Thanks his ape-ness for free publicity


His Ape-ness is giving me free publicity, repeating his stunt of offering of his well lubricated rectum to the corrupt politician and professional loser Milinda Moragoda.

Apparently his ape-ness has found a website and it got him so upset that he wrote “Kottu Copy is Lefroy. He’s grumpy since I moderated him on I’m following the usual troll protocol.”

Well, the professional loser tolerated a troll for more than a year because no one else gave a shit about his piss poor website and never clicked on any link that had anything to do with Now he’s found some fame thanks to a pretty good PHP programmer and suddenly he has realised that he’s been taking too many troll dicks up his vagina.

For the record, kottucopy is lefroy. In fact I initially had a line “I hate his ape-ness and his sun.g” right under the site title. But it’s running on a free server so they forced me to remove it.

Kottucopy is still in the testing phase and I don’t think it’ll ever get past that. All I know is I won’t be writing a single PHP or CSS or HTML or XML line for at least another 3 months. I’m busy with something else. Kottucopy started with its sole purpose being pissing off his ass-ness (please don’t try to hack into it ass-ness. You’d rather suck your own vagina). Kottucopy, or some other website like that, will continue to piss off his ass-ness. Ain’t that a good policy?

P.S. When he first learnt about kottucopy, the first name that came across his mind was Lefroy. Isn’t that unhealthy or what?


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