Can someone explain to me why Sinhala blog posts have English titles?


Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Sinhala bloggers? For one thing, most of those suckers can’t write. They deliberately make their articles difficult to read. The reason for this is obvious. Most of their articles are puerile bullshit. The rest are insufferably lengthy platitudes. These suckers, just like postmodernists, love to pretend.

It’s not entirely their fault though. Sinhala language is unsuitable for any kind of intellectual discourse. The simple fact is, there’s not enough words. The language is pretty much dead. How many new Sinhala words are created each year? None. No great work has ever been written in Sinhala. I mean is there any work in Sinhala that can be compared to those of Shakespeare? Is there any contemporary Sinhala novelist who writes better than Martin Amis? Is there any 20th century Sinhala writer who at least thought about leaping a few decades forward like Joyce did with Ulysses? Do the quatrains of Arisen Ahubudu even qualify as poems?

But that’s alright. What I can’t stand and can’t understand is the fact that many of those Sinhala bloggers write their titles in English. From what ass did they pull out the idea that it’s alright? We bloggers who write in English don’t write our titles in Sinhala. We just don’t do that. Why? Well because it’s just nuts. A man sees a link, written in English, clicks on it, only to find that he can’t read it. To be fair, not all Sinhala bloggers do this stupid thing. But many of them do. Well, GET OFF MY INTERNET.


33 Responses to “Can someone explain to me why Sinhala blog posts have English titles?”

  1. Says:

    Fully agree buddy! Most of the Sinhala blogs are loads of bullshits. They are totally irresponsible. If you read some of them carefully you will realize their only aim is to get the highest number of hits and comments. So they are hell bent to ‘write’ something, no matter how cheap the content is.

    For instance, there is a blog site on kottu that once put Sinhala meaning of a saying tattooed on one hand of an English player who were in SL for the Word Cup in a most ridiculous way possible. The meaning in Sinhala was totally wrong and even it did not give any meaning to the Sinhala reader. When it was pointed out what I got was some comments with full of filth apparently from the author himself in different names. So you can understand the standard of some Sinhala blogs on kottu!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Simply, this post is nothing but ignorance. Sinhala language may be inferior to you because you are not thorough on this!

  3. sheyjo Says:

    Hey Lefroy Jr…! how would u translate “mama walla simbimi” into English….? Then u will understand why Sinhala blog posts has English titles….! Hope I brought some wisdom to ur
    By the way u wanna know a quality Sinhala poem…? “Ane-Pane-Umbe-Thane-Wane”…. Isnt it a Shake-spear-ass type one….! haha

    • lefroy Says:

      Sheyjo. Let me try it… “Sheyjo kisses his scrotum”… Mmm… Nope. All I understand is you need to get laid.

      • sheyjo Says:

        Knew ur tiny titty brains won’t understand…. Haha….. “walla” = sand (beach) not ur c*nt mate….lmfao…!
        That’s why on these cases u could benefit having an English title…!
        By the way since u mentioned, my neighbour has a dog call Roy in case u looking to lose ur virginity… Don’t get a boner yet Jr. It needs to fancy u too..!

  4. ishara Says:

    So why don’t you stop reading Sinhala blogs or anything written in Sinhalese for that matter … Mate just because you don’t understand the language don’t try to insult it.. I have been in USA for more than 3 years now, but still enjoy reading stuff in Sinhalese .. And Sinhalese is not a dead language ..(like Latin) .. There are more than enough words in Sinhalese language to do masterpieces… Simply because Sinhalese is red and understood by a smaller number doesn’t make it inferior to English ..That is utter bullshit… As far as I see to keep Sinhalese going we need to have a good understanding of a universal language like English… This is a very common inferiority complex observed in dumbass groups in SL .. Go to a Bank,Super market or a restaurant in SL..if you speak in Sinhalese they think you are a gode bayya and don’t care at all.. I speak Sinhalese all the time when it allows me to do so … I still remember on my last visit to SL at a famous retail store they didn’t even care me as I used Sinhalese, but when they saw my US ID there were many to open the door for me even ..So pathetic .. I’m always proud to use my mother tongue as much as possible, irrespective what others think about it.. Have a great day …

    • lefroy Says:

      Would you please pay attention to what you read? I could avoid reading Sinhala posts if their titles weren’t in English. That’s what I wrote about. I can read Sinhala very well. What I don’t like is them writing their titles in English.
      Sinhala is pretty much dead in the sense that it isn’t evolving and no great work has been written in Sinhala at least in the recent past.

      • ishara Says:

        Hey man, You don’t have any authority to say not to write anything in English..if someone wants to write their title in English its their will …Why are you so arrogant ..Is queen your mother ? I paid enough attention to what you wrote here.. Don’t insult a language simply because you cannot read it.. You seems to have a damn hatred towards Sinhalese language… Respect the language you like, but don’t hate the others.. And the joke of the day is a person who even can’t read sinhalese saying Sinhala is a dead language .. and with out reading any sinhala work how can you comment on those things…beats me man… Lefroy americaawe inna ona porak ne…suddonwath mehema denawa mama dakala na… lol.. kohomath goday bayyo english wachana dekak igena gattama unta sinhala baha kiyana eka maha loku deyak ne… have a great time mate… GOD SHAVE THE QUEEN… ( shave not save)

        • lefroy Says:

          Queen was somehow mentioned twice in your comment. See, what’s wrong with you guys is that you can’t imagine anything other than offering your ass to some leader, like a queen or a king or a president. That’s why you say I don’t have the authority. What the fuck has authority got to do with this? I have a right to express my (brilliant) opinion. I think writing in sinhala and writing the titles in English is just plain stupid. I think those pundits like Munidasa Kumaratunga, Piyadasa Sirisena, Raipiel Thennakone and Arisen Ahubudu would agree with me on this one.
          Have you even heard of “Kaw Silumina”? Do you have any idea what it’s about? Why don’t you read it after you’ve cleaned all those Sudda’s toilets?

          • ishara Says:

            ane yako tho wage suddonge pukawal hodala ingrisiyata wadina ekek nemei mama..Mama americawe suddontath english walin uganwana ekek… umbala wage gon hattawal mama ona tharan dakala thiyenawa.. Kav silumina liwwe “kalikala saahithya sarwagnga panditha” deveni prakramabahu rajathumaane …dambadeniya kaale liwwe neda.. eke gana ne umba kiyanne…palayan ban yanna.. Thopi wage moda hattawal hinda thamai bola oya suddo hitan inne lankaawe un unge atha palle wtichcha un kiyala… thu nodakin …mata honda sinhalen metha liyanna hithunath noliya innawa.. tho kaage hari daruwek ne… brilliant.. umabta hama ekatama puka witarai ne…hama comment ekakama puka ne.. kawuru hari hondata arala thiyenawa ne bota ekane.sinhala amthaka wela thiyenne…

            • lefroy Says:

              Wow! Now here’s a “sakkiliya” who knows how to Google. Fucker even claims to teach English to suddas, while taking it up his ass.
              Ane huke. Tho suddange kakkusi sudda karala, jungi hodala, puka pooja karala keeyak hari gedetta evana gaman kiyanava tho suddanta kadda ugannanava kiyala. Thoge thelichcha eta deke venna ethi kadda thiyenne. Pako. Thope appa thota puke eriya kiyala mang mona hutthak karannada yako. Tho eka vinda daragena oya eelanga suddage paiyya katata daaganin. Nettham mehe inna umbe sakkili lamai badaginne merei. Kaw silumina. Hah

              • ishara Says:

                tho appek nathi awajjathakayek ne pako… tho wage pora talks denna ona na pako.. umba suddage toilet hodala uta puka deela ingrisi igena gattama tho hithuwada anith unuth ehema kiyala ane huke .. tho kunuharupa witarane danne .. api gana danno danithi ..tho wage pol booruwo, awajaathaka jaathiyak hiwallu dana ganna onath naha … omba suddage payya katata daaganne tho ponna kariyek ne ..kalakanniya danna kaw silumina, tho sujeewa prsannaarachchi ge katha wath kiyawa ganna bari mati molek ne.. ane maha loku pora talks nam denna enawa…tho wage nemei kariyo ..api talks denne yamak achieve karagena inna hinda..tho wage pora talks witarak nodi… thowa haduwata wada kari tika pihida gatta nam iwarai thoge appa.. suddekge hora shot ekakda koheda tho nam

              • ishara Says:

                yako umba wage nemei mati molo mama oya hama ekama gana igena gena thiyena nisa mewata katha karanne.. tho google kara kiyala mama monawa karannada… tho 8 wasare ithihaase igena ganne nathuewa eka ekata puka denna giyata mama monawa karannada..tho wage kalakanniyo thamai hama reddama google karanne… umbala wage unta wishwasa karanna baha ne, may sinhala hatta kohomada suddonta english walin uganwanne kiyala.. tho ge piti passata etha kota daraa ganna amarui ne ..

                • lefroy Says:

                  Ishara ponting. Mang Google kale umbe genige redda witharai yako. Ane palayan tho ponna keriya americawe gihin kakkusi sudda karala, suddange jungi hodala, pai katata aran, puka pooja karala keeyak hari hoyagena lankawata evala kiyanava tho ewwa hewwe suddanta kadda ugannala kiyala. Thoge keppa api dannedda? Tho vage vesa belliyange puthaalata danna kadda. Thoge amma ekige kimba vikunana gaman umbata kav silumina kiyewwada? Ane palayan valattha ponnayo yanna. Mokadda thoge achievement eka? Pai 125k katata gattha ekada? Hari hari. Mang thoge vesa ammata telegram karala kiyannam puthaa hapana kiyala. Keri huttha.

                  • ishara Says:

                    ha..ha… see the way this bugger is fuming… so what happened to his English … pala pala yako yanna.. thopita unath mokak hari unama budu ammo kiyalane yako ka gahenne.. ane yako tho suddonta deela English igena gatta kiyala apith ehema kala kiyalada kiyanne … Warenko ban Americawata penwanna thota api monawada karanne kiyala.. tho nam mal dial ekak ne… umba Lankaawe nam inne mama aawama balanna ennam, niyama awajaathakayek … ( In English that’s a bastard I guess) … umbata appek nane ..sudda arala giyane .. paw gewalaya … ane umbe maha loku ingreesiya ..role karala gaha ganin puke.. eke nawth yanawa athi ne dan dena deemata

                    • ishara Says:

                      And all others can imagine the way that Lefroy spend his life .. And he thinks all others spend their lives like him … Boor chap ..May God shave Lefroy … 😉 … suddongen ara gatta madiwata dan lankaawe ungenuth ara ganna enna

                  • ishara Says:

                    aha… mama ponnayada kiyala penwanna umbe ganiwa ewapnko ..eeta passe umbe ganigen ahaganin kawda ponnaya kiyala… 😉

  5. janaka Says:

    Suddonge puka lowana ewun taama innawa…..

    • lefroy Says:

      Yes. That’s why they write in Sinhala but write their titles in English.
      To whoever gave a thumbs-up to Janaka’s comment, please lick your finger, and stick it up his ass.

  6. Sean Says:

    You motherfucker can’t read Sinhala but remember its your fault not Sinhala bloggers. If your little to no brain can not understand such a sophisticated language just stick to simple English without bullshitting. You numbnut better be educated that intellectual community specially from the western world are focusing more and more on studying languages like Sinhala, Pali and Sanskrit though mixed cheap assholes like you who doesn’t have proper identity of origin, have no value of such nice languages. Get lost.

    • lefroy Says:

      Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was your mother when I did vertical 69 with her. Or else I would’ve done it in doggy-style.
      Yes. Those Western scholars are also interested in obscure African languages, monkeys, and the extraordinary fact that you function with such a small brain.

      • dadikaram Says:

        Ane lefroy pako…

        You call yourself a “Sri Lankan Liberal Democrat”??? You piece of shit… Forget about Sinhalese, can you even understand English…

        It is up to that particular blogger to use whatever the language he/she wants to use; may it be the header or the content. And, it is up to the reader to decide whether or not to read it. If you don’t like that blog, please stop fricking reading it. You don’t have to go on ranting about how bad that language is.

        And you call that Sinhalese language is pretty much dead… Perhaps it is for nincompoops like you… It is not that the language is dead; It is just that you are not smart enough to understand that language in depth.

        Peace out… Thota hena gahapan!!!

        • lefroy Says:

          You basically can’t read. What part of ” when the titles are in English, the links appear in English” that you don’t understand.
          If you want, ask Silumina to write their main headlines in English. But I guess you don’t want to because you just can’t read.

          Thota hena 7.5 gahapan. Amanaya.

          • dadikaram Says:

            Mal ponnayo…

            All these people who are shouting at you not because what you have mentioned about what the bloggers write in their titles; but because what you have written in your so-called blog.

            What the fuck on earth have YOU written in your blog? Do you see any correlation between the heading/title of YOUR blog and the content in it? You title says “Can someone explain to me why Sinhala blog posts have English titles?”, and in your second paragraph you go on saying “Sinhala language is unsuitable for any kind of intellectual discourse”. Guess who is trying to get hits on his blog, just writing crappy articles.

            You know what lefroy, people like yourself are not suitable for the whole world.

            Tho naya kaapiya!!!

            • lefroy Says:

              “you know what lefroy, people like yourself are not suitable for the whole world”. Hah hah. Now that you’ve proven you’re stupid, please find a dick and attach it between your legs. Bye Mal ponnaya

  7. lion-nation Says:

    definitely lefroy must be from white people DNA. or may be white ppl’s relation. or got a anal from a white gay. any how we r proud to be a sri lankan and our mother tounge is sinhala. not english. so mind ur own business mr lefroy who blowjob white mans cocks.

  8. john miller Says:

    funny stuff

  9. පොජ්ජා Says:

    සුද්දට පස්ස පැත්ත ජනෙලයෙන් අල්ලලා අවජාතක පැටව් ටිකක් බඩෙ දාගත්තු රොඩි ගැණියෙක්ගෙ පරපුරෙන් ආපු එකෙක් ඉංග්‍රිසි ටිකක් ඉගෙන ගෙන දාන වැඩ කිඩ.
    සෙක්ස්පියර්ගෙ වැඩ දෙකක් තුනක් කියවලා හිතන් ඉන්න හැටි. බලාගෙන මචන් උඹෙ ඔය ඉන්න ලමයි දෙන්නගෙන් එකෙක් ලොකුවෙද්දි ඉස්සරහා ගෙදර විල්ප්‍රඩ්ගෙ වගෙ තට්ටෙ එයි, අනිකා ඉට එහාපැත්තෙ ගෙදර ඇල්ප්‍රඩ් වගෙ කණ්නාඩි දාන්න වෙයි. එක හින්දා තුන්වැනි එකා හදද්දිවත් පරිස්සම් වෙයන් නැත්තම් ඌ පිටිපස්සෙ ගෙදර සිමන් වගෙ ගොතගගහා කතා කරන්න පුරුදු වෙයි.

  10. sameera Says:

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  12. dawkinssdodo Says:

    yeah right!

    ever heard of the words “humble and respect”

    Yeah, I thought so,


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