Government makes it mandatory for all websites that publish news about Sri Lanka to register with the media ministry.


Ain’t this getting funny? Hah hah. First they banned tamilnet, then few other websites, and most recenty lankaenews. And now this. They ask you to send an email to for further information. I’ll be sending spam.

So anyway, I guess this means gossiplankanews has to register itself. Hah. Does this include blogs too? I guess yes. So Sanjana Hattotuwa will be selling his ass to the media minister in the future if he doesn’t sell everything he has here and move abroad. There’s not much point in that anyway. They’re going to block groundviews no matter what Sanajana Hattotuwa does. Frankly, I won’t bother to find holes in the government’s firewall to learn what Hattotuwa thinks.

But I wonder, what’ll happen to kottu? Will we see certain blogs disappearing as if they never existed? I mean the guy who runs it has already shown his colours by running Milinda Moragoda’s Facebook page. It’d be sad if it happens though. It is not that difficult to create something like kottu. Not that easy to form a community around it.

So, SLFPers can be proud about how their Maha Rajatuma is orally raping free speech. Rapists can be happy that they get to go to Singapore instead of going to jail. Government politicians can now be rolling on the floor and laughing because now they own two sugar factories and they can make all the arrack they want. Young entrepreneurs can start making plans because now that Duminda’s gone, the drug market is full of opportunities. Ain’t all this pretty goddamn fantastic?

I’ve got one advice for you though. Please don’t make comments on the websites you don’t trust.

By the way Rajiva Wijesinghe, are you registering your stupid-blog-in-which-commenting-is-blocked-because-all-you-do-is-lying-and-mudslinging-on-behalf-of-the-government-and-therefore-afraid-of-truth-free-speech-and-everything-that-is-good-in-this-world? If you are, I’ll be registering mine as well. I mean why not? It’s the media ministry that we all trust absolutely.


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