Ender’s Game


Spoilers: Ender destroys an alien race

Spoilers: Ender destroys an alien race

Fuck. I think. This is just the kind of book I should not be reading. I read a lot of science fiction and this shit should not be called science fiction. There’s no science in it; just fantasy and spiritual bullshit. It reminds me of Dune. Oh that horrible book. I read all 6 books and about to read the books written by Frank Herbert’s son. I like them, even though they are shit.

Aurthur C.Clarke wrote science fiction. Larry Niven wrote science fiction. Clarke’s Redezvous with Rama is the best science fic ever, as I see it. They wrote what some people call hard science fiction and people like Scott Card and Herbert wrote soft science fiction. There shouldn’t be such a classification. Clarke wrote science fiction. Card wrote spiritual porn.

Yet, once I started reading Ender’s Game, I couldn’t put it down. I read and read until it was finished. I’ll be reading its sequel too. I’d probably even re-read all the Dune books.

Yep. I’m addicted to spiritual porn.


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