Was Buddha a bad father?


There’s some discussion going on in Kottu as to whether Buddha was a bad father or not. Indi.the.Pada.King has pompously written a meaningless article about this as usual which servers only to display his ‘pada’ command of English language. But at least he sounds coherent and attempts to pretend to be logical. This guy called “Building My Brand” on the other hand is a complete retard who just doesn’t know how to think about anything properly and write about them clearly. I’m not going waste my time on this guy.

Was Buddha a bad father? The simple answer is a resounding YES. Here’s how you decide that. Would you want to be the son of a man who abandons you and your mother and goes to live in a jungle in order to save the world?

Not only he was a bad father, he was also a terrible husband. Would you want to be the wife of a guy who doesn’t sexually and emotionally satisfy you and abandons you when you’re still in your mid-twenties?

Even if you believe that the religion Buddha found is true, you can’t deny he was a terrible father and a husband. Remember what he did when he was Vessanthara? To give away his wife and children to another man as if they were cattle, just who the hell he thought he was?

If you do not believe Buddhism, like me, I dare say that you just have to say that Buddha was full of shit. Imagine that I had a wife and a son and one day I decided I had to leave them and save the world from all the pain and suffering (a pretty lofty goal to be sure. This is what people do when they want to do fucked up shit. Leaving the family to climb mountains is not alright. But sitting under a tree and starving to death is alright). Yep. I think you get it. At least Jesus had the good sense to have a hooker friend, instead marrying an innocent, ordinary girl.

End the suffering. My ass.


4 Responses to “Was Buddha a bad father?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Self confession of a moron! Get a life!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The one and only genius on the planet earth!

  3. jaakotu Says:

    The only blogpost that was spared the sexual wrath of Lefroy ….and readable without wincing ! Poor Jesus…

  4. Heshan Says:

    Most religious “prophets”, “philosophers”, or whatever you call them, would be considered abnormal by modern standards. Jesus would probably be called a queer and Buddha a player, aka adulterer. Gotta save the best for last, though. Muhammed would fit the profile of an ideal psychopath: violent, womanizer, zero education, enjoyed narcotics to the max, pedophile, robber, extortionist.

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