Duminda tried to save Laxman


By now it is clear what’s going to happen regarding the meaty fuckness Duminda Silva. He’ll live, and he won’t go to gaol, but instead turn out to be a martyr, a great man who almost died saving Laxman. According to the ugly Kolonnawa thug Laxman’s driver, the meaty fuckness gave the command to shoot at Laxman. But who cares? According to the driver and the butt-cleaner of the meaty fuckness, the meaty fuckness actually shouted “DON’T SHOOT” out loud but his henchmen went ahead and shot repeatedly at Laxman with automatic weapons. Wow! So the meaty fuckness, the child rapist, kidnapper of whores and actresses, the philanthropic drug peddler, the toucher of a random woman’s face that he saw while driving by, the asshole who hit her and tried to gang rape her right then and there, the fuckness who illegally possessed automatic guns, is also a pacifist.

Mahindananda Aluthgamage, member of parliament and amateur thug is also of the same opinion. Something unfortunate happened because of the stupidity of the henchmen of the two fucknesses according to him. Not because of the fucked-up-ness of the two fuckers themselves. Ranil shouldn’t be worried about it because he has shown that he has no heart by kicking Buddhika Pathirana, the 27-inch-MP, out. Well, doesn’t that sound right, that Ranil is heartless and Duminda’s a pacifist?

Government’s media spokesman says that Duminda is not under arrest because of cultural and religious concerns. Ain’t that great? See how fucking religious this Mahinda Rajapakse government is?

What does Rajiva Wijesinghe, the blogger, professional liar, and government MP has to say about this? Nothing. He’s only concerned about the size of white dicks. The fact that a child rapist, a kidnapper, a drug peddler, a toucher of the faces of random women is a member of parliament is not important to him. Forget about him. He’s gay anyway.

The incident of Duminda touching a random woman’s face is what’s most disturbing to me. I don’t really care if underworld fucks fuck each other’s mothers. But that random woman could be you, or your wife, or your girlfriend, or maybe sister. What can you do? Impunity runs deep. Mahinda is fucking us all.

Well, if that happens to you, either kill or get killed. Don’t live like a ball-less fuck.


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