Buddhism is Bullshit – Part III


Who has the largest penis among primates? Is it the big, hairy gorilla? No. It’s the penis of the human male. It is only among humans that female orgasm is present. Only human female has sexy stuff on their chest (other primates have breasts. But they don’t work as secondary sexual organs). I can go on and on like this. My point is, Homo sapiens sapiens is the sexiest species alive.

Humans really like having sex, just like other animals. They also are violent when they need to be, and made in such a way that makes it possible for him to eat meat. These are precisely the thing that Buddhism tells them not to do.

We are human because we moved from jungles to open plains. We did it because we had to. Those who remained in the jungles evolved into great apes like chimpanzees and gorillas. Their population has always been shrinking.

In the open plains, there were no fruit to eat, and our digestive system couldn’t handle grass. We had to depend on roots of some plants.

Yet even at that time, we could digest meat because we’d been eating insects for a long long time. We realised in the open plains that we had to hunt. There was absolutely no other option.

In the open plains however, there were already carnivores (big cats and wolves) who were stronger and faster than us. They were specialised to killing. We couldn’t compete with them. So we had to stand up with two legs and make tools and hold weapons. We did this. These were the early stages of the creatures who would later create such amazing things like pyramids and quantum physics, and bullshit like religion.

Now here’s the thing. What happened to those early humans who killed, committed incest, raped, and did so many fucked up things because they didn’t know it was wrong? Did they go to hell? What about other animals? Lions kill. Rape is common among elephants. Primates like our ancestors were sexually active all the time and had sex all the time with different partners. Did they go to hell?

Most buddhists would say they wouldn’t go to hell because they didn’t do it was wrong. But then it begs the question, if doing something fucked up is okay if you don’t know it’s fucked up, then what about good stuff you do? Certainly they won’t earn you good Karma because you don’t know what you’re doing is good.

So how do animals become humans? Animals don’t have moral. The only species who has morals is Homo sapiens sapiens and he created morals only few thousand years ago. For 4.5 billion years there has been no such thing as morals on planet earth. When animals do fucked up things, they don’t know they’re wrong. When they do good things, they don’t know they’re good. So how do they become human?

It’s important that according to Buddhism, animals do become humans and it’s said to be very difficult. Buddha was many animals in his previous lives.

Also it’s important to note that the animals we see, like elephants, monkeys, and lions, are modern animals and not our ancestors. Buddha was an elephant a long long time a ago. There’s no way elephants could exist back then. He was also human a long long time ago and there’s no way of that happening either.

You cannot say that these stories are just symbolic and that Buddha never was an elephant. Then you would also have to say King Vessanthara never existed.

Now one could say, world isn’t just planet earth. I’ll come to that in the next article.

To be continued..


10 Responses to “Buddhism is Bullshit – Part III”

  1. The way of the Dodo Says:

    You should try to post this in the secular sri lankan site.

    anyways, i don’t think the evolution of human intelligence is quite as clear cut as you have put it here. There are a lot of people saying a lot of things.

    Also, a buddhist would say those animals will go to hell as long as they are capable manifesting ‘loba, dwesha, moha’.

  2. The way of the Dodo.

    This is actually regarding the previous post discussion we had.

    I had this rather late thought and may be you are interested in it or not, but anyway let me pollute Lefroys blog with that.

    P. G. Wodehouse had a famous Royal desktop typewriter. Every single part of that typewriter was replaced over the years, Decal, keytop, platen, everything. Is it still the same typewriter now? Or is that a new one?

    My mother have a photo of her son at age 1, but I’m not, biologically or physiologically the same person right now, every single cell of my body have been replaced over the years, my shape, size, weight, look, everything. I have deferent thoughts; I even don’t remember anything about that child in the photo. Am I the same person?

    I don’t know reincarnation is possible or not, I wish not. But I think notion of self is a concept like Time.

  3. lefroy Says:

    There are different theories. But almost all respectable biologists believe that modern humans came to existence only 100,000 years ago (160,000 at the maximum). Buddhism needs human race to be much older than that (saara sankya kalpa lakshayak).


    At least psycologically you are the same person, right? Think about something embarrassing that happened when you were 10 years old. When you were 17, non of the atoms that were in you when you were 10 weren’t there since it only takes 7 years for all the atoms in a human body to be replaced. But it still hurts like hell, doesn’t it?

    If the notion of self is a concept (this is not a new idea. As you know, even some western philosophers have said same thing), there is good enough reason to believe you are still the same person when you were 10, even though you’ve changed. On the otherhand, here’s no reason to believe you and Vladimir Nabokov are the same person. But anyway, that doesn’t prove anything. Buddhism still got to explain how good/bad values are assigned to intentions, and what unknown forces, physical or otherwise, made those thieves go and hack Mugalan to death.

  4. TimesEye Says:

    Buddha never told this world is the only world that humans exist , actually once he refers to thousands of planets where beings live . Evolution is a physical activity happens to all living beings , beings will die and be born in any available place according to their karma . It could be homo errectus or homo habilis it doesn’t matter . During the life time beings do stuff which inter generate karma, knowingly or unknowingly and at death it will attach to any available life form depending on its energy , so Buddhism is not bullshit for people with wisdom

    • warren buffett` Says:


      BURY BUDDHA. you should worship star wars, star trek, lord of the rings. harry potter.

      mickey mouse, mighty mouse, popeye and TRUE GOD SPIDERMAN

  5. lefroy Says:

    Wisdom? Interesting word to denote lack of reason. What reason do you have at all to believe in an afterlife?
    I’ll come to this “planet earth is not the only world” idea later when I have time to write the next part of this series.

  6. warren buffett` Says:

    All Religion is Crap

    INTERNET / WEB/ GOOGLE will expose All religion as CRAP…..

    Information Age will expose All religion as CRAP on world HOAX on world…

  7. […] is Bullshit – Part I Buddhism is Bullshit – Part II Buddhism is Bullshit – Part III Buddhism is Bullshit – Part IV A response to the responses to my buddhism is bullshit […]

  8. Desmond Peck Says:

    Intelligence is assciated with logical thinking and the ability to reason, whereas wisdom is gained through self reflection and life experiences. An intelligent person can be pretty ignorant, but a wise person is not.

  9. lefroy,
    What you say is total bullshit. Don’t try to criticize something which you don’t know. Sara snkya kalpa lakshayak means i’ts after many Big Bsngs and Big Crunches. Bodhisathwa was coming in these eons. You should learn more science and compare religions. If you have doubts, please see what Albert Einstein has written about Buddhism and other religions.
    You are a total ignorant and miserable idiotic fellow.

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