The Death of Steve Jobs – Oh the homoeroticism is unbearable



Homoeroticism of a Hong Kong kid

Homoeroticism of a Hong Kong kid

He was a visionary, I give him that. That word suits him more than it does the Pope or Dalai Lama or any other spiritual child abuser. The man was smart, articulate, insatiably greedy, and had a great eye for business opportunities. He was the prototypical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. But he was no Einstein. Nor was he like Indi.PadaArtist thinks, a Leonardo Da Vinci. Heck, he wasn’t even as clever as Bill Gates when it came to designing and developing computer hardware and software. He was far less talented than his partner Steve Wozniak, who single-handedly created the first two Apple computers. But for some reason everyone thinks he’s a genius. Say he was a genius. But was he also a saint? It seems many people think so. I’m sure they think Bill Gates is devil’s advocate. By the way, Jobs wasn’t even charitable, unlike Gates or Warren Buffet.

Okay, okay, that’s all fine. What’s really unbearable is this blatant display of homoeroticism on Kottu. For example, Times Eye sketched Steve Jobs and posted an article titled “I sketched Steve.” Wait a minute. Was he on a first name basis with Steve Jobs? He writes,

I just felt like sketching Steve Jobs, that’s how much he can impress people. This is my tribute to him. Its not strange thing why people like him that much. People just gets inspired by his his looks, piercing eyes ,, thoughtful gesture and his inspiring speeches.

Go there and see it yourself. Before you go there, read this definition of homoeroticism, which I took from Wikipedia.

Homoeroticism refers to the erotic attraction between members of the same sex, either male–male (male homosexuality) or female–female (lesbianism), most especially as it is depicted or manifested in the visual arts and literature.

Indi.P posted an article pretty much doing the same thing, titled Steve Jobs, Thank You. When Indi.P says Jobs was like Da Vinci, he’s saying it with a straight face. And then there’s this montage of Jobs-ass-licking videos. But what Indi.P has done, quite surprisingly,is alright. This guy Savvy on the other hand who posted Thank You-Steve Jobs haven’t even used an Apple device but thanks Jobs for helping with him his presentations. Really? And you had to blog about that, when you haven’t even thanked your parents for paying for your education?

Think it can’t get any worse? You can’t be more wrong. This guy Themeera wrote a love poem full of hidden meanings on his blog Themeera’s Microblog.

Steve Jobs was my friend
Oh the evenings we spent
And the stories and secrets we shared
And all the trips we went

Think I’m lying? Go ahead and read his post Steve Jobs was my friend It’ll totally fuck your mind up.

There are many other similar posts, but I can’t write about all of them here. What I want to say is, this is just plain ridiculous. I have one question for Themeera though. When you say, And all the trips we went/The joys and the fun we had, what exactly do you mean? And oh, please do tell what does Microblog mean.


4 Responses to “The Death of Steve Jobs – Oh the homoeroticism is unbearable”

  1. Anonymouse Says:

    Do you think everyone is obliged to answer your questions to them? Who the hell are you to question them? Those guys you have mentioned in your post, write what they want in their own blog.

    • lefroy Says:

      Obviously you don’t understand the concept of rhetorical questions. Hah hah. Anyway, yeah, they write what they write, and I write what I write.

  2. thameera Says:

    You have misunderstood. There’s no such hidden meaning in the poem.

  3. the way of the dodo Says:

    Lol. I completely agree with you here. It’s also sad that Dennis Ritchie died today, it’s worse that there is only murmur of his passing on the internet.

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