Public Service Announcement: Whoever is writing the blog Deneth Harinna, is a butt-f**ked racist at large


Selling Buddha as usual

Selling Buddha as usual

Yes, I’m pretty sure these guys are f*cked by pigs. Only such people can write this blog. From international conspiracies that work based on an absurd assumption where Sri Lanka is the most strategically important foreign country to the US and Europe, to Islam hating bullshit that are pulled out of their asses, reading this shitty excuse for a blog is a complete mind-f*ck. And based on how much content these f*ckers put out per day, it’s safe to assume that they are not getting any action.

Read this shitty post for example. According to it, few Tamil businessmen are trying to get their hands on a business run by a Sinhala woman, and they are doing some illegal activities to help their cause. My question is, why the fuck does the ethnicity of the businessmen matter? Is that newsworthy? Do we also have to know how many kids they have and how long their penises are? We can easily guess that their penises are longer than these Deneth-Harinna-let-me-cum-on-your-eyes guys’ penises, right?

The only reason the ethnicity matters for these f*ckers is because they’re Tamil hating, pig-fu*king, racist fu*ks. There’s nothing else that can explain it. Now, here’s the even more f*cked up thing. Most of these shitty racist articles are taken verbatim from Divaina newspaper. I mean, what the f*ck? Isn’t this supposed to be a respected, mainstream newspaper? You should rather suck donkey balls than write this shit Divayina.


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