Mahinda Rajapakse Deconstructed – A Postmodern Look at the Sri Lankan Leader – Part II


As previously discussed in a simple claustrophobic format, the cornucopia of bigotry in the meta narrative of the fundamental structure of his administration has caused a mellifluous voice of insanity to take hold of Mahinda’s mind. If we go by Lacan, we can safely deduce that the square root of minus one in this case has fornicated with the penile transactions of the administration, causing sycophants like Rajiva Wijesinghe to arduously convert mindless thoughts into words inelucably engraved onto a blog. The transformative nature of these transgressions are unequivocally calamitous – a thought so horrendous that it shakes the foundations of Western ideas of freedom and liberty. What most supporters of the government and those who have Friended Mahinda on Facebook commercialism do not understand is that fornicating with such deformations is driving the country to a Christian Bible sort of revelation – a genesis reversed by a falsity.

To be continued…


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