Christian sweet idiots


They tried to brainwash me when I was young; tried to shove the new testament down my throat. They failed of course. I’ve written in length about why Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and all other religions are not only false but also dumb. I don’t want to repeat myself here. But recently someone asked me how could I find the motivation to do anything when I know that none of that matters because I will die and will rot and be eaten by worms and that’s all there is to it. This question has been asked from me before. Usually what I do is turn the question around.

How would you find the motivation to do anything if you are immortal? Because no matter what you do, no matter how bad you screw things up, you’ll keep on living forever and eventually it will all get boring. For one, sex would get boring. Even if you sleep with all the women in the universe, then all the men in the universe, then all the extra-terrestrial beings, it will eventually become insufferably boring.

Love is another thing that would become something of no value. So you christians go to heaven and yes, god would love you always. But would your loved ones love you forever? Would you love them forever? No. We’d become a bunch of miserable heavenly creatures.

You can explore the universe of course. You can learn everything about it; watch stars get born, burn and die. You’ll see civilisations emerge out of nowhere, become more and more sophisticated, and finally annihilate itself. But for how long would you want to do this? What’d you do next when you know everything?

Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series is one of my favourites. It had this character (I can’t remember his name) who had accidentally become immortal. He is bored. His life sucks. So he goes about insulting all living beings in the universe in the alphabetical order just to kill some time. He’s not insane.

Most Christians however don’t see that they can’t be happy if they can’t die. Death is an escape from crap, bat shit and bullshit, even though us mortals don’t think so. But I’m not surprised. Christians are blind to hundreds of thousands of obvious truths. They do it by not thinking too much about them. Immortality is something that they do not think about enough. They don’t see that unless you’re a zombie, living forever sucks.

Okay, being the internet god, I’m going back to insulting everyone in the alphabetical order.


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