Do Sri Lankan lower class women ever reach orgasms?


Human sexuality is complicated if you’re a woman, or if you’re a man who wants to please your woman, instead of pleasuring only yourself. Reaching orgasms is easy for men. If you’re ejaculating, that means you’ve reached an orgasm just a second or two ago. For women it’s not that simple. Often times, they might get wet, but won’t reach orgasm if neither they nor their partners know what to do next.

Normal vaginal intercourse is terribly ineffective in giving a woman an orgasm if it’s not done correctly. You can put you 10 inch penis and hump her as if there’s no tomorrow and still she might not have an orgasm if you don’t do it right. Unwanted offsprings? Yes. Female orgasms? No.

If you want to give a woman an orgasm, you’d have to learn. If you’re a woman, you’d have to learn what works for you. Watching a lot of porn isn’t enough. You’d have to read, understand, and practise, just like everything else. How to do vaginal intercourse in such a way that it stimulates the clitoris, how to do oral sex, how to finger and so on. If you haven’t read, most probably you won’t even know what the clitoris is. If you know about the clitoris but still don’t know how to do it properly before trying to stimulate it, you might end up giving her excruciating pain that’d last for hours.

So how do you think you’re going to learn all these stuff? If you’re living in Sri Lanka, you know the libraries can’t help you. So you’d have to turn to the internet. If you’re reading this blog post, then that means you’re having great sex (or would start having great sex after you’ve finished reading this and googled ‘female orgasm’).

But what if you can’t access the internet? What if you can’t comprehend English? What if you don’t even have access to porn? Then you won’t have great sex. Sexual intercourse for you, if you’re a woman, will either be one painful exercise, or a painless yet pointless activity, during which you might be thinking about what to cook for breakfast the following morning. If you’re a man, congratz, you just f*cked a zombie.

This is why sexual education is important. Giving kids some vague knowledge about how and how not to make babies is not enough. Sex isn’t something you do as a service to the human race. It is quite pleasurable if you do it right, so you can make it the purpose of your life. Sadly, those teachers themselves may not know that.

So how to go about this? Due to cultural, political, and religious reasons, we might not be able to give children books to read with titles like ‘How to f*ck like rabbits and keep doing it till your dirty brain melts like ice”. But we can put Kamasutra to the school libraries. That’ll be a start; a small step towards sexual enlightenment.


7 Responses to “Do Sri Lankan lower class women ever reach orgasms?”

  1. arunasir Says:

    /*But we can put Kamasutra to the school libraries/*

    Extremely sorry to tell you this. Firstly Think What country Is this this???
    Then Write.

    • lefroy Says:

      I know. But Kamasutra is the only book that has at least a slight chance to go into the school libraries simply because it’s ancient and non-western.

      For sinhala-buddhists, anything non-western. They don’t really give a damn about female circumcisions and infubulations that Muslims do. What if Americans did that? Jackson Anthony was able to show boobs of young african women on national TV. What if he showed white boobs?

      Kamasutra has a chance.

  2. Sagara Nanayakkara Says:

    Putting Kamasuthra in libraries won’t help either. As a student I learned a lot about sex by reading so-called “sex education” Sinhala journals and papers at the time. These were unstoppable and a lucrative business at one stage. However, Pramadasa regime later banned all of them. There should be little more of sex education in our school curriculum rather than teaching just re-productive system of man and women. I do not know how to implement it, when most of teachers are themselves of ignorant of sex life.

  3. lefroy Says:

    Kamasutra shouldn’t be the end. Just the start. To be sure, there’s only very little you can learn by reading Kamasutra. There’s a load of nonsense about various kinds of oinments and so on that one would never be able to use. But at least it’ll teach kids that sex doesn’t always mean doing it in the missionary position.

  4. Mala Yaka Says:

    Ha ha ha….A 35 year old virgin giving sex advice!

  5. Indian Says:

    I thot u hate indians, and now u recommend the Kamasutra to ur libraries??? Kamasutra was written by an Indian – and long long before ur sinhalese grampa was even born- u piece of shit!!!

  6. jo Says:

    this country is 50 years behind the rest of the world on sex look at the papers every day rape,rape ect ask yourself why?

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