Prostitution, homosexuality, and GossipLanka


I’m a little bit homophobic myself. I think most straight people are. I’m just happy to let them live in their weird little world as long as they don’t have any cosiderable effect on my life. For example I don’t want a homosexual to get a job simply because the company had to fill a quota. But I don’t want homosexuality forbidden in this country, and homosexuals arrested or burnt alive or castrated. That’s exactly what however the authors of Gossiplanka and the majority of people who comment there want. They want the government to dictate upon people’s sex lives. They want the government to dictate how genitalia should be used. Why the hell should the government give a crap about how people fuck and with whom they do it? Do the Gossiplanka editor, authors want the government to decide which sex positions are legal and which are not? Do they want to legalise the missionary position and forbid doggy-style and vertical sixty nine? If not, why not? If the government has the right of the Christian god to tell some people how and with whom they are allowed to have sex, why can’t it do the same with the vast heterosexual majority? Some of the people who comment there at the Gossiplanka want gays to be castrated (apparently they don’t know about female circumcision and infibulation. Otherwise they’ll advocate that too). And they call themselves buddhists, on a path to enlightenment. Tell me, how many penises you should cut off before you attain nibbana?

The other thing these people are mad at is prostitution. To be fair, some of the commentors actually support prostitution. But that is only because that is the only way they can get laid. Or else they would have to go to war and rape a female LTTE cadre. Unfortunately for them the war is now over. Even when the war was going on, most of those buggers didn’t have the balls to join it.

Recently, a few television and movie actresses got arrested for prostitution. The people at Gossiplanka simply couldn’t stop whining about it. “Oh dear, what has happened to Lanka. What has happened to these actresses?” I tell you what has happened. Most Sri Lankan teledrams and movies are crap. Even you people therefore instead watch Hollywood movies. So these actresses now don’t have a way of making money. So now they fuck for money. I don’t think they like it. They might like it if they cosistently get fucked by hot men. But most of the time it’s going to be people like Rajiva Wijesinghe. There’s no way they could enjoy that.

In any case, what’s the big deal about prostitution? It’s not like you are required to marry whores. Menaka Rajapakse will do that for you.


One Response to “Prostitution, homosexuality, and GossipLanka”

  1. Sagara Nanayakkara Says:

    I like that Rajiva Wijesinghe comparison! (sorry rajiva)

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