Watching a country get fucked in the ass


There’s nothing much to say really. In fact there is. It’s just that there’s no point in saying them. Just like political satire loses it’s place when things get too absurd, words and languages loose their place when monkeys run the country.

The government is fucking Daya Gamage right now by taking over his company – the Sevenagala Sugar Factory. What’s his crime? Is it making a company that was loosing money in millions a company that actually makes profits and creates jobs? No. His crime is the fact that he’s a UNPer. He’s not the only one. Watch how the stock market will fall like Rome from time to time in the future. Here’s my advice. If you have capital, don’t invest it here if you don’t want to lick a Rajapakse or Silva asshole.

Right now it seems that a handful of people own the country. Apart from the Rajapakse family, there’s Raynor Silva, Dilith Jayaweera, Nimal Perera, Dammika Perera and few others. People are stupid, so we can do nothing about it. Bit sad.

As I predicted weeks ago, Duminda Silva will not go to gaol for murdering a man in broad daylight. He’s not even in the country anymore. If that doesn’t mean anything to Sri Lankans, I don’t think anything will.

I don’t know why I even care about this country. I don’t as much as I did two or three years ago. But I still do care a bit. That is a weakness.


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