Good Governance has started? WTF?


I voted for Maithripala Sirisena. Or rather, I voted against Mahinda Rajapakse. I didn’t vote for Maithripala because of his 100 day programme. His new policy on good governance was an added bonus. But I didn’t vote because of it. I just wanted Mahinda Rajapakse out. I wanted his corrupt brothers out. I wanted his corrupt and dumb son out. My thinking was that just about anyone is better than the Rajapkse family. I’d have voted for the common candidate even if it was Mussolini or Hitler. They might end up as murderous dictators. But it’d take some time. Mahinda was already a dictator. Quite murderous too (as when he shelled civilians and killed journalists). If you’re a Maithri voter who is not a hardcore UNPer, this is probably your way of thinking too.

But I like this good governance stuff very much. Since Maithri and Ranil promised it, I want it. Now I realize that catching all thieves within a couple of weeks is impossible. I know that you need the support of the parliament to get the stuff in the 100 day programme done. But firing Bandula Padmakumara from Swarnavahini is utter bullshit.

Bandula Padmakumara, the first corrupt asshole you see in the morning

Bandula Padmakumara, the first corrupt asshole you see in the morning

It’s true that this guy is a corrupt piece of shit. He very much deserves to be kicked out of Lakehouse, because Lakehouse is government owned, and corrupt sons of bitches like this asshole shouldn’t be tolerated. But the government has no right to force a private media organisation like Swarnavahini to oust a guy. Doing that is anti-democratic, and anti-free-speech as shit. A private media like Swarnavahini is under no obligation to be unbiased. They are allowed to have their own shitty political opinion. Bandula Padmakumara, as corrupt as he is, is a citizen of this country, and therefore is allowed to have and express his own shitty opinion. Denying him that right is utterly fucked up.

So Ranil and Maithri, please don’t be cunts. Don’t do cunt-ish things like this. If you really want to ban someone, ban this dumb fuck, because according to the most respected political philosopher in the world, free speech is allowing anyone except les-libertarian to say anything.


2 Responses to “Good Governance has started? WTF?”

  1. malayaka Says:

    Ado Internet Goat, why silent these days?

  2. I can’t stop laughing at your posts*tearing up*

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