Sirasa TV


This shit is hardcore alright. Kili Maharaja is having an orgasm every time they stab Ranil. No wonder Sirasa news has become a masturbation fantasy of Sajith and his supporters.

It is ridiculous at best, and rather retarded at worst. It is ridiculous when they attack Ranil for wearing a blue T-shirt, or when they attack him for using the sinhala word ‘vesi’ to refer to them, or when they give publicity to the asslicking joker with a bad taste, Mervyn Silva, when he says that Ranil met Kudu Lal and is plotting something sinister. It is pathetic when they show monks and former MPs demanding the working committee to be increased from 66 to 92. It is retarded when they imply that Sajith Premadasa, a talentless screw-up who was lucky enough to be the son of a former president, is UNP’s only shot at presidency.

I’d be voting for Ranil of course. But still it’s good entertainment. Political masturbation is always fun.


One Response to “Sirasa TV”

  1. Patta Pal Says:

    Good entertainment only if the people reading it take it just as that, instead of believing it all to be true. The viewer is unable to measure truth from fiction, and call it what it is.

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