Sirasa’s Ranil Bashing and Swarnawahini’s Superstitious Balderdash


I rarely watch terrestrial television channels because to me their programmes are lacking in quality. I get my news from the internet – mainly from web and emails. I watch American TV shows and watch pirated copies of Hollywood movies. But lately I have started to watch Sirasa TV news and Swarnawahini news. The reason is, they are not news programmes at all anymore. (Rupavahini and ITN never had much to do with news.)

Yesterday Sirasa bashed Ranil and Mangala for 20 minutes and called the remaining 10 minutes rest of the news, as if they had been broadcasting news for 20 minutes prior to that. What I find interesting however is that Sirasa TV has finally realised the magnitude of the stupidity of an average Sri Lankan. I bet they learnt that from Rupavahini, or from Sudarman. Take for example how they disproved Ranil’s claim that Kili Raja Mahendran asked for two parliament seats. They showed a video clip in which Sajith Premadasa says that he believes that’s a lie. Then they showed another video of Mano Ganeshan saying the same thing. Then they say “thus, Ranil’s claim is false.” Fuck my ears and call me mamacita.

Enough about that. Obviously Maharaja wants something and he wants it bad. He’s always wanted a cock between his man-breast, so I don’t want to think about it. Swarnawahini’s superstitious pinheads are much more interesting.

The thing about Swarnawahini is that they know what their audience is. Their audience is provicial, uneducated, and just plain stupid enough to believe Gods and Astrology and Devils and international conspiracies and various other shit like that. They know how to satisfy those needs because they themselves are provicial, uneducated and almost as stupid as their audience. Seriously, gods do science researches now? Who in the fuck believes that except for the uneducated, inarticulate and stupid people, and the highly educated, very articulate, yet equally stupid Prof. Nalin de Silva.? And short dramas in the middle of a news programmes? Idioms and advices during a news programmes? What the world is coming to? One big blog worse than mine?


One Response to “Sirasa’s Ranil Bashing and Swarnawahini’s Superstitious Balderdash”

  1. Patta Pal Says:

    I am surprised you just found out the thinking of our people. How we can explain the facts of life to them is the question? I am sure given a matter of time we may be able to get them to think through having to put up with so many hurdles in the interim.

    Lets be positive and know we can change the status quo and people’s attitudes

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