So what is Maharajah up to?


The enmity between Ranil and Maharajah has risen to new heights. Yesterday they bashed Ranil for saying a rather profane yet widely used Sinhala word “vesa” while attacking Maharaja. According to Ranil, Maharaja wants “…power without responsibility, the privileges of the harlots throughout the ages.”

Maharaja thinks that this is so important to people that he asks for public opinion. Basically they stop people on the roads, tell them that Ranil called Maharaja a “vesa geni”, and ask for their opinion. On TV it seems that everyone condemns Ranil, but at least one of them told “oya yakata inna deela thopilage vesa ammalata hukapalla.” That person is me, and I was censored, just like the hypocritical padashow artist Indi Samarajiva did to me.

Maharaja didn’t stop at that. He launched an SMS competition against Ranil’s remark. Don’t worry about its outcome. I’m sure the competition is as fair as Sirasa Superstar programme – that inferior facsimile of the equally ridiculous American Idol.

Right after the launching the SMS competition, they showed a speech of Sajith Premadasa, their favourite competitor/candidate for super star/ presidency. The speech was, as usual, a cornucopia of platitude. How Sajith consistently manage to sound unimpressive is a mystery to your humble correspondent.

The real mystery is, what Maharajah is upto. I don’t believe he’s a thin skinned Dayan Jayatillake to cry like a baby when someone calls him a harlot. Maharajah is upto something big, and we’ll have to wait to see what it is. But we’ll see only when Sajith becomes president on the day pigs learn to fly and shit towards moon.


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