Religious bullshit


Got into a debate with three stupid Buddhist girls and one clueless Islamic guy about religion, yesterday. Can’t believe it that I still get into such pointless debates. I tell myself over and over that it is pointless. I mean, these people believe in shit that do not have any facts or evidence to back them. What makes me think that they can be persuaded by facts, evidence, reason and common sense? And yet, I still get into these debates. Well, maybe I just like point out how stupid these people are and hurt their feelings. Whatever.

The girls think that I am not as open as I think I am. What the hell do they think? That I’ve always been like this? That I’ve always been a non-believer? That as a small kid, I did not believe my parents when they taught me about hell and heaven and god and afterlife? Nuts. I believe all that shit when I was a kid. But then I grew up and I was open enough to the possibility that everything I believed might be false. That’s what openness means, suckers. It’s you guys who aren’t open. You’ve never questioned your stupid faiths. You’ve never grown up. Yes, growing up and becoming a non-believer is hard. You have to courageous to be a non-believer, because the moment you become one, the universe becomes a cold hard place that doesn’t give a shit about you. The universe doesn’t give a shit about justice. There’s no absolute right or wrong. There’s no bearded guy in the sky to take care of you. Yeah. That’s truth, and it takes courage to admit and accept that reality. But first, you have to at least be open to the possibility. After never questioning their beliefs for 25 years, these stupid girls think that I need to be open? To what?

If they want me to be open to the idea that we should believe certain things not based on facts and evidence, but rather on…I don’t know, whatever the hell they think it is, then I’m absolutely incapable of being open to that sort of shit. I mean, don’t these people see the obvious error in this kind of argument? If these three stupid girls can believe shit without evidence, why don’t these girls believe all the shit that the clueless Muslim guy believes? He’s doing the same thing- believing in something without facts or evidence. Why can’t the stupid three girls believe everything he believes? When I asked them about this, and asked them about what would convince them that the Muslim guy’s faith is true, they said they’d need to see a miracle. What kind of hypocrisy is that? They can believe their own shit without a shred of evidence, but they want a mountain of evidence to believe some other thing? I mean what kind of stupid reasoning is that?

The clueless Muslim guy was even more clueless than I thought. He said, everything has a cause, so what is the first cause. In other world, how did universe began. I said him I don’t know because Science still doesn’t know the answer, but it is trying hard to do just that, so someday I might be able to give him an answer. The clueless Muslim guy thinks it’s god who created it, and that god has always been there. God is eternal. What the fuck is he even saying? So everything has to have a cause, but god doesn’t? Replace the word “god” with “hadsomeLefroy”. Everything has to have a cause, but handsomeLefroy doesn’t? How so? Is this even an answer to how everything began? I mean, what is the criteria here? Certain things are allowed to be uncaused and everything else should have a cause? How do you decide what’s allowed to be uncaused and what’s not? Ah, I get it. handsomeLefroy is uncaused because you defined it that way. That’s all. You stupid fuck.

Clueless Muslim guy asked me whether I believe anything. He asked me whether I believe that my parents are actually mine. I told him that I do, but that it’s a true belief. What is the difference between a true belief and a false belief, the stupid fuck dared to ask. Well, here’s the difference, I tell him. If it is a true (valid) belief, you expect certain things not to happen. If those things happen, then you give up your belief. True beliefs can be changed and caused and transformed by facts and evidence. My belief is that my parents are actually my biological parents. So I do not expect a DNA test to prove that that they are not my biological parents. But if such a DNA test proves just that, then I would give up my belief that they are my biological parents. That’s what a true belief is. They do not explain everything. They prohibit certain things to happen. In other words, facts and evidence have a strong influence on them. The clueless Muslim guy on the other hand believes that we were all created by God just 6000 or so years ago. Dude, find a dinosaur fossil and eat it. Your belief is false. You don’t give shit about facts and evidence. I’ll be fucking your girlfriend and boast about it among your friends and you still would trust your girlfriend. Because even if they show you a photograph of me doing doggystyle it with your girlfriend, you still won’t question your stupid belief that your girlfriend is faithful to you.



4 Responses to “Religious bullshit”

  1. What I Feel Says:

    Exasperating isn’t it. I should know, I’ve been in the same position countless times.

    It’s astounding how few people at least for the fun of it question their own faith. It’s strange because almost everyone is ready to find flaws in other people’s faiths.

    I guess the ‘wise’ thing to do would be to let the brainwashed sheep believe in whatever they want to. There is no changing them. Some people are just born idiots.

  2. Sam Says:

    Idiot who doesn’t know that… starts writing blogs
    This is what we get…. 😦

  3. vim Says:

    this is idiotic of the better go and read buddhism as a science nt as a says never belive what u hear or what u see.think and get it right..there shud b a reason for evrythng..nthn thr wtht a reasn..and that concept about life shud b done as an experiment.a scientific experiment.then only u wil follow.thatz wot buddhism teaches..the ultimate truth..the changing of the world.the mental behaviour..u btr go and read b4 writing a blog.get the knwldg.than talkn 2 a grl.

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