Is Rajiva Wijesinghe registering his blog?


I posed this question at the end of an earlier entry as well, but do it here too because I seriously wanna know. Is he registering his blog, which is closed to comments because he’s a paid liar and afraid of the truth, with the Media Ministry as per the government orders. I really want to know this.

First, does the government include blogs as well when they say all websites that publish news about Sri Lanka must register with the Media Ministry. Secondly, if blogs are included, does this also mean that opinion blogs should also be registered. Thirdly, if you have a blog running on a free platform like wordpress or blogspot, you don’t own the blog. What right do we have to register someone else’s property? This is also the case with websites running on free servers with free subdomains. Fourthly, what about feed readers like Kottu?

I really want to know what the government parliamentarian and professional liar Rajiva Wijesinghe has to say about all this.


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