own partisan causes. For god’s sake, he’s the mouthpiece of a government which appointed a street thug who had previously bombed a TV station, burned a newspaper office, and killed journalists, as the Deputy Minister of Media.

I guess what I want to tell Rajiva Wijesinghe is…”Fuck off”

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Sinhala bloggers? For one thing, most of those suckers can’t write. They deliberately make their articles difficult to read. The reason for this is obvious. Most of their articles are puerile bullshit. The rest are insufferably lengthy platitudes. These suckers, just like postmodernists, love to pretend.

It’s not entirely their fault though. Sinhala language is unsuitable for any kind of intellectual discourse. The simple fact is, there’s not enough words. The language is pretty much dead. How many new Sinhala words are created each year? None. No great work has ever been written in Sinhala. I mean is there any work in Sinhala that can be compared to those of Shakespeare? Is there any contemporary Sinhala novelist who writes better than Martin Amis? Is there any 20th century Sinhala writer who at least thought about leaping a few decades forward like Joyce did with Ulysses? Do the quatrains of Arisen Ahubudu even qualify as poems?

But that’s alright. What I can’t stand and can’t understand is the fact that many of those Sinhala bloggers write their titles in English. From what ass did they pull out the idea that it’s alright? We bloggers who write in English don’t write our titles in Sinhala. We just don’t do that. Why? Well because it’s just nuts. A man sees a link, written in English, clicks on it, only to find that he can’t read it. To be fair, not all Sinhala bloggers do this stupid thing. But many of them do. Well, GET OFF MY INTERNET.

Rajiva Wijesinghe, the self-proclaimed writer in English who is distinguished for his political analysis as well as creative and critical work, has taken the liberty of aerating his sexual frustrations on his excuse for a blog, which is firmly closed to comments. The reason why it’s closed to comments is a no brainer. Rajiva Wijesinghe, like all the other loud, thuggish, profligate intellectualoids employed by the aphasic demagogue Mahinda Rajapakse, is afraid of one thing: truth. He attacks persons, governments, organisations, forums, and websites with complete impunity, knowing full well that the pudendum of the SL Government is backing him, and that his sad little blog is forever closed to comments. I don’t have the time, or the desire to fuck him every time he botches something. But when he tries to rob the freedom of expression from the people of this country, someone has to say something.

His latest article, pompously titled “Promoting Confrontation”, is a false and shameless excoriation of Sanjana Hattotuwa, the editor of which calls itself an international award winning citizen journalism website. Defending Hattotuwa would be the last thing I would do. He censors comments, removes and edits articles whenever he’s attacked or criticised, and shamelessly engages in yellow journalism on his so-called award winning citizen journalism website. He’s a dishonest asshole of the worst kind. But at least he doesn’t want to take away the freedom of expression from Sri Lankan citizens. Rajiva Wijesinghe, who looks like a haggard crone (just look at his photo), wants to do exactly that.

He isn’t happy about the fact that Groundviews had been funded by two foreign agencies. So he writes “… I do find it strange that our government does not put in place mechanisms to ensure that aid, contributed for the welfare of the Sri Lankan people, does not pour in to elite wordmasters who make no secret of their animosity to a democratically elected government.” So what does Rajiva Wijesighe, the mouthpiece of the Mahinda Rajapakese government which appointed a street thug who had a fucking record of blowing up TV stations, burning newspaper offices, intimidating, stabbing, beating up and murdering journalists as the deputy minister of media, the government that censors websites and kidnaps and murders their editors, the government that orders state-owned TV stations to broadcast overlapping the frequencies licensed to private, Tamil language TV stations, wants to do about elite wordmasters? How about banning another few websites, including Groundviews? How about tying Sanjana Hattotuwa to a tree? Asshole.

There are many falsehoods in this article, but I’m not going to write about them. The dishonest-remover-of-articles-who-also-censors-comments Sanjana Hattotuwa will reply to them if he wants to. I’m not even going to think about Rajiva Wijesinghe’s other mudslinging articles in which all you can read is letters he has written and speeches he has made. But this fucker, and his government which thinks it is not okay for a man under 21 to smoke but okay to kill, is fucking this country, its people, and their freedom of expression. They should not get away with it.

Ever fancied a string of fatuous non sequitur up your ass? If you’re a masochistic sucker for those kind of stuff you can read Darini Rajasingham Senanayake’s latest article “Checkmate, Rajapakse! The UN Report, Militarism and Public Religion in Sri Lanka” on Groundviews. But I, as someone who had the great misfortune of stumbling upon her imperceptive excuse for an article suggest you don’t. My ass still hurts and I could barely sit to write this.

She starts her dimwitted post by quoting a poem from Omar Khayvam’s Rubaiyat. Why, you ask me? Well that sexually frustrated middle-aged woman Tisaranee Gunasekara does that, and so does the dishonest, son-of-neo-fascist, wannabe-intellectual Dayan Jayatillake. So she must have asked herself, why not her? Why not me, I asked myself. The following was written by James Fenton.

I Am The King of China
And I Like A Tight Vagina:
It Lets Me Show The Things I Know—
Like The Prose Style of George Steiner.

(Please replace the words as necessary)

Alright, now that we’ve said fuck off to Omar Khayvam, let’s focus on what Darini has actually written. Let’s see…mmm…ever wondered how a king can get butt-fucked in a game of Chess? Apparently there’s a move in Chess called “The Great Banki the Moon Kick” that can literally butt-fuck the black king. The first stage is called “check”. This is when the white knight places his sword lightly upon the king’s posterior. The next one is called a “stalemate” where a white bishop places his hands on that white knights’s butt and pushes him towards the king so that the sword slides deep into the black kings’s rectum. The last step is called “checkmate”. This is when the king starts bleeding. Now that you know this, you’re a Grandmaster, just like Darani.

In Darini’s educated opion, our king Mahinda Rajapakse was stalemated at the time she wrote her article. But the direction of the game is clear. The white knight has already done his thing, and the bishop has shown what years of practice with altar boys have given him. US citizens subject to US jurisdiction are already bleeding. Obama is ready to pee on the global gene pool in order to free it from thugs like Gotabhaya and bugs like Shavendra Silva. At this point, the average Tamil and the average UNPer are frothing and masturbating on to their keyboards.

Then she writes something so stupid, so dumb fucking retarded that I suggest that she runs to the nearest beach, take off all her clothes, jump into the sea and swim to Antarctic. She writes “To avoid ‘checkmate’ the regime will need to resolve the root causes of the ethnic conflict and learn to share power with the minorities at the center and in the regions. Enabling or disabling genuine reconciliation, democracy and power-sharing in Lanka will be the litmus test of the international community’s resolve.” According to what she has said earlier, Mahinda Rajapakse is about to get butt-fucked by the international community for the crimes he’s committed. The protests by university dons and students against government policies, low wages and the militarization of higher education, as well as protests by women workers in the Free Trade Zones against a private sector pension scheme, herald the gathering storm. And now, he can put an end to all that by giving a tiny little piece of land to Tamils? Why doesn’t she being the necrophile she is, dig up the body of some dead LTTE fuck and suck its dead dick? I’m all for punishing war criminals, but this kind of stupidity just makes me mad.

You might think that’s the only butt-fucking thing she’s written. Oh, how wrong can you be? She wants Mahinda “…to request current Prime Minister D.M Jayaratne to resign and replace him with a citizen from a minority community, preferably a Tamil because it is this community that has suffered the most due to state discrimination, the root cause of the war.” So let me get this straight. She wants our more or less democratically elected President to fire the currant Prime Minister and appoint for the post someone whose most important qualification for the job is his race? Fucking bitch.

I refuse to call it the Lankanosphere, not only the word itself sounds stupid, but there’s this rather doltish blogger called Rhythmic Diaspora who annually writes a series of articles called “Lankanosphere Awards” which is solely an exercise in ass-licking. However this senescent blogger is reminiscent of a time when was truly well and alive. Once I mocked him for imagining that we found the accounts of his miserable, post-divorce life in London to be interesting. But now, even the titles of his articles seem interesting. Maybe the rest of them that I stubbornly refuse to read are interesting as well.

So what’s happened to the SL Blogosphere? I’ll tell you what. We now have people writing about 30 day challeges like 30 day movie challege, 30 day poetry challege et cetera that I collectively call 30 day padashow challenges, that nobody wants to read. “A poem that describes me?” Who cares?

There’s this other blog, the name of which I don’t remember (it starts with Eargazzsms though), that I find as interesting as my own farts. I like music, but I don’t want to get Eargazzms. The blogger seems to be visiting a number of music websites just in order to copy and paste stuff from them to his farting blog.

There are those other blogs like “Sri Lankan Stars” that publish all sorts of information about little known starlets and completely unknown harlots. Again, who cares?

There are also those news blogs. It’s okay to have news websites that are only about news; just plain news. But if it is a news BLOG, the news needs to be filtered through commentary. It should be about ideas and opinions, not just about raw facts. Owners of those news blogs don’t seem to understand the importantance of editorializing, which is regrettable because blogs need to be all about editorializing.

I like blogs that deal with politics, law, religion, war and things like that. There are many blogs even now that do exactly that. But what they lack is passion. They lack a person behind those words and sentences who truly believes the nonsensical platitudes he’s writing. Electra was certainly one of those who wrote with great passion and conviction. Heck, I even miss that dumb fuck sittingnut. Most of all, I miss the fights between bloggers, and the unsuccessful womanizers who sent flowers to women they had never seen. Let’s be honest. How many people read our blogs? 400? 500?

I want bloggers to write about things that matter: things like politics and religion instead of their sad little lives, but always with great passion and conviction. It’s alright to occassionally write about their sad little lives so others can laugh at them, but not always because that just makes it sad. I want opinions, ideas, commentary, and not raw facts. I want reviews, not just the details about prices and the number of pages in books. I want criticisms because writing that a particular poem makes one feel miserable is just not enough. I want bloggers to attack dishonest, self-important intellectualoids like Dayan Jayatillake and pompous idiots like David Buggery (“my area is war, not law” / “hey Dayan, did you read my piece on guerilla intellectuals?”), and in doing so be completely unrestrained. I want bloggers to debate with each other, make enemies, and insult each other whenever they get the opportunity. Yeah, that’s what it takes to make SL Blogosphere live and kicking, again.

I think the decline began when Indi took the stat counter off kottu. Its manipulability itself was the cause for many fierce debates. It was a great incentive to bloggers. Everyone wanted their posts to be the in the top read list. With the stat counter gone, some lost interest and left kottu. I want it back.

The fall of course happened when taboo got hacked… Oh shit. It’s over.