Shame on you United States


The United States Embassy had this to say about the SL government’s order to register websites with the Media Ministry. “The United States believes that a free and independent media is vital to ensuring the health and continuation of any democracy. Freedom of expression, including unfettered access to internet news websites, is a basic right that must be respected.

We therefore call on the Sri Lankan authorities and the management of telecommunications firms to stop activities aimed at blocking free access in Sri Lanka to all legitimate media websites, including Lanka-e-news.”

My question is, really? For a moment I thought you were the same guys who sent Julian Assange to jail based on trumped up charges. The man is guilty of having sex with a woman without a condom. I mean, seriously?

And what’s this talk about “legitimate websites”? Why not all websites? I get it. You guys want to do the same, don’t you? Blocking wikileaks and child porn? But the word legitimate raises the question, who decides what’s legitimate and what’s not. Is it you, or is it our government.

But of course, whatever your faults are, what our government’s doing is totally F’d up. And this is all you can do about it? You must know that whatever you say mean nothing if you don’t enforce them by sanction. For example, why don’t you just waterboard someone?


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