Men, would you be comfortable if your wife had a male gynaecologist?


I’m not even married and will not be for at least another ten years and yet I’m already worried about this. As is the case with virtually every other specialised field, men dominate the workforce. Would you be comfortable with another man taking a look at your wife’s vagina?

I mean, no matter how modern and liberal you are, letting another man to look at your wife’s vagina is something you really think about. As a man, you must know that no matter how professional a doctor is, as long as he has a penis, it will rise. You know you always wanted to be a gynaecologist.

And don’t tell me women don’t get turned on by this.


10 Responses to “Men, would you be comfortable if your wife had a male gynaecologist?”

  1. Mala Yaka Says:

    You sound like a 15 year old rather than 35. Seriously dude you need to lose your virginity!

  2. lefroy Says:

    Lost it to your mother Mala Yaka. The regrettable result is commenting on my blog.

  3. Mala Yaka Says:

    :-)) exactly what I thought you’d come up with – just too predictable. Shame to see your gifted brain go to waste in a state of male spinsterhood!

  4. Mala Yaka Says:

    😀 nice attempt at insult – but problem is your statement sort of confirms that all sex you ever have is all in your mind isn’t it?
    I mean you say “using your gifts” – which is only your brain (albeit decaying fast), “hitherto unknown positions” etc!

    Dude if you pay some attention to personal hygiene and appearance a bit more you might at least get lucky with a hooker! Well true, you don’t have much to work with, with your mug, but you can do something about the smell and stuff right?

  5. Mala Yaka Says:

    Yes! Exactly!! It’s boredom. Otherwise why would anyone read a blog like yours? hik hik….

    BTW, why toning down, playing it safe? Not sure who the devil Mala Yaka is? Mala Yaka seems to know a great deal about the Internet Goat isn’t it?

  6. Mala Yaka Says:

    Relatively low standards on what ‘long’ means heh?

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