Gotta love this woman


Hirunika Premachandra has balls. I don’t mean that as a compliment. Chandrika had titanium balls and look what she did. But Hirunika does have balls. Duminda’s supporters would rape and kill her if they get the chance. Those drug addicts do not think, and may not understand the necessity to lay low right now. Sure, Hirunika must have thugs of her own. Don’t tell me Bharatha did not have the muscle to screw things up for many people. But Duminda is an out of the world kind of thug. Something so fucked up that Satan himself would stop eating if he ever saw him.

Why’s she getting so much publicity? Why not her mother, Bharatha Laxman’s wife? Is it because she’s pretty? Beauty is perception. I don’t think she’s pretty. But I think some find her pretty. She’s got a fair skin.

Whatever the case, she’s getting a lot of publicity and something interesting is happening. People pity her and pity can turn into votes. Just like so many other women, Hirunika seems to be a master of politics of tears. I’ll never vote for her. But she’d probably get elected to the parliament if she gets the chance to run.

But if Duminda starts walking again, he’ll rape her.

Goodluck Hirunika.


One Response to “Gotta love this woman”

  1. Heshan Says:

    This is her without the makeup:
    Not bad. Not stunning, but far more attractive than your typical SL chick. An Anarkali with 4 brain cells minus the stomach rolls.

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