Duminda, please don’t die


MP Duminda Silva’s got his head blown up and is being treated at the Sri Jayawardenapura hospital, of which the director board was sent home for some mysterious reason after Silva was brought there. It’s unclear whether the three bullets that pierced his head has done any damage to his brain. I believe it hasn’t. You can blow the head up of a Sri Lankan politician and they’ll still function as they normally would. Remember Douglas Devananda?

Mahinda and brothers however must be hoping and praying that he dies. Imagine what would happen if he lives. Are they going to arrest him for murder; for getting five men to repeatedly shoot at Bharatha Laxman? Of course they can’t. No, not after the millions he spent for Mahinda and the UPFA. Who knows what sensitive information that can go public if such an arrest was made. Duminda Silva raped an underage girl, kidnapped an actress and her mother, shot a guy dead with his own hands at an polling station, and yet he got away with all of them. Who is Bharatha Laxman to Duminda Silva?

But Mahinda cannot not arrest Duminda either. Of course he won’t if he can help it as Mervyn Silva’s famous antics have shown us. Mahinda certainly knows how to put prejudice aside and keep a man close as long as he brings votes. But Duminda really screwed it up for everybody. Why did he have to kill a former minister. Why couldn’t he just kill a nobody if he really has to, say, a teacher married to a fat woman with for kids? Nobody would give a damn if someone like that got shot. People like that are worthless. They exist only to vote for the worthy.

To be sure, most middle class SLFPers do not like Duminda because they think he’s a thug and a drug lord, and they don’t like Mervyn because they are both ashamed and scared of him. If they had a little more intelligence they wouldn’t have liked Mahinda getting Susantha Punchinilame either, the one who murdered Nalanda Ellawela.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like SLFPers don’t like having thugs. They do. They want Mahinda to have them in the party. They just don’t like thugs who attack their own. They also don’t like uncontrolled thuggery, such as that of Mervyn, but are quite alright with that of Bharatha Laxman. So if Duminda doesn’t die, they’d want him arrested. And of course, they know Duminda really did not have a party but that Bharatha did. Oh the dilemma Mahinda would have to face.


2 Responses to “Duminda, please don’t die”

  1. Patta Pal Says:

    Why make the issue so complicated? I am not doubting the President knew of what Dumnda did in Kolonnawa. He promised the President he will hand him the Municipal Council and by hook or by crook he did it.

    The election violence against the UNP was unbelievable and it was a war zone for them, but sadly not one newspaper has reported that, concentrating simply on the Bharatha vs Dumnida feud which was just a sideline irritant in the main scheme of things.

    Luckily for all the UNP candidates who were told on record that their homes would be destroyed completely soon after the election, they escaped due to this fortuitous event.

    The only people who will really understand what I have said here are those UNP candidates and supporters who had to campaign under pain of death, from Duminda’s threats and the fear he created amongst the people.

  2. eranda Says:

    Lovely article!

    I personaly want Duminda to suffer, Mahinda and the henchmen to be on pins and needles for sometime and eventualy Duminda to die……This country does not need pathetic idiots in the parliment (or anywhere in the country).

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