My thoughts on 3 90s movies


Goodfellas is the greatest movie ever made. The Godfather used to be the greatest movie ever according to me. But not anymore. Goodfellas is the greatest movie ever. It’s pretty good. I mean it’s pretty damn good. I mean it’s fucking awesome. Anyone who disagrees will sleep with the fish. Sorry, that was a line from The Godfather. It’s true that Godfather’s got more memorable lines than any other movie in the history of cinema. It’s true that you can’t compare Al Pacino with Ray Liotta. But the movie is damn good; Scorsese at his best.

What Goodfellas shows is why people do what they do. Not just why gangsters do what they do. But why anyone does whatever he does. People try to do what they love. But mostly they just go with the flow. Just accept whatever comes in their way, and don’t think about it much. The moment you start thinking about it, you’re screwed.

I love the 90s. This was an era before Michael Bay and his stupid Transformers crap. People back then actually wrote movies. Pulp Fiction is one such movie. I tell you what, Torretino knows how to write dialogues. Just witty and brilliant without being excessively conspicuous. I really loved what Uma Thurman character says about uncomfortable silences.

Fargo is a must watch movie. This is such a remarkably well made movie. Everything about it is just perfect. Coen brothers knew how to make movies. I mean great ones like Fargo. Then they went on to make not so great movies until they made No Country for Old Men.


One Response to “My thoughts on 3 90s movies”

  1. Mala Yaka Says:

    Hey what about Austin Powers movies??? I mean how can you over look Spy Who Shagged Me as one of the top movies from the 90’s? Who knows the character of Phat Basterd could have been based on you!!!!

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