Simple. If nothing exists, there’s nothing to prevent something from happening. Stupid Christians.

And Buddhists, who are laughing at the Christians. What the fuck? Have any scientific proof for Karma? No. Go fuck yourselves.


Religious bullshit


Got into a debate with three stupid Buddhist girls and one clueless Islamic guy about religion, yesterday. Can’t believe it that I still get into such pointless debates. I tell myself over and over that it is pointless. I mean, these people believe in shit that do not have any facts or evidence to back them. What makes me think that they can be persuaded by facts, evidence, reason and common sense? And yet, I still get into these debates. Well, maybe I just like point out how stupid these people are and hurt their feelings. Whatever.

The girls think that I am not as open as I think I am. What the hell do they think? That I’ve always been like this? That I’ve always been a non-believer? That as a small kid, I did not believe my parents when they taught me about hell and heaven and god and afterlife? Nuts. I believe all that shit when I was a kid. But then I grew up and I was open enough to the possibility that everything I believed might be false. That’s what openness means, suckers. It’s you guys who aren’t open. You’ve never questioned your stupid faiths. You’ve never grown up. Yes, growing up and becoming a non-believer is hard. You have to courageous to be a non-believer, because the moment you become one, the universe becomes a cold hard place that doesn’t give a shit about you. The universe doesn’t give a shit about justice. There’s no absolute right or wrong. There’s no bearded guy in the sky to take care of you. Yeah. That’s truth, and it takes courage to admit and accept that reality. But first, you have to at least be open to the possibility. After never questioning their beliefs for 25 years, these stupid girls think that I need to be open? To what?

If they want me to be open to the idea that we should believe certain things not based on facts and evidence, but rather on…I don’t know, whatever the hell they think it is, then I’m absolutely incapable of being open to that sort of shit. I mean, don’t these people see the obvious error in this kind of argument? If these three stupid girls can believe shit without evidence, why don’t these girls believe all the shit that the clueless Muslim guy believes? He’s doing the same thing- believing in something without facts or evidence. Why can’t the stupid three girls believe everything he believes? When I asked them about this, and asked them about what would convince them that the Muslim guy’s faith is true, they said they’d need to see a miracle. What kind of hypocrisy is that? They can believe their own shit without a shred of evidence, but they want a mountain of evidence to believe some other thing? I mean what kind of stupid reasoning is that?

The clueless Muslim guy was even more clueless than I thought. He said, everything has a cause, so what is the first cause. In other world, how did universe began. I said him I don’t know because Science still doesn’t know the answer, but it is trying hard to do just that, so someday I might be able to give him an answer. The clueless Muslim guy thinks it’s god who created it, and that god has always been there. God is eternal. What the fuck is he even saying? So everything has to have a cause, but god doesn’t? Replace the word “god” with “hadsomeLefroy”. Everything has to have a cause, but handsomeLefroy doesn’t? How so? Is this even an answer to how everything began? I mean, what is the criteria here? Certain things are allowed to be uncaused and everything else should have a cause? How do you decide what’s allowed to be uncaused and what’s not? Ah, I get it. handsomeLefroy is uncaused because you defined it that way. That’s all. You stupid fuck.

Clueless Muslim guy asked me whether I believe anything. He asked me whether I believe that my parents are actually mine. I told him that I do, but that it’s a true belief. What is the difference between a true belief and a false belief, the stupid fuck dared to ask. Well, here’s the difference, I tell him. If it is a true (valid) belief, you expect certain things not to happen. If those things happen, then you give up your belief. True beliefs can be changed and caused and transformed by facts and evidence. My belief is that my parents are actually my biological parents. So I do not expect a DNA test to prove that that they are not my biological parents. But if such a DNA test proves just that, then I would give up my belief that they are my biological parents. That’s what a true belief is. They do not explain everything. They prohibit certain things to happen. In other words, facts and evidence have a strong influence on them. The clueless Muslim guy on the other hand believes that we were all created by God just 6000 or so years ago. Dude, find a dinosaur fossil and eat it. Your belief is false. You don’t give shit about facts and evidence. I’ll be fucking your girlfriend and boast about it among your friends and you still would trust your girlfriend. Because even if they show you a photograph of me doing doggystyle it with your girlfriend, you still won’t question your stupid belief that your girlfriend is faithful to you.


A poor man in Kurunegla bought a lottery ticket and donated it to the kapruka of temple because he had nothing else to give. Guess what? That thing won 1 million rupees. Now the temple owns it.

This guy’s life would have become a tiny bit better by now if he didn’t believe old farts and instead read me on this blog and renounced his stupid religion. As I always say, religion is bad. Not only all religions are false and ignite wars, they occasionally screw up poor guys like this.


Among us there are people for whom stupidity is a way of life. It’s in their blood, running through their veins. It’s in their bones, and in what that remains if they die and fossilize. It’s in their DNA, in their genes. Some of those people are so stupid that they don’t believe those genes that make them painfully stupid actually exist, and instead believe that they are the creations of what they call Jedeo-Christian-Chinthanaya (Chinthanaya is not exactly the same, but not much different from Kuhn’s idea of paradigm, another idiot and his masturbatory fantasy). Among those stupid people who believe genes don’t exist, there are some university professors who teach higher mathematics. Among those university professors who teach higher mathematics there are people who believe the existence of a god by the name of Nãtha who conducts science experiments. One of those university professors who teach higher mathematics and believes that there exists a god by the name of Nãtha who conducts science experiments is Professor Nalin de Silva of the University of Kelaniya. Prof. De Silva of course has the right to believe whatever he wants to believe, no matter how weird what he believes is. It is weird ideas that drive the world forward. But at some point, a university has to draw a line simply in order to not look like a hospital for mental patients. Prof. De Silva has crossed this line. He is insane beyond reasonable doubt and must be interdicted.

Apparently, a research group associated with Kelaniya and Rajarata universities set out to find out the cause of the kidney disease that has been spreading all over the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa areas in the recent past. Apparently, they found that the concentration of Arsenic in the waters of wells, tanks and lakes of those areas were too high, and concluded that this could be the reason for the rapid spread of kidney diseases. Apparently, they found this by using a device called Atomic Absorption Spectrometer or something like that the chemistry department of the Kelaniya University possesses. Apparently, Prof. Nalin de Silva believes that this research group found this with the guidance of Nãtha Deyya.

Let us for a moment forget the ridiculousness of this belief and believe Nalin de Silva’s belief is true. That means one of the following three possibilities is true.

1. Nãtha Deyya always knew that it was Arsenic that was killing all those people and did nothing until someone came and asked for help.
2. Nãtha Deyya didn’t know it was Arsenic that was killing all those people and conducted a research (scientific or otherwise) to find out.
3. Nãtha Deyya didn’t know about the Arsenic and didn’t conduct any research. But when someone came and asked for help, he somehow guided that person to find the truth.

If the first possibility is true, Nãtha Deyya is a murderous bastard and people should be told not to worship him. He’s a bloody terrorist and we don’t negotiate with terrorists, let alone worship them. Also, whoever asked for his help must be arrested and interrogated for associating with a terrorist.

If the second possibility is true, the professors and lecturers who conducted this research must be kicked out from their universities and must be discredited. They have stolen someone else’s research and presented it as their own. Even if Nãtha Deyya gave it to them willingly, that doesn’t make it their own. It’s not their research.

If the third possibility is true, the research group must be asked to acknowledge Nãtha Deyya in their research papers. They need to formally thank him for guiding them.

If we go by Nalin de Silva however, this third possibility cannot be true. In his Dakma column of the 15th May 2011 edition of the Divayina Newspaper he writes, “It’s simply like this. We can see professors. Professors cannot see Arsenic. We cannot see gods. Gods can see Arsenic. I like this because there is certain symmetry in it.” This means Nãtha Deyya either knew about Arsenic all along, or came to know about it by means of research.

But we all know of course that Nalin de Silva is a delusional idiot and pretty much all he writes is just a load of bull crap. If he claims that this research group was guided by a god, he must provide some proof for that. There is none. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about proof (except when Tamil historians claim Sri Lanka has been a Tamil Nation before Sinhalese invaded it). He writes “I know very well that the so-called objective scientific method is a lie.” Hence the insane claims without any proof whatsoever.

The thing about scientific method is that it works. There are certain things called condoms that were made with the help of this method. It’s a pity that this guy’s parents didn’t use them. This guy is clearly delusional, if not insane. He needs help, is not capable of teaching in a university. So for Nãtha Deyya’s sake, interdict him.

Most people I know think I’m bit of a jerk. My ex-girlfriend thinks I’m a big asshole. Maybe that’s why I chose a Poya Day to issue the fourth part of this article series which assaults Buddhism.

In Buddhism, the word “world (lokaya)” means a lot of things. In one sense, it is just planet earth, upon which all of us live and die. In another sense, it is the whole of this universe and other universes (if there are any). In yet another sense, world is something that exist within your non-existing mind; the world is within you.

In any case, even if it is not ultimately true, physical world exists since even Buddha had to pee. According to Buddhism, planet earth isn’t the only world with life. There are many many others. A Buddhist, after reading my previous post, might say that I prove nothing because simply because earth is not old enough for Buddhism, that doesn’t mean the “world” is not old enough for Buddhism.

Here’s the problem with this theory. Buddhism, according to Buddha, is a religion for humans. “Nirvana” is something only humans can attain. If you are a leopard, you somehow have to earn good Karma, become human, and then attain Nirvana. If you are a devil, you have to earn good Karma, become human, and then attain Nirvana. If you are a god living in heaven, you have to come down and become human before you could attain Nirvana. Buddhism is for humans.

There is no way that humans could exist anywhere other than on planet earth unless they were created by a creator (god). Homo sapiens sapiens is a creation of evolution. We are here because our ancestors adapted to changing environments and situations on planet earth. Our genetic code is the history of all the shit they had to go through. If we evolve into another species (and we most certainly will if we do not go extinct), their genetic code will include stories about all the shit we had to go through. Even if there are other planets with complex life forms, even if natural selection is present in those planets with complex life forms, even if there is carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen, even if there is water, there is no way Homo sapiens sapiens could be created in those planets.

Then what about those 23 other Buddhas? I believe Gautama Buddha is the 24th Buddha. We know for a fact that those 23 other Buddhas did not live on planet earth. Did they live on other planets? Were they green aliens? No they weren’t. They were humans. Just like Gautama Buddha, they attained Nirvana under trees (carbon based living things) that can only be present on planet earth. Buddhism is for humans, not for green or grey or black aliens. If you think those aliens would give a shit about Buddhism, you probably think that they give a shit about Das Kapital as well since they must have similar minds to ours.

There’s this idea in Buddhism that one day, everything will be destroyed (the end of the world), and then everything will be created again. I remember correctly, according to Buddhism, this world will be destroyed after Maithree Buddha’s Buddhism go extinct, then all of it will be re-created. Everything will start from the beginning. There will be more Buddhas. This is bullshit because for that to happen, everything that happened on planet earth needs to happen somewhere else which is exactly like planet earth. There’s no way that everything that happened on planet earth could happen again since you know what? Some of the elephants and tigers and “Vatu Kurullas” who lived on planet earth would have already attained Nirvana and would have nothing to do with this whole re-creation thing.

Who has the largest penis among primates? Is it the big, hairy gorilla? No. It’s the penis of the human male. It is only among humans that female orgasm is present. Only human female has sexy stuff on their chest (other primates have breasts. But they don’t work as secondary sexual organs). I can go on and on like this. My point is, Homo sapiens sapiens is the sexiest species alive.

Humans really like having sex, just like other animals. They also are violent when they need to be, and made in such a way that makes it possible for him to eat meat. These are precisely the thing that Buddhism tells them not to do.

We are human because we moved from jungles to open plains. We did it because we had to. Those who remained in the jungles evolved into great apes like chimpanzees and gorillas. Their population has always been shrinking.

In the open plains, there were no fruit to eat, and our digestive system couldn’t handle grass. We had to depend on roots of some plants.

Yet even at that time, we could digest meat because we’d been eating insects for a long long time. We realised in the open plains that we had to hunt. There was absolutely no other option.

In the open plains however, there were already carnivores (big cats and wolves) who were stronger and faster than us. They were specialised to killing. We couldn’t compete with them. So we had to stand up with two legs and make tools and hold weapons. We did this. These were the early stages of the creatures who would later create such amazing things like pyramids and quantum physics, and bullshit like religion.

Now here’s the thing. What happened to those early humans who killed, committed incest, raped, and did so many fucked up things because they didn’t know it was wrong? Did they go to hell? What about other animals? Lions kill. Rape is common among elephants. Primates like our ancestors were sexually active all the time and had sex all the time with different partners. Did they go to hell?

Most buddhists would say they wouldn’t go to hell because they didn’t do it was wrong. But then it begs the question, if doing something fucked up is okay if you don’t know it’s fucked up, then what about good stuff you do? Certainly they won’t earn you good Karma because you don’t know what you’re doing is good.

So how do animals become humans? Animals don’t have moral. The only species who has morals is Homo sapiens sapiens and he created morals only few thousand years ago. For 4.5 billion years there has been no such thing as morals on planet earth. When animals do fucked up things, they don’t know they’re wrong. When they do good things, they don’t know they’re good. So how do they become human?

It’s important that according to Buddhism, animals do become humans and it’s said to be very difficult. Buddha was many animals in his previous lives.

Also it’s important to note that the animals we see, like elephants, monkeys, and lions, are modern animals and not our ancestors. Buddha was an elephant a long long time a ago. There’s no way elephants could exist back then. He was also human a long long time ago and there’s no way of that happening either.

You cannot say that these stories are just symbolic and that Buddha never was an elephant. Then you would also have to say King Vessanthara never existed.

Now one could say, world isn’t just planet earth. I’ll come to that in the next article.

To be continued..

To anyone reading this, I strongly suggest reading Part I of this article first.

Buddhism, unlike most other religions (and yes, it is a religion), doesn’t make the mistake of trying to explain how it all began. Bible starts saying “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth [Genesis 1:1].” Anyone with an iota of brain can see this is just stupid. It is so stupid that I’m not going to explain why it’s stupid. Not just Abrahamic religions, but many religions have a god who created everything. Buddhism doesn’t make that mistake. Buddha tells us not to ponder upon how it all began since it’d yield no answer. But by not having a god, Buddhism creates a whole lot of questions that it has to answer.

In Buddhism, there’s the concept of Karma. It is by no means an original creation of Buddhism. Religions that sprung up in India before Buddhism talked about Karma. But somehow, if Karma is a brand name, now it belongs to Buddhism.

According to this concept of Karma, if you do something good, good will happen to you. If you do something bad, bad things will happen to you. A cursory look at peoples’ lives would make you see it’s bull. Hence the need for reincarnation: the birth-rebirth cycle.

There’s absolutely no logical nor empirical reason to believe that there’s life after death. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that there’s a cycle of birth and rebirth. But Buddhist believe there is one. Why? Because Buddha said so.

But that’s the case with all religions. It’s not about reason. It’s about faith. The more ridiculous the thing you believe, the closer you are to salvation. You’re a really good Christian if you believe snakes talked. You’re a really good Buddhist if you believe an elephan, a tiger, and a “vatu kurulla” were good friends, a long time ago (I can’t really remember this story).

So I will talk about something that I think Buddhism needs to answer and yet hasn’t answered. If there’s a god, whatever you do that he doesn’t like will send you to hell and whatever you do that he likes will send you to heaven. But when there’s no god, as in Buddhism, who or what decides what’s wrong and what’s right? How can you say that killing a person or an animal is bad Karma? If it IS wrong, is killing a person is equally wrong for you and me, or is it more wrong for me and less wrong for you? There’s no god to decide this. Then there must be a mechanism for this. If minus values are bad Karma and plus values are good Karma, and if there’s an act called X which has a Karma value of Z, there must be a mechanism to decide what Z is; to decide whether Z is greater or lesser than 0 or Z=0. No such mechanism is presented in Buddhism.

Now I think is the perfect time to return to evolution.

To be continued…

This article assumes that the Theory of Evolution is true, and doesn’t try to prove it. Evolution happened, and that’s a fact. Anyone who says otherwise is either a dumb idiot who seems like a dumb idiot, or a dumb idiot who calls himself a postmodernist/science philosopher, or something like that. This second category of people, dumb idiots posing as intellectuals, might argue that you cannot really prove anything (except in maths), and everything is a matter of personal belief.

In maths, once you assume a certain set of axioms to be true, things are either true or false. Pythogarus Theorem will hold no matter how many right triangles you draw, provided that you believe in those Euclidean axioms, like two parallel lines never meet.

It’s true that you cannot prove evolution in the same way. But then the same is the case with the theory that the earth goes around the sun. A pedant would say that you cannot absolutely prove that earth goes around the sun. But we know that’s bull. Earth goes around the sun. That’s a fact. Evolution is just like that. It’s a fact.

Abrahamic religions such as Islam and Christianity believe that the earth is only few thousand years ago and dinosaurs walked with humans. That’s bull. Earth is much older. It’s in fact 4.5 billion years ago. Life began 3.5 billion years ago. There were 5 great extinctions. The last one happened 65 million years ago and it wiped out dinosaurs. 15 million years ago we were ground apes. 1 million years ago, there were Homo ergasters. They kind of looked like us. But if we travelled back in time and tried to interbreed with them, we’d fail since they belonged to a different species. Then there were Archaic Homo sapiens. After that, about 100,000 years ago, modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens came into existence. About 30,000 years ago happened what is called the Great Leap Forward. This is when the Cromagnon Man started drawing stuff on their cave walls. 10,000 years ago happened the Agricultural Revolution, giving rise to civilisation.

So we see that the earth is much older than the Christians and Muslims thinks it is. But it’s not old enough for religions such as Buddhism that talk about reincarnation.

To be continued…

One million years ago, Handy Lefroy, an ancestor of mine who was a Homo ergaster, thought about jumping off a cliff. He was only six years old, so he didn’t know any better. Fortunately his mother Jennifer Lefroy saw what he was up to, and warned him not to jump off the cliff. She told him that it’d kill him. Even though Handy didn’t know what death means, he knew it was bad and didn’t want to die. He believed his mother. He had faith in her, faith that she had his best interest in her heart. His younger brother, Ranil Lefroy, also wanted to jump off the same cliff, and yet when Jennifer told him not to do so because it’d kill him, he did not believe. He died. While he was falling, he wasn’t able to reproduce. The genes in his body were destroyed, while the genes in Handy’s body survived. Some of those genes are possibly in me, and you.

We are the descendants of those who were capable of believing without any reason to do so. We are the descendants of those who were capable of faith. Therefore, we are capable of faith. We have faith in our wives, husbands, sons and daughters. We have faith in ourselves. Without this kind of faith, our lives would’ve been really hard to live. It is our belief that the mysteries of the universe can be revealed and explained that leads us to make great scientific discoveries. So it is clear that faith is a creation of evolution just like anything else, and that it has a good side to it.

But when Jennifer Lefroy told her son Handy Lefroy that sun is a god, he believed her. When Johnny Lefroy was told that drinkable water and salt water can never be mixed, he believed it. When Ronny Lefroy was told that all Jews were sinners because they killed Jesus Christ, he believed it and joined with atheist Adolf Hitler to kill millions of Jews in gas chambers. When Bloody Lefroy was told that being raped is akin to committing adultery, he believed it and stoned a girl to death who was raped by four Pakistani men. Clearly, faith is not great.

Religious faith is just f****d up. What would you think about a person who believes that snakes talked, a son was born to a virgin woman, that there’s a cycle of death and rebirth called samsara, if he was the only guy who says so? You would think he’s a lunatic. But when billions of people say so, you think they make sense. That’s because you’re an idiot.

Really, would you vote for a guy who thinks that earth is only six thousand years old and dinosaurs were still there when Egyptians made pyramids because a book called Bible says so? What the f**k? Would you vote for a guy who wants to kill all Jews because he thinks they all are sinners because they killed Jesus Christ? Really, what the f**k? Would you really believe a guy who says that you’ll get 72 virgins after you martyr for your religion and get yourself killed? What the f**k?

Religions, all religions, are bad. Just f**king bad. Where does this idea that people who lived two thousand years ago knew more about life, universe and everything more than we know come from? New knowledge is created on the shoulders of existing knowledge. Do you think people who lived 2000 years ago knew more about human anatomy than we know? I don’t think so since I assume you’re not an idiot. So why do you think they knew more about human mind, life and universe than we know? What makes you think Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or Jim Jones knew more about any of those things than you know? Really, what the f**k?

The title is from Milton’s Paradise Lost, and it asks one of the questions that Christianity, along with all the other creationist religions can never properly answer. GOD, why the fuck did you create us? … Wait, I hear something. What? So that there’s someone to witness how glorious you are? What kind of a sick fuck are you? I think the incestuous, megalomaniac greek gods and goddesses were much better than you, ASSHOLE. You, and only you, are responsible for all the suffering we have to go through. You, and only you, are responsible for all those wars, child molestations, mass murders, serial killers, Hitler, Mahinda Rajapakse et cetera. But of course I know, you don’t exist, hah hah ha, at least not in the way the Bible (the holy book of fabrications and exaggerations) describes you… So at whom should I be mad at? Christians. Yes christians and buddhists and jews and hindus and mormons and all you fucks who believe in religion. Don’t you see you dumb nuts that what religions attempt to do is absolutely impossible? That they are trying to answer questions that are quite obviously unanswerable? Nuts… P.S. Religious people. Don’t take this personally. I do this everytime I realise I’m a much better person than god. Fuck you guys.