Rajiva Wijesinghe continues to shit on his blog with comments closed


Rajiva Wijesinghe, the self-proclaimed writer in English distinguished for his political analysis as well as creative and critical work, has preferred to ignore my obloquy on him and continue to resolutely ventilate his sexual frustrations on his excuse for a blog which is firmly closed to comments. In his latest article “The relentless posturing of Navi Pillay”, he has revealingly written about sari parties and all-girl-together approaches and colourful lingerie, proving beyond reasonable doubt that he’s the sort of creep who stares at women on the streets. I can’t care less about his sick thoughts on Navi Pillay or Kshenuka Seneviratne or any other short-haired, middle-aged plump woman. What I do care about is the fact that this government hit man still has his blog closed to comments as he continues to attack people, governments, organisations, forums, websites and whatnot with truckloads of asinine fatuity.

It seems to this seasoned blogger that the seasoned retard Rajiva Wijesinghe is simply incapable of understanding, let alone applying, a basic journalistic principle: the right to reply. Fuck, I don’t care much about journalistic principles. I use invective as if my life depended on it. But denying people the right to reply is an unforgivable sin. Of course, his blog is his private property and he can do whatever he wants to do with it. He has that right because he’s not the government. But this is a matter of media ethics. No matter what you do, you should at least have the honesty and decency to let the people you maliciously denunciate to reply. But this doesn’t surprise me. He’s afraid of the truth, just like all other loud, thuggish, profligate intellectualoids employed by a government that uses state-owned media organisations to lambaste opposition parties and promote its own partisan causes. For god’s sake, he’s the mouthpiece of a government which appointed a street thug who had previously bombed a TV station, burned a newspaper office, and killed journalists, as the Deputy Minister of Media.

I guess what I want to tell Rajiva Wijesinghe is…”Fuck off”


9 Responses to “Rajiva Wijesinghe continues to shit on his blog with comments closed”

  1. punchibanda Says:

    It is better not to give space for comments rather than deleting comments critical to the post as Sanjana Hattatuwa does. As you say Prof. Rajeeva is a part of a “government which appointed a street thug who had previously bombed a TV station, burned a newspaper office, and killed journalists, as the Deputy Minister of Media” . In contrast Snajana is a towering figure of the so called ever truthful, clean, unbiased “Civil Society” sustained by Dollars and Euros. As I said in my previous comment to your earlier post on the same subject why are you so much unsettled the moment Prof. Rajeeva writes a post critical to Sanjana? Prof. Rajeeva has been writing in his blog for quite some time, perhaps a little later than you. You took such a long period time to notice the fact that he gives no chance for comments in his blog eh?

    • lefroy Says:

      Unbiased civil society? Who the hell told you that it’s unbiased?
      Just look at the emphasised quote in the last post.

  2. sheyjo Says:

    Hey Jr….! I guess this guy Rajiva is intimidating u in someway… What really could be the reason behind this…!!!….hmmmmmm….! Have u guys ever had a Rough Trade session together at some point & he never paid u for that…..:p…!

  3. rangouk Says:

    I’m not reading your blog post, cause it’s too fucking boring, and knowing you this is some sort of cynicism about the man in question.

    But, Rajitha’s rebuttal on al jazeera regarding the C4 video was the closest thing I’ve seen to good old Kadiragamar speaking.

    See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aajpBlxKW8

    • lefroy Says:

      Yeah. Would’ve been even effective if he doesn’t look like a haggard crone.
      And who’re you kidding? You obviously read the post.

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