Your wife is doing it with your next-door neighbour Prof. Nalin de Silva. God Naatha told me everything. This is very subjectively true man.


Yeah, you heard it right Nalin. Your wife is fucking your neighbour. Or is it your neighbour who’s fucking your wife? God Naatha wasn’t really clear about that. You see, recently I have developed my mental faculties to communicate with all sorts of higher beings and it’s awesome man. I hear stuff when I’m high. I learnt two things from them. Most of these gods are perverts. They watch curvaceous girls bathe and jerk off in a divine fashion. Two, your wife is fucking the shit out of your neighbour. This is all subjectively true man. Maybe not objectively. Ask god Naatha.

I read your latest article misleadingly titled “On so called scientific knowledge – VIII” on I’m not even going to link to it here cuz that’d waste a lot of time. Dude, you seriously gotta stop this man. That Arsenic thing totally bit your dick off and you can’t fix it right. No matter how ceaselessly you lie about that, as you have in that stupid article, it really fucked you for good man. You sounded clinically insane and ridiculously retarded and people ain’t gonna forget that for a long time man. Gods just don’t do scientific researches. I mean if they do, they might as well do some medical researches and cure the fucking disease for good don’t you think? I’m serious with this shit dude. You gotta stop embarrassing yourself. You’re better at sucking the president’s dick. Why don’t you concentrate on that instead of trying to shag the bag of bones that is science which doesn’t even have the faintest idea that you’re not a goblin but a retarded human being who actually exists?

This objective-subjective reality thing you talk fondly about really sounds like a lot of crap that a dumbass postmodernist would say. I mean, even though technically there’s no objective reality, it’s pretty goddamn absolutely true that all of us have to live as if there is an objective reality. If I tell you that your wife is fucking your neighbour, would you ask me whether it’s objectively true or not and love your wife if I say no? I’d of course say no. But your wife, your neighbour and I, all know it’s pretty subjectively true so I’d suggest you to act as if it was objectively true, and go and rape the bitch and divorce her and take the house too so she’d have to fuck strangers for 50 rupees per hour. Otherwise I’d be fucking her too when you’re not around. I’m kidding. I’m not retarded like you to do that kind of shit.

So if we have to live as if there really is an objective reality, science becomes a little bit more important than other dumbass bodies of knowledge. I mean what’d you do to be sure that your quite-sane-unlike-you-son is really yours (a result of you fucking his mother)? Would you rather do a DNA test or would you butt fuck a god and coax the truth out of him?

I’m serious man. As much as I find it funny when a patriotic retard experiment with a strangely limited vocabulary, I hate to see an old man pee on himself while jumping up and down. I really am.


2 Responses to “Your wife is doing it with your next-door neighbour Prof. Nalin de Silva. God Naatha told me everything. This is very subjectively true man.”

  1. Jalba Says:

    Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.
    Kafka on the Shore

  2. Heshan Says:

    It’s too bad about Nalin. The man has an advanced science degree from Cambridge (think Newton, Hawking, etc), and he’s promoting this Jathika crap. The other retards in Horapakses circus have an excuse; it’s their *destiny* to be dumb from birth to death.

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