Indrajit Samarajiva has banned me from commenting on his blog


Apparently he thinks I sexted with his wife, and I’m like WHAT THE FUCK. Whatever. I don’t have time for this.


4 Responses to “Indrajit Samarajiva has banned me from commenting on his blog”

  1. BISCUITS Says:

    Ah but you had time to blog about it. Idiot.

  2. Suresh Says:

    But you had the time to be an attention whore by putting hie name in the title of your post. Loser.

  3. The Watcher Says:

    I feel sorry for this guy. He’s someone in need of a “real” hug.
    And also we are the fools who ended up replying to his slut type post.

    nevertheless he isn’t like those bigoted bloggers (rajiv wijesinghe) who disabled their comments section so we cannot counter his blatant government ass kissing.posts.

  4. Heshan Says:

    Haha, I got banned too. Honestly, I could care less. Last time I checked, the average Sri Lankan IQ is about 79-81, which is pretty pathetic. But it explains why people like Indrajit Samarajiva, Sanjana Hattotuwa, and Dayan Jayatilleke have such a large following. These people are actually slightly more intelligent than their pea-brained followers, aka David Buggery, but the difficulty is that they always surround themselves with tons, and I mean tons, of their idiotic followers. So trying to actually engage in a constructive debate with one of these people is actually a wasted effort, since you’ll more likely than not end up arguing with one of their moronic followers.

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