Propagandist Rajiva Wijesinghe wants to fuck Freedom of Expression


Rajiva Wijesinghe, the self-proclaimed writer in English who is distinguished for his political analysis as well as creative and critical work, has taken the liberty of aerating his sexual frustrations on his excuse for a blog, which is firmly closed to comments. The reason why it’s closed to comments is a no brainer. Rajiva Wijesinghe, like all the other loud, thuggish, profligate intellectualoids employed by the aphasic demagogue Mahinda Rajapakse, is afraid of one thing: truth. He attacks persons, governments, organisations, forums, and websites with complete impunity, knowing full well that the pudendum of the SL Government is backing him, and that his sad little blog is forever closed to comments. I don’t have the time, or the desire to fuck him every time he botches something. But when he tries to rob the freedom of expression from the people of this country, someone has to say something.

His latest article, pompously titled “Promoting Confrontation”, is a false and shameless excoriation of Sanjana Hattotuwa, the editor of which calls itself an international award winning citizen journalism website. Defending Hattotuwa would be the last thing I would do. He censors comments, removes and edits articles whenever he’s attacked or criticised, and shamelessly engages in yellow journalism on his so-called award winning citizen journalism website. He’s a dishonest asshole of the worst kind. But at least he doesn’t want to take away the freedom of expression from Sri Lankan citizens. Rajiva Wijesinghe, who looks like a haggard crone (just look at his photo), wants to do exactly that.

He isn’t happy about the fact that Groundviews had been funded by two foreign agencies. So he writes “… I do find it strange that our government does not put in place mechanisms to ensure that aid, contributed for the welfare of the Sri Lankan people, does not pour in to elite wordmasters who make no secret of their animosity to a democratically elected government.” So what does Rajiva Wijesighe, the mouthpiece of the Mahinda Rajapakese government which appointed a street thug who had a fucking record of blowing up TV stations, burning newspaper offices, intimidating, stabbing, beating up and murdering journalists as the deputy minister of media, the government that censors websites and kidnaps and murders their editors, the government that orders state-owned TV stations to broadcast overlapping the frequencies licensed to private, Tamil language TV stations, wants to do about elite wordmasters? How about banning another few websites, including Groundviews? How about tying Sanjana Hattotuwa to a tree? Asshole.

There are many falsehoods in this article, but I’m not going to write about them. The dishonest-remover-of-articles-who-also-censors-comments Sanjana Hattotuwa will reply to them if he wants to. I’m not even going to think about Rajiva Wijesinghe’s other mudslinging articles in which all you can read is letters he has written and speeches he has made. But this fucker, and his government which thinks it is not okay for a man under 21 to smoke but okay to kill, is fucking this country, its people, and their freedom of expression. They should not get away with it.


7 Responses to “Propagandist Rajiva Wijesinghe wants to fuck Freedom of Expression”

  1. Patta Says:

    you can write a similar piece which is more effective if the expletives were removed. I complete agree with you in the sense that comments should be permitted in Rajiva’s blog as he says so many one sided asinine comments. He does the country a great disservice by giving the Govt. the same stature as the LTTE when he whines about why the international organizations spent less time castigating the LTTE for its crimes when compared to the international outcry against the Govt.

    Sure he knows better that an international terrorist organization is a repugnant lot and everything they do is repugnant and therefore every murder they commit is by definition repugnant and does not need the UN to make a hue and cry about it. It is when a democratically elected Govt. goes down to the same depths as the LTTE, that they need to be checked and held accountable.

    When pulled up we should not use examples of other countries doing the same thing. We should just look at our action and determine if it is right and justifiable or not.

    • k p p perera Says:

      your position is biased. Your use of expletives shows that you are full of hatred. When you criticize anything with such strong wording, a neutral reader will judge you more than the person your hate is directed at. This is good for you and like minded people , who thrive on a hate campaign. It sadly serves no purpose as an impartial comment. You can’t even write the name of rajapakse without the use of many derogatory adjectives. You can’t write the word government without multiple phrases to accompany it. One would be justified if he were to say that you belong to those guys who killed tens of thousands of innocent men and women in search of an independent homeland. One could be excused if he were to say that you belong in that group of thought process which advocates “an eye for an eye” philosophy. Sad!

  2. lefroy Says:

    I have an in-your-face approach and I like my expletives. That doesn’t make any of what I say untrue. Thanks for your advices.

  3. billy Says:

    criticizing the criticizers is a taboo for these born again tamil terror humanitarians!

  4. punchibanda Says:

    Then Sanjana Hattotuwa is a LTTE propagandists. So is CPA where he works. Prof. Rajeeva has been writing in his blog for quite a some time now. The moment an article appears in Prof. R’s blog criticizing Sanjana Lefroy’s reaction was such that he was quick to write a post. Both belong to the same clan. Only difference is Lefroy’s is not working at CPA, the LTTE’s local propaganda outlet.

  5. […] for his political analysis as well as creative and critical work, has preferred to ignore my obloquy on him and continue to resolutely ventilate his sexual frustrations on his excuse for a blog which […]

  6. lankathilaka Says:

    go for it, lefroy!
    it’s indeed nauseating to see bullshit masquerading as thought.
    but as somebody suggested already, if you didn’t have so many fucking expletives they might even fucking think you’re a fucking intellectual.
    good luck.

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