Everyday Racism


Yesterday I went to my parents’ place for lunch. I was actually summoned there; ordered to come. Some of our relatives who live abroad were coming there for lunch and my parents thought that I, who doesn’t give a damn about relatives, should be there. The son of our relatives was supposed to get married last May but the wedding was cancelled with just a few days to go. The parents had come to explain what happened. It was alright. They verbally fucked a family and went back to their rented apartment in Rajagiriya. After they left my father had to say “damn that bloody black Tamil ate ice cream with this spoon.” Our relatives had come with a Tamil driver.

My father is openly racist. He wants the government to colonize the North. He even wrote a letter to the president describing the necessity of colonization. I don’t know whether he really posted it.

My girlfriend is less openly racist. She doesn’t like Tamils, but doesn’t dislike them either. Who she really hates are the Muslims, except her best friend who is Muslim. I’m amazed at what racism can do to people. She’s a devout buddhist and I’m religion-less. She’s okay with that. But she would say the foulest thing she can imagine about Muslims. “They stink” she says, “I hate them.”

I try not to be racist. I really do. I have written and spoken about how stupid an idea racism is and how dangerous it is. I even confronted my father about that spoon comment yesterday. But I too am a product of the time and place I live. Not even living a few years in a Western country changes a thing. Once there was this guy who frequently called a cousin of mine, and when she picked up the phone she could only hear a tamil song. This had become a nuisance to her. So once I waited for the guy to call, picked up the phone in no time and shouted in English “listen you Tamil fuck. If you do this again I will fucking call the police. I will fucking deport you to your shit land in India. You listen to me you piece of shit. I will fuck you up.” That was the end of that..


6 Responses to “Everyday Racism”

  1. WhoopDash Says:

    You have a girlfriend? LOLWHAT?!

  2. lefroy Says:

    Don’t worry. It’s not your mom now.

  3. aaron Says:

    you dont try not to be racist….you are so racist . but i like your blog .. and read it to learn ..how not to speak and how not to behave…

  4. racism is the cancer of srilankan society. It create a bias and cloud our vision.

    However meeting people form different cultures does help in dealing with reality.

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