The government blocks Sirasa on Dialog TV and Peo TV while Satana is on


Shameless, of course. Fucking despicable assholes. But if anything, this is encouraging for the opposition parties. You can watch it live using the below link while it’s on. After the live broadcast is over, you can use the below Youtube links to watch it.
Funny, they unblocked Sirasa the moment the Satana debate show ended. Mahinda Rajapakse’s brilliant concept of freedom of speech at display.
And now they are trying to pretend it was just a technical issue. Must have not been prepared for the social media blowback.

Sirasa TV Live

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Sirasa Satana Part 1 – 22/11/2014

Sirasa Satana Part 2 – 22/11/2014

Sirasa Satana Part 3 – 22/11/2014

Sirasa Satana Part 4 – 22/11/2014

A post on Rajan Ramanayake's Facebook page.

A post on Rajan Ramanayake’s Facebook page.


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