That bitch Jayalalitha does it again


Jayalalitha Jeyaram, who has acted in few Tamil movies that weren’t that dumber than all the other Tamil movies and now the Chief Minister of the shitty Indian state of Tamil Nadu, needs to be gang raped. That’s what wrong with her. The spinster is sexually frustrated and is in need of a good hard fuck. Otherwise, who the hell does she thinks she is?

This is what she said on June 15, 2011. “Our fishermen must be allowed to fish in the waters around Kachchativu. Our fishermen do not have any other means of livelihood. They do not know any other trade and Kachchativu is only eleven kilometres away from the Tamil Nadu coast. There is no catch to be had on our side of the international boundary line, so they have to go to Kachchativu if they are to get a decent catch.” Well, I have a better idea genius. Why don’t you take a fishing rod, and stick it up your unused Indian vagina?

So now it is our responsibility to feed those fucking Indian fishermen? It is our fault that you fished out of control and got all the fish stuck up in your vagina? Is it what you’re saying Jayalalitha? Well, if your fishermen are hungry, let them eat your vagina. You’re not going to eat our fish you fucking Indians.


23 Responses to “That bitch Jayalalitha does it again”

  1. kandula Says:

    Hay, Man, I like your posts! I like the way you write! You convey a strong message with good humor in your posts. Please keep it up!

  2. rangouk Says:

    Takes a bitch with fish in her vagina to know a bitch with fish in her vagina. You smelly cunt lefroy. lol.

  3. ram Says:

    First people know kongu vellalar called as chakkarakatti kongu vellalar and moddavandar kongu vellalar…moddavandar is pure kongu vellalar…

    • gopala krishnan Says:

      hi ram,
      But in my area,
      kongu velalar gounders are said modavanda gounders are not a kongu vellalar and that is low from kongu vellalar.

  4. abirami Says:

    erode admk chakkarakatte party members didnt give name least for mla,mayor,council etc…maximum moddavandar kongu vellalar(yonger brother sons) is admk…amma pls support us…e.r.eswaran r chakkarakattee kongu vellalar(eldder brother sons) 200 years they r öne…they destroy the one side of history to the world…

  5. geetha Says:

    ya thats true…chakkarakatted kongu vellalar is a killer’s of others feelings and emotions….erode only peoples r fighting each others….amma only help us…moddavandar kongu vellalar the pure kongu vellalar…..

  6. dileep Says:

    ya real one…chakkarakattee people r hair cutters…chakkarakattee köngu vellalar is kalaigar family…for that only kmk support to dmk….

  7. dileep Says:

    on that day im angry thats y only sho them…chakkarakate also our bløod…both r same blood…

  8. chakkarakatti kongu vellalar called as naasuva gounder….

  9. thalapathy vijay valga

  10. Sean Says:

    Jayalalitha is a CUNT !!!!!

  11. adfaf jkljlaksjdflkakl;jsdf Says:

    how to fuck rajapakshe

  12. adfaf jkljlaksjdflkakl;jsdf Says:

    mother fuckers lankans dont even have food to eat is blogging in internet? what a comedy you shitty dog

  13. adfaf jkljlaksjdflkakl;jsdf Says:

    lefroys mairu view

  14. adfaf jkljlaksjdflkakl;jsdf Says:

    next pakis will kill all lankans when they play cricket in pakistan hahahahahah go fuck your self you son of a whore

  15. adfaf jkljlaksjdflkakl;jsdf Says:

    Ohhhh i am afraid of stilanka………please somebody save me………..they are the super power…………oooooooooo…. lalalallallala…………………lanka is going to rule the world……………… 4087 AD………………………..Rajiva Wijesinghe continues to shit on his own face……………

  16. chakkarakotti kongu vellalar called as nasuva gounder…moddavandar kongu vellalar called as modavandi gounder…both brother only pure gounder’s…

  17. amma the students leader…youth favour c.m is jj

  18. amma give chance and cheat to us moddavandar kongu vellalar…

  19. senkotaiyan admk agriculture minister is narambu veti gounder….its true…

  20. Fuk u all selfish Says:

    u piece of shit..all of u r selfish..u cn go to foreign country n earn money..but foreigner cnt earn fro ur fucking u can fuk ur neighbour’s sis but ur neighbour cnt fuk ur dumb sis.what the fuk man..

  21. Gowri Says:

    Modavanda gounder r also known as thuluva vella gounder in pollachi area.By history they r origin from kongu vella gounders.In my area all modavandi gounders r wealth and they r as like as gounder. Evn they do marriages with kongu vellalars but still some discrimination r occurs to accept them as gounders.

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