Upeksha Swarnamali, Nehara Pieris, Nilmini Thennakone and Susanthika Jayasinghe


My pussy is more pinkish than your black-hole. So my problems are more important.

My pussy is more pinkish than your black-hole. So my problems are more important.

Even though I have seen many times retarded women talking about their private lives on TV, it never ceases to give me an erection. These women with epically unsuccessful marriages and sex lives should stop talking about them in public. What would be the effect of this on twelve year olds, who would masturbate until they rip their dicks off?

Upeksha hosts a programme that talks about stuff like this- like sex, marriage and repressed lesbianism. What these attention seeking-women-with-perpetually-out-of-order-vaginas have to say about sex and marriage is not very suprising. They say exactly the kind of things attention-seeking-whores-with-perpepually-out-of-order-vaginas would say. After much deliberation, I have summarised their philosophy to 3 central points.

1. Don’t marry young.
2. Never marry without parents’ permission
3. Just don’t marry at all. Repressed lesbianism with occasional masturbation is an excellent replacement.

No one should be concerned with their dumb-ass philosophy. But I suggest no one under 18, especially girls under 18, should be allowed to watch shows like this. These women actually talk the specifics of their screwed up marriages. For example, Nilmini said, “That day, Madu was drunk and he doggy-styled it. It was rough, but enjoyable. You see, I’m not unreasonable. But then he started to spank my ass as if there’s no tomorrow and almost stuck a broomstick up my, you know.”

I’m not opposed to this shit because I’m opposed to kids learning about sophisticated ways to have sex. No, in fact I’m all for it. What I’m opposed to is people talking about their private lives in public. Little girls and boys might get the idea that their sex lives are of public interest, and it is okay to put it all in the public domain, when it’s NOT.

I don’t care whose fault it was that their marriages sucked. Probably they are all whores and their men were all man-whores. But at least those men had the decency to not talk about their women’s out-of-order clitorises on public TV.

I have a suggestion to them. If you really want to put it all out, why don’t you make a hardcore porno of you girls having painful anal sex? You would at least make the right people happy, not 12 year olds looking for something to jerk-off to.


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