Fuck Allah


Whizpen, the guy who wrote a blogpost titled “Why a Muslim Woman Cannot be Raped” has written another one of those, this time titled “I am sorry”. Again, I am holding on to my policy of not linking to stupid blogs that I do not want to promote, and blogs written by men with three testicles. But take my word for it. You do not need to read his blog. Life is too short to waste time on the thoughts of a religious nut.

But even though he’s a Muslim Whizpen has noticed that the world is not perfect. Ergo he writes “…we DON’T live in an ideal society. We live in a corrupt one. Why else do you think the rate of rape is so high?” This doesn’t justify Whizpen’s claim that women should cover their faces with veils, of course. Only a retard like Whizpen can say something like that. But this leads us to consider two possibilities.

1. There is no Allah.
2. Allah exists. But he’s full of shit.

So in case the second one is true, why don’t we just say “FUCK YOU ALLAH YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE?” Whizpen, why don’t you?


6 Responses to “Fuck Allah”

  1. Jalba Says:

    Yes you tell ‘FUCK YOU ALLAH YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE’ & fuck ure self……

  2. ramesha Says:

    we dont have to say fuck allah. we should say fuck ppl who using god name for every bloody shit they are doing.

  3. Jesus Says:

    Fuck you God if you exist…fuck your messengers from A to Z…..piece of shit…who fucking brought you this world…

  4. ron Says:

    Fuck Allah. Fuck Islam.
    Fuck Muhammad and piss on his fucking head. I would slap him with my shoe. Muhammad is shit and a turd.

  5. whizpen Says:

    U knw lefroy..its not up to you to decide if i am a girl or guy. I knw who i am and i am proud of it. I am a veiled muslim woman and am a mother of a one year old kid. And men dont become mothers..AS for your pretty little slogan,trust me.It cant change Islam even if you guys shit your butts out.

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