The Curious Case of Shitting the Nut


I think it's stress

What’s more fun than winning an election is watching the losers go nuts. What’s even more fun is watching a nut go nuts. Sittingnut went nuts. You may wonder how this could happen. How could a nut go nuts? Well, I don’t know. What I know is that, Sittingnut (a.k.a. the-libertarian-fan-of-the-authoritarian-Mahinda-Rajapakse, Rajapkse’s-23rd-Ass-licker, the-lesbian-libertarian, the-biggest-cunt-ever, the-dumbest-motherfucker-ever-born), went nuts.

The election was on 8th January. On 6th January, Sittingnut published a post titled “reasons why mahinda will win by a significant margin”, predicting a huge Mahinda Rajapkse victory, and explaining the reasons in excruciating detail. He then published another article explaining why Mahinda Should win. Being the myth-buster he is (ROFL), he published another article titled “tight election” and other myths and rumors”. He wrote,

“it seems maithree supporters are reduced to floating rumors in social media, and to repeating words “tight election” in every other tweet and blog post they make, as if such repetition will make it “tight”. it is also a symptom of their state of denial as their fantasy breaks. lol”

His mistake was thinking that we were talking about his ass.

He went so far as to publish election results in almost real time, as if these information are not readily available on the internet with charts and graphs and shit. He was that keen to celebrate is cunt-ish victory. But being the cunt he is, he got it totally wrong. Maithripala won pretty comfortably with over 51% of the vote.

Then he went nuts

After the spectacular victory of Mithripala Sirisena, Sittingnut (a.k.a. the-libertarian-fan-of-the-authoritarian-Mahinda-Rajapakse, a.k.a. Rajapkse’s-23rd-Ass-licker, a.k.a.a the-lesbian-libertarian, a.k.a. the-biggest-cunt-ever, a.k.a. the-dumbest-motherfucker-ever-born), went completely nuts. The level of nutty-ness he reached is legendary. He published an article titled “sri lankans made a big mistake today”, to ventilate his frustration. The point of this post was basically that he hates the world. Go and read it. It reads as if it was written by an angsty teenage girl who hates the world and listens to Taylor Swift music. He even calls the elected-President “maipuppet”.

But of course, his frustration is too much to get rid of with one article. After all, he really liked getting fucked in the ass by his authoritarian master. So he has published five more articles by the time I write this, titled

1. yaha palanaya! new government tries to illegally suppress news from north

2. yaha palanaya! political thug upul jayasuriya threatens chief justice

3. yaha palanaya! ravi k. and mangala in cabinet

4. yaha palanaya! a backdoor government established in uva

5. yaha palanaya! backdoor politicos & police raid upfa office

But butthurt I sense in you

The funniest thing about these articles is that he’s even complaining about the government fucking with free speech. This is from the cunt who said nothing about the death of Lasantha Wickrematunga and eleven others (and when pointed out, made fun of them), who said nothing about beating up Poddala Jayantha and twenty something other journalists, who said nothing about bombing MTV and Siyatha TV, who said nothing about burning down Irudina and Virakesari during the Rajapkse regime. The nut is a libertarian of a peculiar kind (hint: it’s the ass-licking kind).

So here’s the deal shit-nut. You have been beaten. You have been conquered. You have been stripped naked and fucked in the anus. So, for the rest of your pathetic little cunt-ish life, you are my bitch.


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