I got a death threat from a peaceful Muslim. Thanks Allah. You are certainly most peaceful guy I know.


A guy named Rakees Mohammed threatened to murder me as a response to what I wrote here:

The peaceful Allah’s asslicker writes

You motherfucking SInhala modaya, You call names to our merciful Allah(May Peace upon with him). You would be stoned death, if your identity is uncovered. Of course, we would soon do it.

This is just a warning! If you want to call names to Buddhists, Christians, Hindus or Jews, you have the fucking freedom to do it, but leave alone Allah(May Peace upon with him) and His followers.

Ironically, this is right after a muslim lady told me to open up myself to the impossible and that I’d find peace. You see, the impossible becomes even more impossible to believe when this is how the typical muslim male behaves. They have found too much peace, and have shoved some of it in their asses.

So let’s see how morally bankrupt those muslims are. Let’s see how many of them denounce murder, instead of putting the blame on the guy who gets murdered.


3 Responses to “I got a death threat from a peaceful Muslim. Thanks Allah. You are certainly most peaceful guy I know.”

  1. What? A Muslim being judged by the same standards as everyone else? What next? Women being allowed to make the decisions concerning their lives? Autistic adults like myself being allowed to take a breath without feeling frightened? Where will it all end? :O

  2. Zeeshan Ahmed Says:

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think that poster is a Muslim.

    Muslims don’t write ➡ “Allah(May Peace upon with him)”.

    The PBUH phrase/blessing is used with regard to holy [human] figures [e.g. the prophet Muhammed, PBUH].

    It actually makes no sense to say, “Allah (May Peace Be Upon Him)”, since Allah is considered the almighty, all-knowing creator. Why would a Muslim even use this phrase in such a manner 😕?

    I believe you’ve been had.

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