UNP Wins Colombo


Fuck yeah. How does it feel Mr. Milinda Moragoda? It sucks, doesn’t it? You bloody loser. You deserve it. You betrayed us. We voted for you, thinking there was an intelligent UNPer inside your toad-like head and you switched parties. You goddamn betrayed us and this is our payback. Now suck it. Suck it hard. First you lost your seat in the parliament, but that wasn’t us. Those SLFPers just don’t like your platitudes and they were always suspicious about you. Then you had the fucking audacity to ask for our votes again while offering your butt hole to the party of Duminda Silva, Mervyn Silva and Bharatha Laxman. It didn’t work out that well for you, did it? Now you can go back to using your Facebook page to try forever to get laid.


2 Responses to “UNP Wins Colombo”

  1. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Though UNP won in Colombo, UNP is in short of majority. Thousands of traditional Tamil speaking Colombo voters are blindly loyal to UNP for so long. UNP has never done anything to solve garbage, slums and dirty run down streets in Colombo. Just because of their blind faith, the “intelligent” voters of Colombo prefer to wallow in shit, voted for a UNP candidate who is a three wheeler driver with no political or governing experience.

  2. Heshan Says:

    I was hoping he’d lose just so Indi would get bitch-slapped, which is exactly what happened. If Milinda had won, Indi’s crap-ass website (as well as the asshole of an owner himself) might actually gain some legitimacy. As it is, Moragoda got a thorough beating, and all his 1001 endorsements from Indi are worthless. Indi is left sulking on his piss-pot of a censored website. This is what he wrote: “Perhaps because I didn’t cross in the sense of gain. I liked the man, I liked the plan, I volunteered my time and I voted. That’s democracy. Sometimes you try and sometimes you fail. I guess it’s better than getting shot in the face.” Yeah fucker, you wasted days and weeks supporting a traitor, writing volumes of BS on your “democratic” website and FB. Now shove the loss up your ass and fade out of existence for another decade!

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